Vicky's P.O.V. -

"WHAT DO YOU -bleep-ING MEAN SHE'S -bleep-ING GONE!?" I yelled at Donnie with anger practically radiating off my body. He took a few steps back. "Uh... Someone help?" He said, looking behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, looking at Leo, Mikey and Raph watching me and Donnie. "I think I'm enjoying this." Raph said smirking and crossing his arms. I look back at Donnie. "Now we've lost Abby, Maddie AND Esha. If you had payed so much as little attention, maybe she would still be here." I growled. "And that's why you're our last hope in saving them, Vicky." Leo said from behind me. "You don't see my -bleep-ing point!" I threw my arms in the air to prove my point almost smacking his and Raphael in the face "We can see your point, but we-" "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO!" I cut Leo off. "Victoria." I stern voice came from behind me. I froze, and turned to face Splinter. I gulped down my anger. I think he was angry, but with this guy - I mean, rat - you just can't tell. "Getting angry won't fix anything. If you listen, we will find your friends." He said. I looked down at the floor. "They're more than friends to me. They are my sisters." I said quietly. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and saw Raph. "Which gives us more the reason to wait and come up with a plan so we don't fail." He said. I smiled. "So, what's the plan then?" We all turned to Leo. "What we're going to do is trick the vampires." He said. There was an awkward silence between the five of us. "And... how are we going to do that exactly?" Donnie asked, answering the question we were all thinking. Leo smiled. "They will "capture" Vicky." He said, using quotation marks for capture. I glared at him instantly. "YOU'RE USING ME AS BAIT?" I practically screamed. He flinched at my loud voice. "You didn't let me finish." He whined, but continued anyway. "There was going to be a but. We will use a tracker. Mikey, Raph, Donnie and I will follow you and find you with Abby, Maddie and Esha. There we will get you and the others out of there and hopefully keep you away from the vampires and eliminate the demon." Leo finished. It was a good plan, in which it will hopefully work, although I didn't like the idea of being bait. However, it's good enough for me as long as we get Abby and the others back. "When will we leave?" I asked, but in a softer, calmer voice. "Tonight." Leo finalized, and walked towards his bedroom. I felt a hand land gently on my shoulder. I turned and saw Raph, looking down at me with a sympathetic look. "We'll get them back." He said. I sighed and looked at the floor. "I hope." I said and with that, I went to the dojo to train.

I kept on attacking the punching bag in the dojo, throwing punches and kicks in all sorts of ways, that both Abby and Master Splinter have taught me. I had sweat pouring down my forehead, and my damp hair was sticking to my neck. I was breathing hard, and completely focused on the bag that I didn't even notice the guys coming into the dojo to ready their weapons. I felt a hand grab my wrist, stopping it from hitting the bag. I followed the arm to see Raph, looking down at me with a concerned look. "I think he's had enough." He said, and lowered my wrist. "You've been attacking that bag for six hours straight. Go have a shower and eat something. Then we'll go." He said. I nodded and went to the bathroom. It was past the bedrooms and up another flight of stairs, where our room was. There was another room, but that was for April. At the end of the short hallway was the bathroom. I quickly ducked into my bedroom and looked at the beds. Esha's, Maddie's and Abby's were all neatly made, while mine was messy and unmade. I grabbed my hot pink towel and a change of clean clothes. I then ran out of the room and into the bathroom. When the hot water hit my back, I realized how much I trained - and how it got back at me. I washed my dirty-blonde hair, and scrubbed the sweat off of my body. When I got out of the shower, I wrapped myself in my soft, fluffy towel and looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't look too exhausted. Abby would've said otherwise. I smiled sadly at the thought. I missed them so much, I couldn't wait to get them back. I changed into my clothes - a pair of skinny jeans and a black top that said 'THE SHE DEVIL' written in red, and in a writing style that made it look like blood. Abby had given it to me, a year or two ago. I brushed my hair, which looked darker since it was wet. I grabbed my dirty clothes and put them in a laundry basket, and went back to my room. I put on sneakers in there once I could salvage them from the cupboard. Before I left the room I grabbed my jacket. It was black on the outside and pink on the inside. I shrugged it on as I went back downstairs into the living room, where I saw the boys. They all had extra weapons with them. Donnie came over to me and handed me a small object, which resembled a computed chip. I immediately knew it was the tracker, so I tucked it into my jeans pocket. "Let's go." I said confidently, and we all left the lair. When we got out of the sewers, the boys immediately went up to the rooftops. I went out of the alley and onto the empty streets. I walked along the sidewalk with my hands in my jacket pockets and my hoodie up. I stared at the ground as I walked, occasionally looking up to cross roads. I mean, I don't want to be hit by a car before I rescue Maddie, Esha and Abby. I heard thunder crack above me, and it began to sprinkle. The rain reminded me of Abby. She always likes to be in the rain.

