When I woke up, the air was warm and humid. I looked around the room I was in. It was unfamiliar, causing me to shoot up. I looked around again as I remembered the night before. I smiled, leaning back onto the ever fluffy pillows. I looked out the window to my left, and I could see lots of trees. Getting up, I realized that I was still in my clothes, that haven't been changed in two days.
Ignoring it, I walked up to the window, opening it. I looked around, and I could see the waterfall on the right, as well as Leo sitting, his back towards me, facing the water.
I took a quick shower, and changed, wandering downstairs to the kitchen. Unfortunately, there was no food. I went into the living room and grabbed my bag, which I dumped last night when looking around. I surfed around in it, grabbing my wallet and phone. Leaning over a couch, which dust flew up around me, I opened the curtains, looking outside, and Leo was nowhere to be seen. I stood up and saw that there was a mark where I leaned, showing a richer darker. I turned around, walking towards the kitchen.
I saw Leo looking around in the fridge. "Hey," I said, causing him to jump and hit his head on the roof of the fridge.
"Ow!" he exclaimed, and he stood up, closing the fridge and turning to face me. I couldn't stop the grin from spreading on my face. I leaned against the doorway.
"I'm going to go into town to get some food, and something for that wrist of yours," I said, gesturing to his arm. He nodded. "Do you need anything?" I asked.
"Nah, I'm good," he said, but then thought of something. "Actually, can you see if they have pizza?"
"Pizza? We'll be lucky if we can find peanut butter there. Besides, pizza for breakfast? Really?" I said, and he shrugged. "Whatever."
He walked past me, and I followed him outside. I began to walk down the path we came from. Leo walked by my side silently, but I had this strange feeling he was watching me out of the corner of his eye. I tilted my head and looked up at him, and he looked forward, and couldn't hide the smile on his face.
After a while of walking, we went up to the large tree from yesterday, and Leo stopped. I waved bye to him. He waved back, then ran back into the jungle.
I walked into the village. It was larger than I remember it being yesterday. I eventually found my way to a shopping centre, and I found frozen pizzas inside. I grabbed a couple, not really sure what Leo wanted, but I had a feeling he would eat any of them. I walked around, grabbing all sorts of different foods, and drinks, and medical supplies, and whatnot.
"Hello!" A familiar voice said. The inside of me died. Darcy. Of all people to run into in such a small grocery store, it had to be her.
I turned around, putting on a smile. "Hey. What brings you to this half of the grocery store?" I asked.
She smiled. "Just walking around, I guess. How's the house?"
"It's great," I said, and continued walking.
She fell into step with me. "So, where are you from?"
"What brings you here?"
"I liked the jungle."
"How old are you?"
"Who was your friend?"
I stopped walking. "What friend?"
"I heard you talking to someone, before you nearly killed me. I didn't get to see him, unfortunately. He sounded hot."
Right. "Oh, him. I met him in the jungle. He's a great… guy."
"Oh, okay. I guess you got to be careful about who you meet around here these days."
"Yeah," I agreed. I walked up to the register and started putting my items onto the belt. The lady started scanning the items.
"That's a lot of stuff you're getting," Darcy said, and then gasped in excitement. "Are you living with him? That is so cool! You gotta let me meet him!"
"Yeah, no," I said, and her hopeful face fell. "He's not really a people person," I quickly added.
She then caught my gaze. "Please let me see him."
I felt weird. "I can't."
It felt like she was looking into my soul, almost. Almost.
"At least tell me his name."
I thought about it. I guess it wouldn't be that bad, if I told her his name. I mean, it's just a name. "Leo."
She smiled, but didn't break eye contact. "What does he look like?"
I began to talk before I could think. "He's sort of tall, he has blue eyes, and-" I stopped myself. I wasn't going to tell her about him. Why was I even telling her about him?
"And… what?" She asked.
I looked away from her, and I grabbed the grocery bags. "Look, I've gotta go," I said, and with that I walked out of the building. I walked to the entrance of the forest and kept walking. I didn't stop. I had to get out of there. But a voice stopped me.
"Woah," Leo said, running up to me. He stopped in front of me and took some of the heavy bags from my arms. I noticed that there were red lines embedded in my skin from them. Leo went to my side and we walked towards the house. "So, what's got you all riled up like this?"
"Someone was creeping me out in the grocery. It was strange, and she was irritating" I said.
"Let me guess, the one who showed you the house?" He guessed. I nodded and we continued to walk in silence.
Back at the house, we dumped the bags in the kitchen, and I started to put things away. I saw Leo smile when I was putting the frozen pizzas in the freezer. When all the food was away, I turned to Leo. "Now," I said, "Let's have a look at that wrist."
