Hello everybody I am back. This is my new story Lords of the Celtic Isles. I will be accepting pairings, but please know that I dislike the HP/HG pairing and will never ever ever write slash. Harry Potter does not belong to me is property of J K Rowling

Chpt 1: Blinded

Harry Potter had been treated like a slave by his aunt and uncle for as long as he could remember. He was forced to do all the work around the house including making the meals and taking care of the garden. His aunt and uncle always called him boy or freak. Harry did not even know his own name until his primary school teacher called it while taking role. He was blamed for anything that went wrong and was punished by a beating or being locked in his cupboard without food or water for days on end. He was also punished anytime he did better than Dudley at anything. Harry refused to stop doing good in school, though, despite being beaten repeatedly. Harry found that he was good at many things because of his higher intellect. Harry was soon moved from primary school to a secondary school. He was named a prodigy and quickly received scholarships from the universities of Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge. Harry joined the fencing team and soon became well known as a formidable swordsman.

One day, however, when Harry was nine years old tragedy struck. Harry was walking from school to 4 privet drive when he saw a truck about to hit an older gentleman. He shouted hoping to warn the older man, however, he was unable to be heard. Harry made a split second decision and rushed forward just as the truck was about to hit the man. He knocked the man to the ground and out of the way of the truck. The truck driver had seen the older man just a few seconds before Harry pushed him out of the way and had begun to swerve to avoid hitting him. The truck swerved then flipped over. The tail end of the truck burst into flames; Harry rushed forward towards the truck and ran to the driver's side. He quickly pried open the door and began to drag the driver out of the burning truck. Just as he got the driver to safety the truck exploded and he was knocked down. He screamed in pain as he went and was then encompassed by the sweet caress of slumber.

Pain, darkness, loud sounds - that is what Harry awoke to. He heard footsteps but could not see. He began to tremble until a calm soothing voice called out,

"Hello young man, I am Dr. William Smitty. You were badly injured in the crash."

"Tell it to me straight please, am I blind?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I am afraid you are," responded the doctor.

"Very well then," Harry stated.

-Two years later-Two years later-Two years later-Two years later-

Harry had been blind for two years and had able to go almost back to normal. He could hear, smell, taste, and feel much better than before. He had better reflexes and reaction time. He also had discovered that he could speak to snakes. He now walked with a simple stick to help his balance and help him 'see' things. He had been going to school in braille and had rejoined the fencing team. He was now a recognized junior world champion fencer and very renowned as 'the blind swordsman'. His 'family' did not treat him any differently - they still made him work and beat him. Today is his birthday and they were stuck on an island in the middle of the sea, because a whole bunch of letters had been arriving recently all addressed to him.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. It continues for several minutes then stops. 'Boom' There is an explosion as the door is thrown inwards. Splinters fly everywhere. In the doorway stands a tall man. He has broad shoulders and a thin wiry frame. His skin is pale, his nose crooked, his eyes black as night. His hair is long and flows down his neck like a curtain of darkness. He is dressed in pitch black robes and a cloak. He spoke in a deep baritone, "Harry Potter."

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