Abby's P.O.V. -
"Vic's gonna do something stupid." I said. "No doubt. She always does crazy things, especially when we're not around." Maddie said. "Especially when we're kidnapped. Remember last time, about five months ago in the van? Before we were mutated?" Esha said. I could tell she was looking up at us. Well, either me or Maddie. Who knows? "Yeah." I said with a huff, and I looked over in her direction, squinting, trying to make out her facial features. I sighed heavily. It was hard to make out any sort of detail in this darkness, not even us, with natural [mutated] night vision. It was exhausting. "I wouldn't be too surprised if Vic ended up here." I said, after a moment's silence. "Yeah." Esha and Maddie said simultaneously. I rested my head on the concrete wall behind me, and closed my eyes.

Vicky's P.O.V. -
"Finally, I thought you were gonna be a no show." I said, as Camille and Santiago appeared in front of me. "So you were expecting us?" Camille asked, raising a pale eyebrow. I fake smiled. "Yeah, I was kinda hoping you'd come. Ya see, you took some very important people away from me, and I would like them back." I said. "We won't give you anything. Not like you'd deserve it." Santiago said. "Just as much as you deserve to live." I said, taking out my tessens. I know the guys said I shouldn't bring them, or something along those lines, but I did anyway. Didn't want to give away too much. Camille smiled evilly, and said: "Oh, but darling. You see- we're already dead." I snarled at her in return and attacked her. She dodged me and attempted to kick me (which was very sloppy, even for a vampire) but I grabbed her leg and she went tumbling to the floor. I heard a battle cry - more like a yell - and turned around. Santiago came rushing towards me. Instead of dodging, I stood my ground. When he came in close, attempting to throw a punch (again, very sloppy), I moved slightly to the side, raising my knee in order to knee Santiago in the stomach. He tumbled to the ground, and just as that happened I was knocked to the ground. I looked up and saw Camille. "You know what they say about cats?" I asked. "What? That they have nine lives? Then I'll waste all of them now." She said. "No. You should never engage a cornered cat." I said, and my claws flung out. My ears pinned themselves onto my head and my lips curled up into a glare. She bent down to grab my jacket, so I clawed at her arms and hands, shredding the skin off of her bones. She didn't seem to notice, and she just laughed. She hauled me up to my feet and I continued to attack her. That is, until I felt a chain wrap around me, pinning my arms to my sides. I struggled as i watched the wounds on Camille's arms and hands heal, which didn't even leave a scar. Camille and Santiago shared a soulful look - well, it would've been soulful if they had a soul. They grabbed me and held me so I wasn't touching the ground at all. They pulled me into an alley and threw me into the back of a black van. They shut the doors behind them. Great, I thought, in a van, kidnapped, once again. Except this time, I'm alone... that was followed by R rated expletives

