Brothers of Liberty

Ch. 1 Memories and Magic

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Ch. 1 Memories and Magic-enhancements

July 4th, 1918

Brooklyn, New York

The next time Harry opened his eyes was when he gazed into a set of eyes that reminded him of the bluest waters of the world. They belonged to a woman with long blonde hair and pale skin, "Hadrian." she called out a name as she stroked his right cheek. Not a word. A name. His name.

"His name shall be Hadrian Joseph, just like his daddy." she said with a tearful smile. Harry tried to turn his head left to look where she now turned, but could not. He then found his hand and arms were incapable of moving as they were wrapped in close to his body as his whole body too was wrapped tightly.

He couldn't focus his mind at the time he was so tired. In the end, he lost the battle to maintain consciousness, only to slip into the realm of Morpheus.

Years would pass, and as he grew, images and knowledge of a life once lived in another time and maybe another world, slowly came back to him. He of course maintained some of his original attributes from the said life.

One such attribute was his black hair, once more wild and untamed. Next came his famous green eyes that he had inherited from Lily had remained while he now possessed a more definitive cheekbone attribute from his new mother, giving him a more mature look. Of course that could have been due to how old his spirit felt.

When he was able to gaze into a mirror, he'd see that when he tried hard enough or when under periods of heightened emotional distress, his eyes would shine and glow with untold magical power.

Power that when properly matured and channeled over time, could be a force to be reckoned with.

As time passed. images of another life and time seeped through his mind and consciousness. This is when he he would come to remember...everything!

He was once Harry James Potter, Son of James and Lily Potter, Godson of Sirius Black. He came to carry many titles in that world, 'Boy who Lived', 'Dark Lord in Training', 'Tri-Wizard champion', 'Attention Seeker', 'Chosen One', and so on and so on.

And though he bore a new name, that of Hadrian 'Harry' Joseph Rogers, he had to accept that his old life was no more, that he was somehow given a new life for reasons he could not imagine but would learn of in time. He needed to find his purpose in this new world.

The said new world he found himself in was different. But one thing did jump out at him in sudden realization, he was in the past. A past he knew all too well.

A dark storm was on the horizon, he could feel it.

Despite being able to think like an adult that he once was, he found himself often wondering how he was at least able to retain some familiarity of his old life. For example, how did his mother know to call him Hadrian, a close enough name to Harry or Harrison that it could be forgiven either way.

It was too much of a coincidence. He didn't like coincidences.

Even though he felt the coming storm of the war that would plague mankind for a Century, he would try to put it to the back of his mind for the time being so that he could learn to enjoy this new life, and make the most of it.

As is, he couldn't have asked for a better brother. Steven Grant Rogers was his fraternal twin brother. In the later years to come, he and Steven would come to know what became of their father Joseph Rogers thanks to the many stories she shared about him. She even shared what photos she had of the man that was their father.

Apparently Steven inherited the blond hair and blue eyes from his mother, while Harry looked more like their father, minus the thin mustache of course.

Finally having accepted his new role in this place and this time, he was saddened to see how both physically and medically ill his brother was whereas he did not suffer such physical defects.

Harry often wondered if he was to blame and if so, what could he do to fix his twin so that he was stronger. As it were, Sarah too would begin to show symptoms of illness. Harry could only surmise that however the amount of exposure that Joseph Rogers had to the Mustard Gas during the 1st World War, it had left its mark on both Steven and now Sarah. And yet for him, his immunity to No-Mag virus's upon his Magics re-awakening had left him practically healthy.

This left him with the quandary of whether or not to tell his brother and mother the truth about his magic and in turn, if they could accept that he possessed a power believed only to be myth.

Steven took it well as best as he was rather fascinated at the prospect at seeing actual magic performed, something Harry did not hesitate to perform for him after he presented several forms of magic from 'Conjuration', to 'Transfiguration' with an added dose of Magical animation in causing whatever he conjured and transfigured, to get up, walk around, and even dance for him.

Sarah though was nervous at first until her son showed that he had control over his gift and that he only wished to use the Magic within him to help, all things considered. She had accepted and even promised to take her childs secret to the grave. She just wondered how it was that Steven could not share in the same gift as his brother.

