Chpt. 3: Contracts, Debts, Vaults & Diagon Alley

Harry said to the goblin king, "Very well. Who are obligated by the marriage contracts? Which houses are allied with mine? What debts are owed? and by whom are the debts owed?"

Ragnok replied, "There are three marriage contracts which you are now obligated to fulfill. The first marriage contract is between house Potter and house Patil of India for both daughters. The second marriage contract is between house Black and house Greengrass for both daughters. The third marriage contract is between house Peverell and house Delacour for both daughters. Next we come to the alliances your houses possess. The Potters are allied with the Bones, Longbottom, and Diggory families. The Blacks are allied with the Malfoys, Zabinis, Parkinsons, and Greengrasses. The Gryffindors are allied with the McGonagall's and the Slytherins. The Slytherins are allied with the Princes, Snapes, and Gryffindors. The Ravenclaws are allied with the Lovegoods and Flitwicks. Finally the Bones family is allied with the Potters, Diggorys, Abbots, and Sprouts. Lastly we come to debts. The Parkinsons and Weasleys owe the Blacks and Potters far more than they could ever pay. The Lestranges owe the Blacks more than they can pay and they are incapable of paying due to their continued 'stay' in Azkaban."

Harry was impassive and stated with quiet authority, "I had read about situations such as the debts owed were settled in the medieval ages and have come to the conclusion that those practices are still being used. I will claim the daughters of the houses of Parkinson and Weasley as concubines. I assume Azkaban is a prison and Lestranges prisoners - have them executed and all their properties turned over to me."

Severus stared slack-jawed at the Potter boy. First he acted nothing like James Potter and looked only barely like him. Now he was acting like a true slytherin. He was beginning to like this kid. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Ragnok who began to speak again, "Very well, my Lord. All you have said shall be done. I have one final question for you. Would you like to visit your vaults?"

Harry chuckled at the goblin's half joking query, "Yes, I would very much like to go to my vaults."

Ragnok called a goblin and asked him to escort Harry and Severus to Harry's vaults. The two followed the goblin to a cart that appeared to be a mining cart on a system of tracks. They quickly entered the cart. It sped along until it arrived at the first vault the Potter vault. They exited the cart and walked to the door of the vault. Ragnok had told Harry that to open the vault he must simply place his palm upon the door - he did so. The vault glowed, then the door swung inwards unbarring the path. Harry walked around the vault for awhile, then he felt pulled to something. He followed the pull to something on the ground. He picked it up. There was a flash of magic.

Severus turned to find Harry holding a sword with a basket-hilt. It was in a finely made blood-red scabbard with golden accents. The blade itself was long, thin, and much less wide than a normal longsword; it was also obviously crafted by nonhuman hands of a combination of mithril, titanium, and dragon bone. The hilt was simple, but fine craftsmanship wrapped in blood-red cloth. The guard was an elaborate basket design. The pommel was a set of antlers. Harry held the blade with the practiced ease of a champion duelist.

Severus spoke, "Normally weapons are not allowed at Hogwarts, however, there is an old rule that allows them in the case of an inherited blade, especially if it is enchanted and the witch or wizard's magic chooses it."

"Thank you, Professor," Harry replied.

Harry and Severus then went about and collected any books or further supplies which may be necessary, as well as the funds necessary to purchase Harry's school supplies. They then performed this same process at each of the other vaults. Finally they left the last vault and headed up to the surface. They exited the cart for the last time into the lobby of Gringotts. They headed out to Diagon Alley.

