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Act 1 Chapter 1: Earth

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Star Wars

The Galactic Heroes

Temporary peace formed between the Republic and the Empire as a new threat arises. The two groups faces a new enemy, something far more powerful than any of them. The former Emperor, Darth Vitiate.

Freed by Revan, Vitiate now scour the galaxy in a ghostly form, looking for a new host. The Sith and Jedi searched for Vitiate through the force for many months, with no luck of finding him anywhere in the known galaxy. Until the found a trace of him at an unknown planet, far from republic, empire, and hutt space.

Now, the Battlemaster of the Jedi Order, with his five companions and a small army at his back, travel to the planet in order to search Vitiate. And when they find the threat, they will eliminate him once and for all….

(Defender-class light corvette)

Jedi Knight, Gacen Harvis was in training room, practicing several lightsaber combat maneuvers, as he wait for the information about the planet they are going to. Gacen is a male jedi, with jet black hair, a fair complexion, and blue-green eyes that says that shows that he is someone you would want to follow. He is wearing his gray jedi battle suit armor, with a brown cloak underneath it.

It's been two years since his beginning at Tython. He quickly rose up the ranks in the jedi order, due to many achievements he did for over three years. He gains many titles, the most prominent of them being the Hero of Tython and Battlemaster of the Jedi Order. Defeating the flesh raiders, destroying the desolator, defeating Darth Argus, and defeating the emperor. Or so it had looked like.

A few months after the mission on Makeb, along with the attack on both Korriban and Tython, he found out on Rishi that the emperor was still alive. He had no physical body, but still alive. Revan tried to revive the emperor in his full power and even though he, along with allies both republic and empire, stopped him from putting Vitiate back to his prime, the former emperor still had enough to be a threat to the whole galaxy.

Now, he was assign to find the emperor on Earth, since he, Kira, and Scourge can sense the emperor, due to all of them being in his presence in different amount of time. His mission is to find the emperor and destroy him completely, no matter what it takes. Gacen don't like killing, but he knew that he will need to destroy in order to save everyone from being obliterated. Especially if he gain an army.

That is one of the reason he have four mini cruisers with him.

As Gacen was going to practice his Ataru stance, his communicator started ringing. He got out of his meditative state and activate the communicator. "This is Theron Shan here. Got the information ." The person, Theron Shan, said to him. Gacen nodded to himself when he heard that.

"Did you tell the others?" Gacen said, the others being the commanders of this mission. Theron spoke the affirmative to that. "Good, I'll gather my crew to the cockpit so we can all hear the news. Understood?"

"Understood." Theron replied back. With that, Gacen put away the lightsaber in his hand and went to get the others. He didn't have to worry about one of them, since she already at the cockpit. So he first went to the engineering room, where his old buddy T7 at. As he walked in, he saw the little droid made a little adjustments to the engines.

T7 is one of his first friend he gain on this starship. He's a astromech droid, with yellow coloring on him. He met the little guy on Tython, where was in the clutches of the flesh raiders. Due to that rescue, T7 became one of his most loyal companion. He is alway helping out in the ship and on the field, using any mechanics in his arsenal to fight or fix. He stood by him at Tython, Coruscant, Ord Mantell, and when he fought the emperor. Meaningless to say, he couldn't ask for a more loyal droid.

"T7, Theron got back from his trip." Gacen inform the droid. "He got all the information about the planet. Get to the cockpit, where Kira and Sgt. Rusk is at." The astromech droid let out a few beeps before moving out of the room. Next up is getting Doc.

Gacen went to the medical room and when he got in, he froze in pure shock and embarrassment, his face as red as a sith pureblood. Doctor Archiban Kimble is a combat medic with black hair, brown eyes, and a mustache and goatee. But it wasn't the doctor that got the jedi frozen.

It's watch he is watching. A half naked twi-lek lap dancing on a pole.

The doctor was watching the recording a smirk and a glazed look in his eyes. But when he saw a beet red Gacen in the corner of his eye, he cried out in shock and abruptly stood up.

"Gacen!" Doc said in shock, quickly turning off the holo. "I-I-I didn't expect for you to be here. D-D-D-Did Theron got the information about that planet?"

Gacen was silent for a moment, before he cough a little and shook his head, trying to get rid of that image. "Theron got the information we needed. Be sure to get to the cockpit." The doctor merely nodded, embarrassed that he was caught watching so explicit. Sure, he flirts a lot, but he never let anyone see him watch porn.