It felt like ages until they stopped. They dragged me out of the van and a large, very large buff man picked me up and flung me over his shoulder. He carried me into a building with polished wooden floors, and wooden walls, and a wooden roof - everything was wooden, which gives me more of the reason to burn this place down when I get the chance. There was a large wooden door that we went through, and a bunch of stairs down. There had to be at least a thousand, but I couldn't be bothered to count. Maths is Esha's subject, not mine. After what felt like a gajillion years, we finally reached a metal door which looked really really creepy for my liking. It looked like it weighed a ton! The man opened the door as if it were nothing and walked inside. It was so dark, I couldn't see anything. I felt my hands being cuffed to a chain of some sort, and the man left, closing the door behind him, and the room got even darker, if it were even possible. I sighed and closed my eyes, but only opening them to a familiar voice. "Vic?" I cried out in happiness. It was Abby. Even though her voice was a little hoarse, it was the best thing I've heard all day. "Vic, is that you?" I heard another voice say. Esha. "Yes, yes I'm here. I am soooooooooo happy to see- well technically hear you." I said. "You got red." Another voice said. "Maddie?" I asked thinking she had maybe had one too many knocks to the head. "You got red." She repeated. I looked in what I thought was her direction, and that's when I saw it. A whitish glow, an outline, of a body huddled in a corner. I looked in the corner opposite and saw green. And next to me but too far to reach was blue. I guess I had a red outline. "That's... odd. I'm guessing that you're white?" I asked, and I heard a quiet yeah. "I got blue. Esha has green." I heard Abby say. I nodded, but I realised they couldn't see me nod. "Okay." I said. "So, how'd they get you?" Esha asked, and my lips curled up into a smile. "Ways. Oh, and get ready for freedom, girls." I said. "What?" The three said in unison. "You heard me. They guys are going to save us. In fact their on their way here as we speak."

Donnie's P.O.V. -
"They are in this building here." I said, and looked up from my tracker. It was an old building, but there was a black van parked in front of it, the same one that Vicky was thrown in. "Great. Let's go, but we need to be silent." Leo said, and we all nodded. We went in through an open window in the one story building. There was a large empty room, with a large chair on one end of it, opposite the front door, which seemed to be some sort of 'throne'. I looked around the room, and my gaze fell upon a large wooden door. I nudged Leo and pointed at it. I looked back at him and he nodded firmly. The four of us jumped down, landing on the floor without a sound. We snuck towards the door, and I pushed it open, thank god it didn't creak. My brothers went in, and I closed it silently after us. I saw a flight of stairs. It lead down into darkness, I couldn't see the end. Mikey and I gave a silent glance at each other, and we followed Raph and Leo down. It took us about ten minutes to get to the end. There was a large metal door, and just by looking at it made it look heavy. The four of us heaved the door towards us, and it moved slowly. But in the end we got it there. "Guys?" I heard Vicky's voice ask. "Yup, it's us." raph replied, running into the dark room. "No it's a bunch of random unicorns posing as you" Vicky had replied dryly He had gotten his T-Phone out to shine a light in the room, and I did the same. Mikey and Leo did it as well. I found Esha and went straight to her. She was asleep, as were Maddie and Abby. I broke the chains off with the blade of my Naginata. I picked up her limp body and turned around. Vicky had an arm around Raph for support, Mikey was carrying Maddie the same way I was holding Esha and the way Leo was holding Abby: bridal-style. This wasn't the first time. The first time was at least five months ago, when we first met them. We left the room and bolted up the stairs. In the process, at about halfway (where you couldn't see the top of the bottom of the stairs; they both end in darkness) Esha jolted awake. "Donnie?" She whispered. "I'm here." I said quietly, and slowed down, so I was merely walking. I had noticed Abby was awake, and so was Maddie; I could hear Mikey and Maddie whispering. She wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled into my shoulder. "Thanks." She whispered. "You're very welcome." i said back. We reached the top of the stairs and went out the door, where it was brighter. My eyes quickly adjusted, and we snuck toward the front door. But we stopped short due to an evil chuckle. It wasn't deep enough to be Shredder, and I turned around to face... A teenage boy?