Severus first led Harry to Madame Malkins for a wardrobe. They walked into the shop and were greeted by Madame Malkin herself. Harry explained to her that he needed a full wardrobe, not just the Hogwarts uniform, but everyday attire as well. He asked that everything be made of the finest materials possible and for everything to be made in blacks, reds, and greens with silvers, golds and variations of green or red. Madame Malkin measured him. Finally she told him that such a large order would take approximately three and a half hours. He agreed and left the shop with Severus in tow. They headed to Flourish and Blotts. They bought all the necessary books as well as several extras and they purchased quills, ink, and parchment. Just as they were leaving Severus remembered that harry was blind and quickly taught him a spell to translate a text to braille so that he could read it. The next stop was a nice restaurant in the alley for lunch. Harry had a simple meal consisting of bangers, mash, and butterbeer, while Severus ate shepherd's pie with lamb and firewhiskey. They then continued their shopping. They went to the apothecary and purchased several fine cauldrons as well as an athame, a pair of shears, protective gloves, and any potions ingredients or other potions' supplies that Harry may require.

Next they went to purchase a trunk. Harry ended up getting a finely carved five compartment trunk with layers of protective charms and runes. He quickly placed all of their purchases as well as everything they had taken from his vaults, except of course the sword which hung in its scabbard at his side, within the trunk. Severus shrank the trunk as well as cast the featherweight charm on it. He then taught Harry how to do those spells as well.

Next they moved on to the three most important (in Harry's opinion) purchases of the day. The first stop was a crafter of fine walking sticks, staffs, and canes. They entered the shop which smelt of freshly cut wood. Harry cautiously walked up to the counter.

The big burly proprietor of the shop looked at the blind kid coming into his shop. He then realized with a start - it was Harry Potter. He quickly walked to the counter as the boy approached and said cheerily, "Hello Mr. Potter, I am Wallace Wentworth. What can I do ya for?"

Harry replied to the big man, "I am blind, sir, as you can likely tell and I am in need of a cane or walking stick to help me keep my balance and find my way around a little better."

Wallace quickly took Harry's measurements (his height, the length and width of his hand and the length of his arms and legs). He then pulled out long cane - it was made of solid ebony with the skin of a basilisk wrapped around the length. It was capped with a sharp blade-like spike made of mithril at the bottom. The top was carved into the shape of a striking basilisk. Harry quickly bought the beautiful cane.

The next stop was Ollivander's Wands. Severus led Harry into the musty old wand shop. They looked around for a minute, not seeing anyone there. Harry suddenly swung around and drew his blade. There was Garrick Ollivander with Harry's sword at his neck. Harry chuckled sheepishly and drew back his blade slamming it home into its scabbard.

Ollivander spoke, "No one has ever sensed my presence before, Mr. Potter. I presume you are here for your wand. Which is your dominant hand?"

Harry replied, "I am ambidextrous."

Ollivander 'hmmed' then a legion of tape measures began to measure Harry everywhere: his nose, his ears, his hands. Then he pulled out a box and had Harry lift the wand from within. He immediately snatched it away. This process continued for some time until they came to a very special wand. It was thirteen inches long and crafted of ebony, mithril and the freely given horn of a unicorn; the core was a phoenix feather infused with the blood of a griffin, the tooth of a grimm infused with the venom of a basilisk, and finally the dragon heartstring of a ukrainian ironbelly infused with the blood of a unicorn - freely given. The hilt of the wand carved into the head of a basilisk. The wand glowed bright gold the moment it touched Harry's hand. Harry paid for the wand and was walking out the door when he heard Ollivander say, "We can expect great things from you Mr. Potter, for the dark lord did great things, terrible, but great."

Harry was curious about what Ollivander was speaking of and asked Severus who this dark lord was and why he was important. Severus explained to Harry that the dark lord had waged war on the wizarding world with his followers, the deatheaters. He told Harry that he had been a deatheater, however, he became a spy for the light. He then told Harry that one day a prophecy was given and he acting as a spy had to tell the dark lord. Severus told Harry that the prophecy was about either him or the Longbottom heir. He told him that the dark lord had decided to personally attack the Potters. He told Harry that he had begged the dark lord to spare his mother. He then explained how Harry as a baby had somehow survived the killing curse and destroyed the dark lord.

Harry took a bit of time to digest all the information and then said to Severus, "I forgive you."

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