Gacen and Archiban, nicknamed Doc, met each at Balmorra, where the doctor was at a hospital at the colicoid infested island, known as "Bug Town". The two of them don't see eye to eye sometimes, with Doc wanting fame and glory for his achievements while Gacen don't really care for such things. But the two of them have some things in common. The both of them are remarkably selfless and they are willing to risk their lives to help others in need. When Doc heard that the Balmorra resistance were willing to betray the Republic for their own personal gain, he became disgusted with them and left. As he traveled with Gacen, the two of them eventually respected each other greatly for their drive to save others who can't protect themselves, damn the consequences. With the hero, he found a new purpose and a friend.

After the Doc left, and Gacen cheeks returned back to his normal skin color, he went to the weapon's rooms where Rusk is proceeding at. He look to see Rusk making upgrades to his giant machine gun. The jedi quirk his lip at that. Ever since that last mission on Yavin 4, Rusk been making repairs on his weapon.

Sgt Rusk is a Chagrian male, with blue eyes and dark grey lethorns. He also wear a republic soldier armor with blue markings on it. The soldier and jedi met each other on Hoth, where they had a mission search for the Emperor's plans on the imperial ship called Deference. After the mission was completed, Rusk joined the Battlemaster in his crew. Rusk is fiercely loyal to Gacen and admire the knight's devotion to serving others. The two of them are good friends and greater partners in battle.

"Theron Shan just got back with information about the planet Sgt. Rusk." Gacen told the Chagrian. The soldier stand in attention and saluted.

"Understood master jedi. Let me make the usual upgrades and then I'll be in the cockpit." Rusk said. Gacen nodded to the soldier and went to the last person down here.

Lord Scourge, the former emperor's wrath.

The Battlemaster and the former Wrath relationship is the most unique out of all of his companion. What makes it most interesting is that it started several centuries before Gacen's birth.

Lord Scourge is a Sith pureblood, with facial tendrils, crimson skin, and red blood eyes. He usually wear a dark grey battle armor, with a cape on the back. Centuries ago, when Scourge fought against the emperor with Revan and the Exile at his side, he saw a vision of the one who would truly defeat the emperor. So in order to survive to join the defeat, he killed the exile and help the emperor put Revan into prison. For helping defeating the two jedis, Vitiate named him the Emperor's Wrath and granted him immortality.

So Scourge waited until he finally met the jedi at Quesh and joined his crew at the Emperor's flagship, after several months of plotting after their first meeting. The two of them respected each other, but they still share an amount of distrust, due to Gacen being a Jedi and Scourge being a Sith. The two of them try to change that, however, each of them trying to draw the other to their side of the force. It eventually an amusing game for them. But the two of them also learned from each other, with Scourge having more knowledge of the force than he had in the centuries he was immortal and Gacen becoming more cunning and skilled in fighting. Currently, Gacen was at door while the Sith was meditating in his room.

"Theron is back with the information Scourge." Gacen informed him. "The others are waiting for us at the cockpit." Scourge stopped his meditation and got up from his position.

"Then we will finally destroy the emperor once and for all." Lord Scourge said. "I hope you can face him again Jedi Harvis." With that, Scourge walked past him, with Gacen following close behind.

The two of them went inside the cockpit, where the everyone else is at. T7, Doc, Sgt. Rusk, and his former apprentice, partner, and wife, Kira.

"Glad you're finally here Gace." Kira said from the pilot seat. "I was about to stick a lightsaber in Doc's rear if he tells me one more of his medical achievements." Gacen merely shook his head, use to the two of them fighting by now.

Kira Carsen a female jedi knight, with a light brown hair shaped in a ponytail, fair skin, and light blue eyes. The two of them met at Tython, when they were just apprentices. The two of them started working together a Coruscant, becoming a great team. When Kira joined Gacen and T7, the two of them started getting close. Their relationship strengthened when Kira told him about being a Child of the Emperor and when Gacen defended her when one of the council member questioned her loyalty. Their bond became so strong, that it was enough for her to break the Emperor's hold on her.

Their friendship soon turned into love as time passed. The two of them began a romantic relationship with each other, despite the rules of holding no attachments in the jedi order, and a year later, the two of them married each other. They kept their relationship a secret, with only those in this ship knowing about it. If the council found out about the relationship, they would banned them from the Jedi Order.

Gacen went on the other pilot seat, after giving Kira a kiss on the cheek. "Okay Theron, my whole crew is here. You can give the information now."

"Okay guys." Theron said from his holo communicator. Theron is a CIS agent, and the son of Satele Shan, the grandmaster of the jedi order. The man have slightly tan skin, black hair, and blue eyes, and wears a red jacket with brown jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. "From what I've learn, Earth is only made up of humans. The technology there isn't much advance as ours and they only travel through this system. I'll send you their countries, histories, cultures, currency, the kinds of tech they use, and anything else that can be of use."

