Collateral Damage

Everyone has their own deepest darkest secret and we're programmed, as human beings to hold on to them and sometimes irrationally so. When Rosie Shepherd's secret nearly kills her, it effects more people than she'd ever of thought.

As a healer, it's a surgeons job to fix the broken, and perhaps more damage is down when it comes to fixing Rosie. The problem with her? She doesn't want to be saved.

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Lying is inevitable in this world. At some point or another, whether we accept it or not, we've told a lie. Some of them slip past without us batting an eyelid. But some of those lies? They stay with us forever.

Do we regret telling them? Or do we simply regret being put into a situation where it's become a survival instinct and we find ourselves needing to do so?

We lie and we tell the truth. Sometimes, the truth has the capacity to hurt someone far more than a lie will hurt ourselves.

Maybe that's why we do it, to protect those we love, and surely that's excusable?

Lying was pointless and Rosie decided that she was going to come clean about it all as she followed her mother to the front door of their house. Fighting the urge to run to her room and hide, she made her way to the couch and sat down, wringing her hands together.

"I swear it's not as bad as it's been made out to be." Rosie instantly blurted out as Amelia took a place on the couch next to her. The teenager didn't know why this seemed so different than any other time where she'd needed her mothers advice. At Amelia's comforting smile however, she gave a sigh.

"Tell me what you know and I'll fill in the blanks then." She gave in, defeated. It was best to get it out of the way and know where she stood.

As Amelia told her what she knew, her thoughts drifted about in the vicinity of her mind. LA was great. Her life was here. Almost every morning she'd run along the beach on the damp sand before school and every time she thought about the city she loved, her heart warmed, like the black hotness of the asphalt footpaths that intertwined the buildings.

It was home. Seattle simply, wasn't.

"That's pretty much it." Rosie said slowly when she realised her mother had finished and Amelia gave a sad sounding sigh.

"I didn't think it was this bad, sweetie." Amelia wrapped her arms around her daughter, holding her as tightly as she could, the thought of someone trying to hurt her baby nearly bringing her to tears.

The truth however, did bring Rosie to tears. They weren't sad but rather numb. Despite having a happy amount of great friends, she'd always managed to be the target of a bigger person, a bully. It had never been that bad and she'd never found herself to be all that effected by it.

As a child, and growing up Rosie had been a rather confident person, but she was one that could be easily manipulated and this hadn't proved to be such a positive attribute in her years.

Lucy. That was her next concern. What was she going to say to her best friend? How was she meant to explain that what her friend had caused was going to split them apart?

"It's okay mom. We don't have to move. I'll be okay. It'll be okay. Okay. Okay. Okay." She honestly felt pathetic, but she couldn't help herself. Maybe it all would be okay. Perhaps it would be okay in Seattle, but they weren't there yet.

"How long's it been happening, Rosie?" Amelia pulled back to look at her daughter, who shook her head. She found herself remembering the time when Rosie was only 7, and at parent – teacher interview, her daughter's teacher had informed her that one of the boys in the class had teased her. At that age, Rosie hadn't cared and had asked the boy if he wanted to play with her the next day. A typical kid. But she wasn't a kid anymore. She was a 16 year old girl, and bullying wasn't just a stage of life. It led to thoughts and feelings that Amelia didn't want to think about her daughter having. It was heartbreaking for Amelia, to hear that she was going through this.

"A while." Rosie replied softly, and as she saw her mother raise an eyebrow she hurried to continue, "But it's okay, really."

"None of this is okay." Amelia spoke a little harshly. "I don't want to lose you, okay?" She then said and her words caught Rosie by surprise.

"What? Why Seattle though?" A shot of concern hit her when her mother gave her a serious look and the teenager held her breath as her mother went to reply.

"Derek's doing research work in DC at the moment and he can't be in two places at once. He asked if I wanted to work at Grey Sloan Memorial and that gives me the potential to be head of the neuro department, which is a huge deal."

So this wasn't just about her, but Rosie wasn't angry, she was curious however, as to why this hadn't been brought up sooner.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I said no. Originally I told him that I couldn't ask you to move to rainy ol' Seattle for a job promotion. But when I got that call from your teacher, it got me thinking. Maybe a fresh start would do us both good eh?" The fact Amelia questioned Rosie scared her a bit, this meant she was being asked her thoughts, and this time, not selfish ones.

It wasn't just about her. It was about the two of them and that was what made Rosie's mouth twitch into a half smile.

"Can we at least give it a trial run?"

"Of course, honey. If we hate it, we can always move back to LA. I know this isn't easy…"

"It isn't easy for you either." Rosie cut her off. "Sometimes risks have to be taken." She shrugged, giving a small laugh as her mother pulled her into another hug.