We sat at the dining table, and I unwrapped his wrist. It looked a little swollen, which could mean that it was sprained. "Does it hurt?" I asked.
"Not really. Only when I use it too much," He said. I moved the wrist in certain ways, and came to the conclusion that it's sprained.
"Yup, it's sprained," I said, looking up at him. He nodded. I bandaged his arm again, and I met his gaze. "You should try to keep it above your heart. And you also need to rest it. If you want, put ice on it and or take these," I said, putting anti-inflammatory painkillers on the table.
"Are you a doctor or something?" Leo asked, and I smiled.
"I studied to become a vet, remember?"
"Right. I can only see the irony in that."
I smiled evilly. "You won't be able to help much now."
He groaned and pouted. "I can still help a little, right?
"Maybe," I said, getting up. I put all the medical supplies into a cabinet.
I grabbed my new toilet brush and wandered into the living room, Leo following curiously. I climbed up on a couch, again, dust flying up, and reached the brush into a cobweb, collecting in the spires. After I was satisfied, I went to the corner where the bookcase wall were, jumping up, trying to reach the cobweb there. I managed to get the bottom of it, but couldn't reach the top.
Upon hearing a snicker behind me, I turned around and glared at Leo. Smiling, he walked over and took the toilet brush with his good hand, reaching up and easily taking up the rest of the cobweb with the brush. He moved to other cobwebs in which I couldn't reach.
I went into the hallway and found a cupboard under the stairs. I found a vacuum cleaner, and I heaved it out of the cupboard and into the living room. I plugged it in and pressed the on button, and nothing happened. I frowned, but then it sprang to life. I grinned and brought it up to the couch, sucking the dust out of it. I then took off the head in order to do the crevasses. I went to do the other two couches, and then I continued with the carpet and the rugs. By that time, Leo had collected all the cobwebs and cleaned the brush.
I put the vacuum cleaner back in the cupboard and went into the kitchen to grab a wet cloth. I went back into the living room and saw Leo wiping down the end table beside the couch, and I went over the bookshelf. I sat on the floor and started taking out the books on the bottom shelf, wiping the dust off the spines and piling them up. All of the books, I noticed, were hard cover, and I think they were collector's editions. Once all the books of the bottom shelf of the first section, I wiped down the shelf, and then put the books back. I did this as far up as I could go, then Leo did the last two shelves, which I couldn't reach, with only one hand. While he did that, I went onto the second bookshelf; the middle one, starting from the bottom yet again. Once I got to the middle shelf, while I was taking out the books and piling them, a book didn't come out. It acted like a lever.
The centre bookshelf went back into the wall, and then went off to the right, leaving a dark passage. I looked at Leo, who appeared by my side. I shrugged, and went in. It became dark quickly, and I slid my hand across the stone walls. I could feel that the floor was stone, which descended into stairs. I could feel Leo's presence behind me, and I could no longer see a thing. I wondered if we would be locked down here.
I hesitantly held my hand out in front of me and just in time too. I felt a hard surface, too cold and smooth to be more stone. I felt around, and my hand enclosed around a cold metallic handle.
A door, I thought, of course. I pushed the handle down, and it didn't make a single sound. I pushed the door open, and I couldn't see into the next room. I walked inside, again running my hand along the now metallic wall. My hand came across a switch. I flicked it, and was almost blinded by the light that came on.
Once my eyes adjusted, I saw that the room was quite large, and empty. There were about ten cots that looked uncomfortable and scratchy, lined along the sides. At the back of the room were three doors. I noticed that there didn't seem to be a speck of dust. I walked over to the one on the far left, Leo walking over to the far right. I opened it and saw a bathroom, conjoining with a laundry. Walking out, I met back with Leo.
"In there's a bathroom and laundry," I said, throwing my thumb over my shoulder.
Leo mimicked my position, pointing to the door on the right. "Empty kitchen," he said.
We both then turned to the door in the centre of the wall. I reached for the handle and pushed the door open. Inside was a room full of all sorts of computers and whatnot. Walking out of the room I turned to Leo. "Well, that was kinda disappointing," I said, "I was almost expecting a whole tunnel to behind the waterfall."
Leo looked around, and then looked at the centre door again. "Did you notice the door behind the cabinet in there?"
"There was a cabinet in there?"
Leo opened the door and we walked in. He walked over to a cabinet and pointed out a small handle.
"You didn't mention this before… why?" I asked, and walked over to help him push the cabinet out of the way. The cabinet was very heavy, and it was exhausting just moving the cabinet. I noticed that Leo was being careful with his wrist.
We studied the door after getting the cabinet out of the way. The door was painted the same plain colour as the surrounding walls. I reached over to the handle and turned it, but it didn't budge. Leo tried as well, but failed.