Certain that Harry would not hurt her nor his brother, she allowed him to place his hands on both of them. At first for a time, both endured some semblance of strength and vitality, but it was not meant to last. He was no Healer, of that he could say, so why was it that his magic was now being rejected by both his mother and brothers bodies? It could be that Stevens reasons were due to the many ailments he had, Asthma, Scarlet Fever, Rheumatic Fever, and more. As for Sarah, he could only speculate as to why.

Harry, when he felt he was strong enough, relearned how to appropriately 'Apparate'. As his knowledge and skills were almost restored to him completely, he didn't know if there was a MACUSA in this world, and for reasons that bothered him, no Aurors ever visited, even when he was of age to begin going to Ilvermorny. Hogwarts would have been just as good.

After all, of all the places to call home, it was Hogwarts that he felt most inclined to do so.

He did not have the strength for cross country trips, and he did not know where Ilvermorny was, other than by his last bit of knowledge, it should be somewhere in Massachusetts. Maybe close to Salem if he had to guess.

Harry often wondered about the people of the Wizarding World. Did they live and thrive here as they did in his past life?

But then, his mind took a dark turn in regards to being reminded of a name he hoped to forget, but could not. Gellert Grindewald.

He knew all that he needed to of the man.

Even if Dumbledore hoarded information in regards to his one time life partner, something many frowned upon the moment it was revealed by Rita Skeeter, Grindewalds many crimes could not be swept under the rug or forgotten as many secrets of his exploits came to light.

Since the reveal and confirmation of his past, courtesy of a much aged Newt Scamander, Dumebledore was reduced to a laughingstock by the time the relationship between himself and Gellert was revealed.

No stone was left unturned when Rita by definition, smelled blood in the water.

As these thoughts raged within Harrys mind, for reasons he could not explain, he felt as if he was being watched as the hairs on the back of his neck stood.

Since his own war with Voldemort, he learned to trust his instincts more often then not as they served him well. Upon his final attempt at aiding his brother via energy transference one morning only to be rejected once more as his own energy slammed back into him, did the feeling of being observed by more than one party come over him. He'd just laid hands on Steves forehead and above his chest when he was pushed back a step or two.

"What? What happened?" Steven asked suddenly, quickly rising and assuming a sitting position from where he laid upon the family couch.

"I do not know." Looking down at and then raising his hands and flexing his fingers closed and then open, it was then that he felt it, the hairs on his arms and neck stood up. As he looked around the home that they shared with their mother, empowered by wards he himself installed to protect their home and by extension, themselves from those whom wished to bring them harm.

And yet, the wards did not flare up, nor was the feeling one of malice, but there was the feeling of curiosity.

It was bad enough that the various gangs were already taxing people and their families for what they termed as 'Protection'. Once a home on the fringes of destabilization, with just a touch of magic, fully restored with magical enhancements, temperature gages for the changing seasons, this included limitless hot water for cleaning and baths as well as for cooking. Sarah was extremely grateful for this little bit of magic as it made living a bit more easier.

Only now, even with Sarah at work, did Harry feel something was not quite right. Narrowing his eyes on the other side of the living room as he slowly moved about the living room where the currently inactive fireplace resided.

Steven was behind him as he too looked around, unsure of what to look for.

Several minutes passed when the sensation of being watched suddenly ceased. Harry took a deep breath in order to calm his nerves. The wards he had installed as soon as he was able to draw them out and implement them into the apartments entire structure did not pick up any disturbances, but that did not mean he was not wary that someone or something had bypassed his wards capabilities, of that he was sure.


"Hm, interesting!" A female voice spoke from another place, located on the other side of the world. She was hairless, bearing a set of golden dress robes eerily similar to what ancient Asian warriors once wore a century earlier. Her eyes focused on a set of eyes much like her own, only these eyes could be mistaken for orbs cut from Jade stones, much like the Time Stone that resided in her protection as Earths Sorcerer Supreme.

She had been there on the day he was born, having sensed his birth and power flowing through the boys veins.

He was an Anomaly. Never meant to be, and yet a power greater than her had taken him from his first life and transplanted him within this world for a chance at a new life.

With the time stone, she was able to discover whom this young Mage was.

It seemed Harry Potter had come to their world. But for what purpose? "Why?!" she asked herself. What does his being here mean? She would have to keep a close eye on him for the time being and meet with him when the time permits.

