My first one-shot since coming back to the Fandom (: Something I managed to whip up in about twenty minutes. I hope you enjoy!

I own nothing except for Heather and her two siblings.

"Daddy," Nigel looked up from his coffee at his eldest child. She just turned five years old. She had a mess of blonde wavy hair and beautiful blue eyes. Unlike most girls her age, she refused to wear dresses and skirts. So instead she was wearing jeans with a blue tee shirt she got from the zoo. Her eyes screamed curiosity.

"Yes, Heather?"

"Why do you drink coffee?" She was most certainly intelligent for her age, but like most young children, she thrives off of asking questions. He thought for a moment,

"Because I think it tastes good," He nodded as she stared at the coffee mug that said Number 1 Dad in bold, blue lettering.

"Can I have a sip?"

"Oh, I don't know Dawn," Nigel said in a teasing way, "You think you can handle a sip?" She vigorously nodded her head,

"Yeah yeah yeah!" She exclaimed, showing off her toothless smile. Nigel and Rachel were openly worried when they saw she was already losing teeth. But the dentist insisted that is was nothing to worry about.

"Alright," He slowly moved his cup across the counter. "Just a small sip," She continued smiling as she carefully lifted up the mug, being sure not to spill it. She took a big gulp and forced it down. She put the mug down as her face scrunched up and she stuck her tongue out. She shook her head,

"That was not good at all!" Nigel chuckled, "Daddy, how do you drink that?!" He sighed and looked down at her tan face. It was summer, so she wasn't as pale as she usually was.

"I think you might change your mind when you're older, Dawn," Heather smiled at her nickname. It wasn't really a nickname, since her name was Heather Dawn. But only one person was allowed to call her Dawn. And it was her hero.

"Are you old, Daddy?" She cocked her head to the left as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand. Nigel ran a rough hand across his bald head. He thought about her younger brother. Then her younger sister that was due pretty much any day now. He may be thirty two years old, but he knew that his children would age him, but yet, keep him young at the same time. He shook his head, Heather watching his every move.

"No, not yet," She giggled and nodded,

"I think you are," She stated thoughtfully. He raised his dark eyebrows, "Only old people like coffee,"

"Really?" He asked getting up off of the stool and picking her up. The blonde girl giggled even more as he tickled her.

"Daddy!" She somehow managed to get out from her giggles. Nigel grinned and sat her back down on the ground, kneeling down to her height. He kissed her forehead,

"I love you, Dawn,"

"I love you, Daddy," She beamed back at him.

Nigel Uno was many things. But to Heather he was simply just two things.

Her Daddy.

Her hero.

I wanted to make this kind of ironic because in the future, like when Heather's a teenager, I have her like addicted coffee. If you got confused about the whole nickname thing, her name is Heather Dawn Uno, but only Nigel calls her Dawn.

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