Hello readers. Sorry for the wait, but unfortunately, this isn't a new chapter. Instead, it's bad news.

I'm canceling the story.

Here me out before you get angry. At first, it was going good, and I was invested in the rewrite. The reason I'm canceling it is because of the mistakes of adding too many girls to the harem, with no development in the romance. As I get more and more experience in writing, I learn the I, like some readers, crave plot and character development in stories. If it doesn't have that, I probably won't watch/read it again or stop in the middle of it. And unfortunately, I messed up by trying to please people with a large harem. Next time, I'm just gonna stick with a maximum of six girls or make sure to add development in the romance.

No way I'm going to make a third rewrite. So I'm just gonna cancel it and if anyone want to use my idea, feel free to. Just don't make the same mistake I did by automatically putting girl(s) with the main character. Make sure there's some development in it. If you haven't, please read the other stories I created. And be on the lookout for new ones, as I'll soon make more stories. See ya.