On Asgard

Within the vastness of space, being the size of a single country, was a floating landmass. Within that landmass was an ocean surrounding half the lands. There were mountains that seemed to be able to touch the stars. Golden domes of Palace Walls that sparkled with the radiance of the Realms light. Despite not having a rotation within the Realm Eternal, it had its own resourceful way of depicting both night and day,

In an golden dome with a pointed spherical cone pointed upward, stood a being in golden armor with a long sword in his hand, pointed end touching the metal floor. Behind the dome was a long, glass-like bridge, seemingly flowing with multiple colors of different energies, the secret of which was known only to a few, up to and including the King, the All Father himself, Odin.

From within the dome, stood its ever watchful Guardian whose name was Heimdall the All-Seer. Standing at 6'2 with dark skin tone and golden eyes capable of seeing many things within the great beyond and even further.

Said All-Seer was in conflict with himself as he had watched from within the dome that controlled the Bifrost Bridge, the events currently taking place on Midgard. The Seidman that was Hadrian Rogers, once known as Harry Potter, was in a word, intriguing.

He had observed the young Seidman or Wizard, as his magic reacted when the Ancient One had spied upon him from across the other side of Midgard. Thankfully, nothing had come from her subtle attempts to use Sorcery, or in this case, an Astral Projection of herself to look in on the Rogers family to ascertain the character that was Hadrian Rogers.

He decided to continue to observe and inform the King of this new development should it become necessary.

Back on Midgard (Earth)

Stretching out his senses once more within their apartment, Hadrian could find no trace of either forces whom he felt at the time he tried to administer his Magical Energy to his brother with the intent being to heal and hopefully cure some of his ailments, but it was all for naught.

One day, as Steven and their mother was returning home from a shopping trip thanks to some money that Harry had just managed to come by, of course she didn't ask as she could trust him enough to not be up to no good. As they neared the apartment that was their home, they were accosted by a thug with a gun. Of course, minutes later, the alley way they had been led to, the man walked out as if in a daze.

Resuming their walk as the man wandered in an opposite way, with groceries in hand, they finished their walk until they reached the steps to their home apartment, "I'll never get over how easy it is for you to do that. What did you do?"

Removing the groceries, Harry answered, "Oh not much. Just a stunner followed up with a mind wipe that then a simple compulsion charm, and finally an awakening spell to wake him up. You already know what became of the gun."

And she did too as when the man left with a bit of unsteadiness in his step, she followed a few feet to watch him turn and walk the opposite way that they had come. When she turned back in stunned fascination, she was further perplexed and a bit terrified as her sons right hand elicited a torent of flame that turned the gun upon the ground into molten slag.

Sometimes her son could be quite terrifying, but she had to admit, he had style and morals she was proud of. He didn't take a life and swore to only take a life if and when the the situation called for it.

Before Sarah's illness took hold completely, the brothers would eventually meet up with and befriend a recluse brawler in the form of James Barnes who would take up the name 'Bucky' based off of Buck Rogers short stories and films.

Both brothers and Bucky of course, had their own skills that they enjoyed outside of Josephs magic. Both brothers and Bucky were fluent in Italian, French, and Latin due to the other immigrants from their respective countries that they lived side by side with. They were influential students, very intelligent. Steve's loves were for the arts.

But thanks to his once father-in-law, Arthur Weasley and his once upon a time Godfather Sirius Black sparking his interest in mixing magic with muggle vehicles in his past life, Harry, even in this life, found himself having a love for automotive mechanics and motorcycles and modifying them with magic, an experience that carried through to his new life, but without bringing magic into the mix this time. He supposed that getting his hands dirty in engines again without magic was still a fulfilling experience, especially in this time periods model of vehicles.

With Steve and Bucky's aid, he did open an Automotive Repair Shop, all the while having created another garage underground, hidden under a 'Fidelius Charm' with a special Model-T Ford inside that not only had a 'Preservation Charm' on it, but was a vehicle he took apart and put back together with Magical enhancements. Ever since he rediscovered his magical abilities in this life, he found wandless magic for some reason came easy to him. He had no need for a focus. This would suit him just fine down the road as he had to relearn everything he knew all over again throughout his time in this life.

