The Skip Beat! Dictionary, a Skip Beat! fan fiction

Pairing: Tsuruga Ren/Hizuri Kuon and Kyoko
Rating: T for safety
Genre: Romance

Summary: Ren and Kyoko's love story, chronicled through dictionary entries.
Disclaimer: As of writing, I am the owner of four Skip Beat! fanfictions, including the one below.


adamant (ad·a·mant /adəmənt/ adjective) - refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind.

She would not fall in the trap of that filthy emotion again. She shouldn't, especially with him.

Loving him means certain death, and she knew for sure, she couldn't handle the pain of falling.

If only she knew.

He had fallen - head first, and he's patiently waiting at the bottom of the abyss to break her fall and catch her.

NOTE: Word meaning and pronunciation credit goes again to my friend, Google.