13th of October, 2012
9:42 am





He laughed.

Sky got up out of her comfortable wheelie chair and strode across the room, collecting her project from the floor. Tony continued to laugh, and she threw an object at him, in which he barely dodged. It smashed to pieces on the wall behind him.

"That was not funny," Sky said, walking back and placing the project onto her desk.

"It was totally funny. In fact, it was hilarious," Tony grinned.

Sky ignored him and looked over her project for any damage.

"You're up early. The nightmare again?" Tony asked.

Sky nodded and inhaled deeply.

"Which project is that?" Tony asked, changing the subject and peeking over her shoulder.

"The VRP. It's a head piece," Sky bluntly replied.

"Right, the Virtual Reality Project. How's that going?" Tony asked.

"It was going great until it was smashed against the wall," Sky said, frustrated.

Tony looked around his daughter's lab. His eye was drawn to the large pad on the floor, shaped somewhat like a star. "How's the Inter-Dimensional Project going? Heard from D lately?"

"The projects fine, and no, I haven't heard from him." Sky replied.

"Well, the next time you do, see if there are movies about me," Tony said, and Sky looked up at him, giving him a 'really?' look.

"Yeah, whatever," she said.

"Oh, and by the way, we're going out for dinner tonight, with the others," Tony said, picking up her discarded VRP project.

"The others?"

"You know, the team. Cap, Thor, Banner, Romanoff and Barton."

"Right, 'the Avengers'," Sky said.

"Yeah. It's just them, Rhodey and Pepper coming," Tony scratched his head with a single finger. "Small party, just as you asked."

"Yeah, and for once you actually listened."

"Yeah…" he trailed off. "So, uh, what's the next step to the IDP?"

"Um, I'm going to try and see if it can transport matter," Sky said, looking over at the pad.

"So it's going to be an Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter?"

"More or less."


Silence. Sky went back to fixing her VRP.

"I wanna show you something."

"What?" Sky asked, without looking up.

"There's something I want you to see," Tony repeated.

"Can it wait? I just want to fix this," Sky said.

Tony tugged on her ponytail.

"Fine!" Sky said, whacking his hand away. She followed her father up into his lab. She watched as he walked over to his computers, and typed away.

"So, what is it that was so important?" Sky asked, crossing her arms.

"This," Tony said, and out of the floor rose yet another Iron Man suit, a black one with dark blue plates, "is for you."

"No way! Thanks dad!"

"Happy Birthday, Sweetie."

Sky ran up and hugged him. His arc reactor was cold against her cheek.

"You wanna try it on?" Tony asked.

"No, I just wanna stare at it all day. Of course I wanna try it on!" Sky said.

"Okay, go over there. I'll open it up."

Sky walked over to the suit, and it opened up from the behind. She stepped into it and it closed around her. At first it was dark, but then blue icons started appearing in front of her eyes.

"Hello, Ms Stark," She heard JARVIS's voice say.

"This is so cool!" She said, and she lifted the mask, looking at her dad.

"It suits you," he said.

"What can it do?" Sky asked, admiring herself.

"Stealth. It has reflective panels on it, and when activated, you can hide in any situation," Tony explained. "JARVIS, show her."

"Very well, sir," The AI responded, and the mask closed in front of Sky's face.

"And now, Sky, walk around." Tony ordered. She nodded and walked behind her dad, with silent steps, and not even a creak when she moved. Tony was still looking at the spot she was before. Excited, Sky lifted her hand in front of her face. It was no where to be seen. Willing it to be seen, she saw that she started to appear, the dark colors materialising down her arm, her fingers the last to appear.

"This is awesome!" Sky yelled, and Tony whipped around, looking at her. He smiled at his ecstatic daughter.

Clapping his hands together, he said, "Don't keep it in your room. There's bacon upstairs as I assume you haven't eaten breakfast yet."

"Cool," Sky said, and the suit opened. She walked out and proceeded to follow Tony out of his lab. "I'll take it upstairs later," she informed.

As the two began to climb the stairs, they heard a beeping. Sky stopped and looked at her wrist.

"It's D," she said to her dad. He nodded.

"See about the movie," he said, and went upstairs.

Sky went back down to her lab and hopped onto her holographic computer. A notification told her that she had 1 IDP Message. She pressed on it with her finger, and it the message from D was displayed on her screen.

D: Hey S! Are you there?

Sky smiled and quickly typed back.

S: Yup! How are you, D?

D: I'm good. How's the matter transporter going?

S: Eh, it's okay, I guess. Not much progress though. I was thinking about testing it out.

D: Cool. Test 87 I assume?

S: Yeah. Wow, there have been so many tests.

D: Tell me about it. Hopefully it will work this time.

S: Hopefully. I'll send you my one of my VRP headpiece. Maybe you could look at it, as I am not getting much out of it.

D: Of course I can look at it!

S: Thanks, D.

D: Maybe we should try using coordinates.

S: Good idea. Send me the coordinates of your IDP Pad.

D: Sure, just give me a sec.

Sky waited, grabbing the VRP Headpiece off her desk.

D: 40.7127o N, 74.0059o W

S: Thanks. If you were in my dimension, you'd be in New York City

D: Really? Our dimensions must be quite similar then, because I am in New York City in my dimension.

S: That's cool. I'll send it now.

She stood up and walked over to the IDP Pad. She placed it in the centre and went over to the controls. She put in the coordinates and the dimension code, and hit enter. The Pad and Headpiece glowed brightly, and then the Headpiece quickly disappeared, the Pad dying down. Sky walked over to her computer.

S: Package is sent.

D: I got it! Fantastic!