Gacen nodded. "Send it on our holos. Find a location for us to land at and then prepare every ship to land on earth. We'll have cloaks on our ships so we won't freak the people their out." Theron nodded in agreement and sign off the holo, prepare to do just that. Gacen put an elbow on his knee and had his chin resting in his palms. Now, they have to wait. And soon, they will end this once and for all.


After a couple of hours, Theron found a suitable landing spot where none of the people on this planet would tracked. He had all of the Republic Cruisers stay at the sky, with cloaking devices, just to make sure they won't get any curious people. They have several transports onto to Earth, with many soldiers and jedis getting out and making camp. After that, the transports went to the cruisers very quickly.

In the middle of the camp is a large tent, the size of a small house, and inside are the leaders of this mission. Theron Shan and Gacen Harvis. They are talking to Satele Shan, along with the rest of the council, including the Barsen'Thor, Jaya Tisen.

Jaya Tisen is a Mirialan jedi consular and a friend of Gacen. She has the green like all of her species, brown hair, and green eyes that holds wisdom and compassion. She was considered a child prodigy when she was a young, much like Gacen. But instead of skilled with a lightsaber, she is powerful with the force, both power and knowledge.

Her power in the force is unequal to anyone else at her age. She is able to heal almost any injury, including the most fatal ones, and she is especially versed in telekinesis, using it to save several lives. She is also the only one to ever learn the shielding technique in this timeline, which saved several lives. However, her weakness is her skills with the lightsaber, which is decent, but not enough to take on a sith skilled with a lightsaber.

But with her powers, she is incredibly wise and have a hunger for knowledge. She never even diverge on the dark side of the force, despite several temptation. She is also incredibly kind to others and believe in the power of redemption, more so than even Gacen. But she knows that some don't want to be redeemed, after Gacen teached her that.

Not only that, but she also hold a childlike innocence of the galaxies. Because she was practically raised in the jedi temple, she was innocent in the concept of strong emotions. Gacen had to teach her a few things about emotion, especially when she unknowingly fell in love with her crew member, Lt. Iresso and when she needed 'The Talk'. She had the biggest blush in the galaxy after that talk and nearly fainted as well.

"Can you sense Vitiate nearby? Can you track him down?" The grandmaster of jedi order, Satele Shan, questioned. Gacen try to do just that, but then he sensed multiple force signatures nearby. Thousands of them, both light and dark.

"It's not possible Master Satele." Gacen said to her. "It's seem that that their are several force users somewhere around the city miles away. London, if I remember correctly."

Master Kiwik, a female Togruta and the former master of Kira, frown. "Can't you sense anything? Vitiate may have weakened, but he's strong enough for you sensed him, even with other force users in the area and especially with dark presence."

"That's the thing." Gacen started. "There's multiple dark side presences, that I can't pinpoint Vitiate. We will we need to search for him on foot." That'll be hard to do. Not only that it might take a while to find him, but they will also have to face those presences.

Jaya frown a little at that. "Are you sure there isn't another way?" Gacen shook his head.

"Vitiate kept himself well hidden. In order to find, we'll have to get closer." Gacen said. None of the jedi hear is strong enough to sense Vitiate and even though he's strong in the force, he can't risk closing in on one presence. He would leave himself vulnerable to mind control.

Jaya nodded, but she still gave Gacen a concern look. The two of them have been childhood friend ever since they've both been recruited in the Jedi Order. They trained together all the way to Tython and fought with each other in the more dangerous missions, with two others as well. Gacen see Jaya as the little sister he always wanted while Jaya view him as her big brother. When one in danger, they would do all they can to help the other.

"Just be careful Master Harvis." Jaya said, hiding the concern in her voice. "We wouldn't want to lose one of our most powerful and compassionate jedi masters." While those words are true for the council, Gacen can hear her silently conveying her concern for him.

Gacen nodded. "Don't worry. I faced worse in my journey as a jedi. I'll contact Jaya to tell what information I have, along with the commander of Havoc Squad so he can tell the chancellor." The council agreed with that and turn off their holo-communicator.

Theron sigh and rub his head, already feeling a headache. "Something tells me that is going to be a long mission. I should've brought more alcohol with me." Gacen nearly snorted at that.

"You'll need to stay sober for the mission, so don't drink yet." Gacen told him. "Not only we have face the emperor, but we might have to face other force users. We might have to contact a few of our Sith friends soon." Theron groan again. Now he really wanted a drink.


Gacen, Kira, and Theron are taking a walk at the streets of London. It's only the three of them cause they need to remain conspicuate and bringing several jedi and soldiers, half of them being other species, will bring too much attention. Even if they play it off as the aliens wearing costumes.