Reaching out again, I muttered, "Why won't you open," and the handle gave way, opening the door. "Ha!" I yelled in accomplishment. We peered inside and saw that the walls, floor and ceiling were made of stone. I retreated and looked around the room, looking in drawers and cabinets.
"What are you looking for?" I heard Leo ask.
"Torch," I said, and shot up as an idea hit me. I walked over to the cabinet we pushed and opened it, and sitting on the middle shelf was a torch. I grabbed it and turned to Leo, closing the cabinet. I turned it on, and honestly I was surprised that it turned on. I walked in the tunnel, and Leo followed me.
"How did you know that the torch was in there?" He asked.
"Random guess," I said, and ignored the suspicious look he gave me. We walked on, and there was a sharp turn that seemed to be a large U-turn. Then there was a long straight tunnel that had a slow ascent. Suddenly it took an abrupt rise. I shone the torch ahead, and it disappeared into the darkness.
"Wait," Leo said, taking the torch from me.
"Hey," I started to protest when he turned it off.
"Look," He said. I looked up the tunnel, and saw a faint light up ahead.
"Huh," I said, and stole my torch back. I turned it on and began walking up the steep tunnel. I must say, it sucked. I was tired after moving the cabinet, but after this? I looked at Leo, and it seemed as if he could run a marathon or three. Eventually we made it to the top.
And believe it or not, we were behind the waterfall. I turned off the torch, and I could see the house distorted through the water. I sat down and leaned against the wall, in which both were wet. Leo sat down in front of me.
"You look tired," he said, and looked out towards the waterfall.
"More like exhausted," I said, "I should probably get into training again," I muttered to myself.
"Training?" Leo asked, giving me a confused look.
"Yeah, when I travelled, I spent a lot of my time in Japan, so I took up martial arts. But not only in Japan, had I also taken up all sorts of martial arts. But then I kinda dropped it for a while, when I was trying to get into the Amazon. Takes a lot of hard work, I guess. But I also relaxed, and enjoyed myself. I don't think I've trained for at least six months." I explained.
Leo nodded, and looked back towards the waterfall. "Should we head back?" He asked.
"Yeah, I guess," I said, and we got up, walking back down the slope. It felt like it took half of the time it took to get up there, probably because it was mostly downhill. We closed the door and I put the torch back where I found it. Walking out of the bunker, closing the doors behind us, we began walking up the dark steps.
"I must say," I began, "That was awesome." As I finished my sentence, lights came on, and I could see the cobblestone stairs, and I stopped abruptly. "What?" I said out of confusion.
"It must react to sound," Leo states.
"I guess we were quiet when we came down here," I said, and walked up the rest of the stairs. The bookcase was still open. I walked into the house, Leo close behind, and the bookcase closed behind us. I turned to Leo. "You hungry?"
"Not really," he said, looking at the books piled on the floor. I grinned.
"Well, I was going to heat up some of those frozen pizzas..."
"Yeah, why not," Leo said. I saw his cheeks go slightly pink.
"How many do you want?"
"Two… slices or two whole pizzas?"
"Whole pizzas…"
My gaze met his. There was an awkward silence, and I felt my cheeks begin to heat up.
I cleared my throat, looking away. "Okay then," I said, and went into the kitchen quickly. I got out three frozen pizzas and threw them in the oven.

All of downstairs was all clean, and dust free. Leo was out somewhere, training or something, so I decided to check out what else was upstairs. I found five other bedrooms, along with a bathroom and a study of some sorts. The bedroom I slept in last night was a master bedroom. The bedroom next to that had two beds on opposite walls. Then there was a large bathroom, then the study. In-between the bathroom and the study was another bedroom, one with a single bed in the centre of the room. On the other side of the study was a bedroom with three single beds, on either side of the room and in the very centre. The last bedroom was another double bed, however smaller than my bed. The rooms were dusty, and I knew I would be working up here tomorrow.
I went downstairs and went outside on the patio, leaning on the fence. The sun was setting, and the clearing almost glowed. The water was clear and beautiful. Leo leaned on the fence next to me, looking out with me. I glanced at him briefly, wondering if he would leave. Honestly, I didn't want him to leave.
"Hey," I said, getting his attention, "perhaps I could train with you to get back into it."
"Yeah, I guess. That's fine with me," he replied, and I couldn't help the grin spreading across my plate.
"Awesome," I said, and then remembered my plan for tomorrow. "However, I was going to clean upstairs tomorrow."
"That's okay. We don't have to start straight away," he said, turning to me. "One step at a time, I guess. And at the moment our first step is the house, and making it seem like home."
"You're welcome to stay as long as you want," I offered quickly.
It looked as if he was going to reject it, but then seemed to think against it. "Thanks," he said, with a smile, "that would be great."