"When do we leave?" Rosie felt better about it now. It still didn't make the idea of moving, of leaving her home any easier but her mind was at ease. It was for the good of their family, their tiny family that they were to move and Rosie could live with that.

Seattle would be okay and so would they. They still had each other and that made it so.

"Sunday night." Amelia replied quietly.

"So soon?" Rosie went to say, but it came out as more of a squeak. It was soon and it only gave Rosie three more days in LA. Three painstaking days to say goodbye to those she loved dearly. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

It was sudden, and Rosie found herself to be in shock. What if no one liked her at school in Seattle? What if Clara hated her? What if Amelia turned into the mother she said she'd never become – Always at work?

What Rosie was most scared of, was being alone.

She'd never been alone, not really.

It was all going to be okay.

Family and love, being loved had the power of fixing everything in a time like this.

Day one of three, Friday. It was potentially her last day at the school she'd made so many of her memories at.

Lucy was quieter than normal as Rosie sat down at their usual spot in the cafeteria at lunch. Friday of course, was the one day where they had no classes together apart from their lunch period,

"Hey" Lucy then spoke, looking up from her salad.

"Hey, Luce. I've got something to tell you." Rosie got straight to the point. She didn't have long and she had no idea how her friend would react to such news. She'd been alright the time her and her mother had needed to leave for a just over a month, but this could very well be permanent and that was completely different.

"Oh?" Lucy pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, facing Rosie with a confused and nervous look on her face.

"We're moving. Mom and I." She didn't get to say much else, as Lucy flung her arms around her and slightly surprised, Rosie hugged her back.

"That's awful." Lucy finally said, and looked even more confused when Rosie gave a small smile and shook her head. "How are you okay with this? It's not because of me is it? I wasn't going to say anything, but I was worried about you."

"It's not because of you Luce. It's not just about me this time anyway and it might not even be forever."

Lucy gave a shrug at that and Rosie knew she felt terrible and probably a little guilty. "So when do you leave? Seattle right…?"

The brunette gulped before saying slowly, "Sunday night."

"So soon!? You can live with me if you want, you know my parents love you. Please don't go. We can sort out Erin and her bitches. Please Rosie, you're my best friend." Her stubborn pleading almost won Rosie over, as she thought about her family at the practice and how much she'd miss all them and their soap-opera worthy moments. It was so very tempting, but so was the thought of a fresh start, and after having thought about it all night Rosie believed, that was what she needed.

"We'll still text and call each other all the time, and Skype. You know how close Mom and I are, I can't just throw that away."

At Lucy's glum face, Rosie placed a hand on her shoulder, "It'll be okay, I promise." After a moment of silence Lucy gave another smile and spoke as Rosie twisted the cap off of her bottle of water.

"Are we still on for our sleepover tonight then?" Rosie couldn't say no to her, even if she should probably be starting to pack.

Packing could wait however, her best friend couldn't.

Ever since they'd become friends, their Friday sleepover had become a weekly occurrence. They always had it at Rosie's house as Lucy's home situation wasn't the best, with three brothers and two parents that spent almost every waking moment fighting. They were left to their own devices at the Shepherd residence.

"Of course!" Rosie laughed and the two hugged again before settling down to finish their lunches before the next class.

Rosie had no one else to tell about her grand move, apart from her lab partner in Chemistry, who seemed most upset – Probably due to Rosie being the one to do most of the work when they had experiments to conduct.

Her teachers all said they'd be sorry to see her leave, and that they wished her the best for her life in Seattle. One of them made a joke about the rainy weather.

It was so bad, Rosie hadn't made any effort in remembering it.

By the end of her last class, Rosie felt ready to leave.

It was just everyone at the practice to say goodbye to now. That would be hell, for both her and her mother. They'd planned to do that on Saturday, although Amelia had already told them all.


Rosie and Lucy's sleepover was better than any other. They went swimming in the sea, which turned into a water fight, they sunbathed out on the deck in the lowering sun and halfway through that Rosie had gone back inside to make the two virgin margarita's. Because, why not? Also, there was no alcohol in the house to make anything more exciting then that.

The two laughed and joked, ordered pizza, watched a movie, danced to their favourite song in Rosie's room and at 3 in the morning, they finally settled in Rosie's bed to go to sleep.

"You know what?" Lucy muttered sleepily from her side of the bed and Rosie gave a sigh.

"Yeah?" She said back and Lucy turned to face her.

"You're kinda my person, ya know?" She whispered with a small smile to which Rosie returned before speaking.

"You're kind of my person to."

With that, the two fell into a light sleep, the idea of saying goodbye in the morning not one to be thought of after such a good night.

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