Hey! I just got into Hetalia and am watching it now REALLY A LOT! So I hope you like humor cause this is going to be hilarious (hopefully)!

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In One Of Austria's Guest Rooms

Japan and Hungary were sitting in one of the Guest Rooms in Austria's house. Japan was showing Hungary his photos of the nations that he had taken, and Hungary was doing the same.

"That picture is a very good one of Monaco," said Hungary, pointing to the picture of a small female nation.

"Yes," said Japan, his dark brown eyes glancing briefly over the picture. "She was very willing to be photographed."

Hungary carefully looked over the photo, taking in the the pale blush that adorned the Monaco's cheeks. Monaco had her light brown hair in a long side braid down the left side of her back, and two dark hair clips pinned a thick strand of hair back from her forehead on the right side, letting some other strands of hair fall in her face. Her blue eyes twinkled kindly, though there was a hint of shyness. The grayish pink glasses she wore were crooked, giving her a quirky look. A red ribbon was on her braid, and she wore a simple pink dress with a red collar. She had white gloves on, and gray boots. Hungary was impressed.

"Monaco is a very beautiful nation," said Hungary, smiling as she remembered when Monaco was a very small nation. Monaco was growing up now, and lived in her own house.

"May I see some of yours, Hungary-san?" asked Japan politely.

"Of course!" exclaimed Hungary, proudly picking a picture from her bag.

Japan surveyed it. "That is a very impressive picture of Taiwan and Vietnam."

He felt a little nostalgic as he saw his little sisters smiling into the camera with Taiwan's arm wrapped around Vietnam's shoulders. In the photo, Vietnam was smiling, eyes closed, with her single ponytail hanging down her front. Taiwan had sakura blossoms in her free-falling dark brown hair, eyes closed as well. Both of them were blushing slightly, just like with Monaco.

"Thank you," said Hungary, smiling.

"Beautiful girls," murmured Japan, eyes lingering slightly on the photo. He regretted that he wasn't that close to China anymore, and wished he still was.

Austria's Living Room

While Hungary and Japan were looking over the pictures, Austria, in the living room, a mere ten feet away from the piano, was watching Prussia play the piano, and Prussia was playing very badly indeed. If looks could kill, then the glare Austria was sending Prussia would have sent him six feet under half an hour ago.

In order to try and remain calm, Austria took a deep breath in, and out.

"What are you trying to play?" he inquired politely, though realizing that he shouldn't have if he didn't want to lose his temper.

"Fur Elise," Prussia answered, happily pounding away at the keys.

Austria's rage began to flare up again. What Prussia was playing sounded like a horrible remix of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Austria tried to calm himself down, telling himself that Prussia's playing wasn't that horrible, when the first twangs sounded in the air.

Prussia's pounding of the keys had started to break the strings of the piano.

"Ach du meine Güte!" Austria flinched at his own outburst, when more twangs sounded.

"It's fine!" sang Prussia happily. "The piano is okay!"

"Please..." Austria trailed off. "Please be careful about the keys!"

Half An Hour Later

Austria sighed in relief. So far, Prussia hadn't broken any more strings yet.

What a disgrace to all piano players! he thought irritably.

Then a sharp twang filled the air.

Prussia stopped playing.

Austria turned to Prussia, murder lust in his eyes.

"Du hast das getan," he growled. "Du stirbst! Ich werde dich töten!"

Prussia whimpered.

Austria lunged at Prussia and threw him to the impeccably clean wood floor. He shoved his elbow against Prussia's throat and pressed, cutting off the air to the windpipe. Prussia let out a (literally) strangled scream followed by a gasp, clawing at the air, clawing at Austria, but Austria's fury levels had been pushed so high, he was an immobile force.

Prussia managed to let out another (literally) strangled scream, when Austria pushed him down again. Austria grabbed a parasol and began pounding it on Prussia's chest, and Prussia shoved Austria whenever he could, when footsteps sounded and a gasp stopped them.

Austria looked up, as did Prussia.

Hungary and Japan were there in the doorway to the Living Room. Hungary had a strange, evil gleam in her eye, accompanied by a creepy evil smile, while Japan simply looked expressionless, though a small waver in his mask expressed his shock.

Austria's Guest Rooms

A strangled scream echoed through the house.

Japan looked up sharply. "What was that?"

"I don't know," shrugged Hungary. "And I don't care. Come on, look at this cute photo of Belgium!"

"Isn't she Luxembourg and Netherland's sister?"

"Yes," replied Hungary, looking at the photo, when another scream rang through the house, shaking the air waves even in the darkest corners.

"I think we should check that out now," said Japan, looking up. He didn't understand why Hungary wasn't worried.

"If you like," sighed Hungary.

"Hai, I do," said Japan.

Hungary got up, and stretched a hand out to Japan, who took it and was helped up by Hungary.

"Let's go," said Hungary. She grabbed a frying pan out of nowhere.

The two hurried down the halls and down the stairs, till they got to the Living Room. There they found a strange sight.

Austria holding Prussia down to the floor with a white and red parasol while Prussia had his hands on Austria's shoulder in a manner that was meant to shove Austria off, a purplish red bruise forming across his neck.

Hungary felt sadistic joy at Prussia on the floor like that, and knew that there was an evil glint in her eye and a creepy evil smile on her face.

Japan was very surprised and shocked that Austria had managed to pin down Prussia and that Prussia wasn't fighting back, but he managed to retain his expressionless mask...or so he thought. Apparently his mask wavered to let some of his shock show.

"Well, well," said Hungary with a sugary sweetness that was absolutely fake. "What do we have here?"

Austria's Living Room

"Well, well," said Hungary. "What do we have here?"

"Ein Idiot , der mein Klavier kaputt gemacht hat so dass es nun völlig unbrauchbar ist!" yelled Austria, anger flaring up again and he turned back to Prussia, who was gasping on the floor. Gripping the parasol tightly, Austria started whacking Prussia with it.

"Kill him! Smash him! More! More! He can take it!" shouted the unmistakably sadistic voice of Hungary.

"Wait! Stop!" implored Japan.

"NEIN! ER HAT MEIN KLAVIER KAPUTT GEMACHT!" Austria kept hitting Prussia.

That is how Prussia ended up in the hospital with Austria stroking the broken piano, tears in his eyes, with Hungary handcuffed to a chair so that she wouldn't take a parasol and start smacking Prussia again with it, while Japan sat down in the guest room, completely bewildered by what had happened.

That was a regular day in Austria's House.

I hoped you liked it! This is my first Hetalia fic, and I am Austrian so I speak German so I can translate for you!

Ach du meine Güte! - Oh my goodness!

Du hast das getan. - You did this.

Du stirbst! Ich werde dich töten! - You die! I will kill you!

Ein Idiot , der mein Klavier kaputt gemacht hat so dass es nun völlig unbrauchbar ist! - An idiot, who broke my piano strings so that it is completely unusable!