S: Awesome!

D: What happened to it? It looks like it's been through hell and back.

S: Yeah, I was working on it earlier, and my dad scared me. I managed to throw it across the room.

D: Wow. I'll see what I can do.

S: By all means. How's your IDP Pad Controls going?

D: I think I got it. I should send you something.

S: Sure.

S: Hey, by any chance in your dimension you have a movie about Iron Man or The Avengers or something.

D: As a matter of fact, we do.

S: Cool. Could you send them on a USB or something?

D: Uh, sure. Do you want the Captain America and Thor movies too?

S: Cap and Thor have movies too? Cool. Send them over.

D: Okay, I'll just download them

S: Cool.

D: Okay, their downloading now. Anything new in your dimension?

S: Not really. It's the same here for me. What about you?

D: Nothing new. Could you send me your coordinates?

S: 34.0009o N, 118.8068o W

D: You live in Malibu?

S: Yup. In a mansion on a cliff.

D: Isn't that dangerous?

S: It's supported. And the cliff isn't going to be eroded enough for a long time.

D: Okay. I'll send a USB over with the movies now.

S: They've downloaded already?

D: My technology is relatively good over here.

S: Cool. I got my holographic computer from my dad. He built it himself.

D: Holographic computer? Awesome! Your dimension must be more advanced than my dimension.

S: Maybe we can try with the IDP Pads. You could come over here and see my lab.

D: I can't.

S: Why not?

D: My dad wouldn't let me. And I'd also have to drag along my brothers too.

S: Oh, okay then. Never mind then! ^_^

D: Did you get it?

Sky turned around, watching the pad. The pad then started to glow and a tiny object appeared on it. The pad dyed down once again, and the object gained colour. Sky picked up the USB and walked back over to her desk.

S: Got it. Thanks D!

D: I added The Incredible Hulk on there too.

S: He has a movie too?

D: Yeah, it's not the best film that Marvel's made for the MCU.

S: What's Marvel?

D: Marvel is a film producer.

S: What's MCU?

D: Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a franchise.

S: Oh, okay.

D: Yeah, I still think Mark Ruffalo's version of the Hulk is a lot better than Edward Norton.

S: Who are they?

D: Actors.

S: Heh. You being a scientist and all, I didn't think that you would be all that into movies.

D: I know that because of my little brother. . He became obsessed with it at one point and wouldn't stop talking about it. He constantly bugged me to research about it and we all had to watch it with him.

S: Heh. Well thanks for the movies. I can't believe that it's only ten past ten in the morning, and my birthday's already awesome!

D: It's your birthday?

S: Yeah. I turned 14.

D: Happy Birthday! I'll be sure to send you something!

S: Thanks D. I should probably go before the bacon gets cold.

D: Okay then. I guess I'll talk to you later.

S: Bye!

Sky closed the IDP Messenger and got up, with the USB in her hands, she went upstairs and saw Tony on the couch, watching the TV.

"Catch," she said, throwing the USB at him. He caught it with ease.

"What is it?" He asked, studying the object in his hand.

"The movies you asked for," Sky called from the kitchen, grabbing some bacon and toast. When she got back to the living room, she saw that Tony was fitting the USB onto the TV. Sky sat down on the couch and began her late breakfast.

"I'm guessing the Matter Transporter worked?" Tony asked, sitting down next to her.

"Yup. I sent D the VRP Headpiece you broke, and he sent me the USB. He's also going to send me a birthday present."

"How kind of him."

The TV screen displayed six files: Iron Man (2008), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), and Marvel's The Avengers (2012).

"What's Marvel?"

"A film production in D's dimension." Sky explained.

"Huh. You wanna watch them?" Tony asked.

"Why not?"

2:10 pm

"That's almost creepy," Tony said after they finished watching Iron Man 2.

"I'm guessing that those events happened?" Sky asked.

"That is exactly what happened. Word for word," Tony said.

Sky whistled. "It kinda sucked that I wasn't in them," she said.

"I'm sure you were, you just weren't present," Tony suggested.

"There was nothing there to even remotely suggest I even existed. They were good movies though. It's weird how that Robert Downey Jr guy looks exactly like you." Sky said. "Hey, JARVIS, what's the time?"

"Two eleven in the afternoon," he replied.

"I should probably shower and stuff," Sky said, looking down at her pyjamas.

"Sure," Tony said.

"Don't watch any more movies without me," Sky said, as she got up. She quickly showered, washing her hair and picking out her outfit. She went back downstairs and saw that Tony was nowhere to be seen. Sky took this opportunity and went down to move her suit to her room. She attempted to move it by hand, but gave up and put it on, walking upstairs with it. She left next to her bookcase, and left the room, back down to her lab. She walked in and noticed the brown package sitting in the centre of the pad.

Sky walked over and picked up the package, and placed it on her desk. She sat down on her wheelie chair and stared at the package. It must be from D, she thought.

She unwrapped the crinkled brown paper, and saw headphones, a turtle bracelet and a note, folded neatly several times. She unfolded the note.

Hey, S
appy Birthday! I hope you like the bracelet and the headphones. It's a little difficult going out in the middle of the day for something nice. I had a friend help me out too. I hope you enjoy your day!
~ From D

The writing was very neat. She slipped the bracelet on her right hand, and placed the headphones around her neck. She refolded the note in half and propped it up against a stapler, squished the brown paper into a ball and threw it into the bin.

"Hey, Sky? Could come here for a sec?" She heard her father's voice call from up above.

"Coming!" Sky called back. Quickly opening up IDP Messenger, she quickly typed in a message.

S: Thanks D!