The three of them are also wearing something different from their usual armor to blend in the crowd. Gacen is wearing a blue v collar t-shirt with blue jeans and a long white sleeve shirt under it. Kira has a purple sleeveless shirt on with skinny jeans. And Theron is wearing what he usually wears, except his jacket turned into a trenchcoat. He needed to hide his blasters.

"You need to wear stuff like this more often Gace." Kira commented, smirking as she drinks up the muscles on him. They have been intimate a couple of times, but she won't get use to seeing his built structure. "It shows more of your tone body, something I like."

Gacen blush a little, but had a comeback already fresh up in mind. "The same could be said for you Kira." Gacen said, also smirking. "Those clothing show off the curves in your body." Now it's Kira turn to blush. Around them, several women are staring at Gacen, milking up his form and facial features. Kira growl and latch onto his arm, feeling the lust the girls are radiating and seeing their eyes on them.

"Would you too stop flirting for a bit?" Theron said, rolling his eyes at the couple. "And Kira, stop glaring daggers at the other women. At least most of them knows just to stare, not touch. Besides, aren't you guys trying to detect where those force signatures are coming from?" Gacen blush a little in embarrassment while Kira grin sheepishly.

Theron is also one of the few that knows about the relationship. While the two were in the bed with each other, the holo-communicator turned on the room. And Theron was treated with the view of Kira and Gacen doing...intimate things.

Meaningless to say that Kira crushed that holo-communicator after they talked with Theron.

Theron promised to keep it a secret, after Kira threaten bodily harm on him if he ever does reveal it. Considering that his mother is the grandmaster of the jedi order, he's not a judge at whether the jedi should have attachments or not. Beside, the two deserve some happiness while they are protecting the galaxy.

Gacen close his eyes, sensing the force around him. It took him a while, but he found the source of all that force energy.

"The energy is coming from over there." Gacen said, pointing at the old pub down the street. Several bypasser pass the pub, like it wasn't there. But Kira and Gacen can see it. Unfortunately, Theron can't.

"It's coming from a wall?" Theron asked, blinking as he stare at the Battlemaster incredulously. "Are you sure you're not out of practice with this jedi stuff?"

The jedis are staring at him now. Kira spoke for both of them. "Um, are you not seeing that very old bar over there?" Theron have confusion written all over his face and the two started arguing about it.

While the two argued, Gacen narrow his eyes at the pub. He has a suspicion that the energy around the place is a cloak that hid the building from non-force sensitives. How is was made, he doesn't know. But he's going to test that theory, by grabbing his wife's and his friend's hand and dragged them to that bar.

"Hey, I can walk Gace!"

"Would you stop dragging me?!"

He ignore the two and got them through the force energy field. Theron stopped protesting when he finally saw the pub. His mouth dropped open and he stare at the building in disbelief.

"Huh. So there was a pub." Theron said, still in disbelief. Kira gave him a look that says 'I told you so.', but he ignored it. Gacen sigh at the two. While they get along sometimes, those two can be bad as Doc and Kira.

"Come on, let's see what is in there." Gacen said to them. The two nodded and enter the pub. But before they entered in, the three turn on cloaks. They don't know who is in there, but the group's instincts are telling them not to let the people in there see unless it's absolute. And their instincts hasn't failed them yet.

As they entered the pub, they saw a couple of people, but they were dressed strangely. They are wearing robes, both bright and dark, as well as witch hats. They saw a few smoking a long sticks as well. They would've guess that this is how people from this planet dress up, if they didn't walk in the streets of London. Now they are glad they've turned their cloak on. They would've stuck out like a deep scar.

The three walk around the pub, until they saw a wall at the far end of the building open up when one of those force users started knocking on it with a pattern. When they entered in, what they saw amazed them.

They can sense the force all around the small villages. Several people are walking around, both adults and children. They can also see them do things that baffled them. Not only levitate things, but also transformed things, shrink or enlarge items, some of them teleport from fire or from nowhere, and more more. It was almost like…

'...Magic.' Everyone thought that once. Gacen look through the force more and sense something. He wonder why he didn't notice before. The force signature was strange inside all of these people. The force is not flowing around them, more like inside them. Like it's a part of their body, something they need more control of then the jedi does.

The three were about to leave the place, to tell the others about this, when suddenly, their invisibility belts suddenly started shortening, shooting out little bolts of electricity on them.

"Ouch, what the hell?!" Kira cried out, gaining the attention of those people. It shortened more, turning it off and on, creating the image of them appearing and disappearing until it completely shorten out.

The two jedis and the agent were in the middle of several force users around them, staring at them with wide eyes. And something told them that they needed to leave. Now.

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