For Bucky, it was in being a fighter. If there were bullies hurting the young and innocent, up to and including hurting Steve, Bucky and/or Harry was there to put a stop to it, even though Steve never won even one of the fights, and despite never giving up, forcing Bucky and/or Steve's brother Harry to end it before Steve was hurt too badly. A good percent of the time, Harry was forced to use 'stunners' discreetly on Steve's opponents, that in no way actually harmed his brothers opponents. just knocked them out.

So much of what Harry did for peoples vehicles began to spread, it allowed him and Steve to open a small business that provided a little bit of money to survive on. Harry created a makeshift garage in the back of their apartment building and fixed their friends and customers cars that were either broke down, or damaged, getting him the neighborhood nickname, 'The Wizard Mechanic'. If they only knew.

The trio found themselves in many fights throughout their years, all of which they did not instigate, but also would not put up with. Sarah, sick as she was at the time, welcomed Bucky into the family.

When she passed in October of 1936, it was the hardest day of the trio's life. Harry took it harder than most as he felt that he had failed her in not finding a cure for her illness. Shortly after the funeral, the brothers with the last of their friends, up to and including those from school, took some time in remembering Sarah Rogers and being in awe of the woman that she was and the respect she was due. Knowing she was in a better place next to the Rogers Patriarch, their father Joseph, no longer in pain gave them some sense of peace.

It was later that day when everyone left with a little help from Bucky, that Steven, having discussed the idea with his brother on letting Bucky in on their personal secret just days before, felt it was time. Harry was back in the apartment cleaning up after everybody as brother and friend saw the last of the friends and fellow mourners off. He could hear Bucky and Steve talking as they reached the last step just outside the door.

His hand was up in the air, bowls, plates, cups, and silverware were floating about. What dishes were dirty were being cleaned within the sink with rags and soap, clean ones were being dried by enchanted ever clean and dry towels and put away within the cabinets once the last of the excess water was absorbed into the towels.

After the floor was swept, a wet soapy mop went over the floor until it was so clean, you could eat off it.

It was this scene that Bucky walked in, his mouth hanging open as Steve closed the door behind him.

"We wanted to wait until we knew you were ready to know. Until we were sure..." Steve said when he was cut off.

"Until I you were sure of...what? This? This is...This is..."

"It's a kind of Magic." Harry simply stated.

With a wave of his hand, the fridge opened as three cold bottles of 'Anheuser-Busch' floated out and towards the trio. The door closed as the last beer exited the cold box. With a flick of his index finger, without touching the metal tops, they all three came flying off and flew towards the waste bins where they settled.

One beer landed gently in Harrys hand while another floated into Steves. The last, Bucky though nervous shakily grabbed it. He had to take a moment to stop shaking so that the foam didn't overflow and hit the surrounding floor.

"So, you've got questions?"

"I'll say. Where to start."

With a slight chuckle, Harry began his story. Several hours and almost a dozen beers later, a very drunk and sloshed Bucky Barnes was fast asleep upon the living room sofa. his footwear lying upon the floor at the foot of the couch.

Steve retired to his room to sleep off his half drunken 2nd beer as he wasn't exactly a drinker. Hell, both Harry and Bucky could probably drink him under the table.

He was collecting the bottles, this time without magic as he feared with his inebriated state, he'd make a mistake with his levitation, resulting in broken glass and or someone getting hurt. He'd like to prevent such a thing, thank you very much.

"You know, you show such restraint for one so powerful in the Magical Arts. You could have simply wiped his mind instead of showing the amount of trust as you have"

Harry's reflexes, though dull from both inactivity and somewhat a bit of drinking, was not something to be scoffed at as he quickly turned to the person whom spoke as he then quickly walked up to and grabbed the unknown intruder by the neck and hoisted them off their feet.

One of the beer bottles, having remained in his hand, with a thought, was transfigured into a ornately styled, sharp, and very deadly looking dagger. It's tip was pressed against her throat as he slammed her against the wall within the dining room. Harry wouldn't be surprised if Steve heard the noise as Harry was sure to be rough as he wasn't exactly being nice at the moment, but did make sure to keep his palm securely around her neck.

"You break into my home, bypass all of my wards!? How?"

Her head was tilted up as the blade dug a bit into her skin. A pinprick of blood was produced as metal pierced flesh.

"Speak woman. SPEAK!"


Realizing he was in fact squeezing too hard, he released her, causing her to fall to the floor.

He took a few steps back as she coughed and inhaled in order to collect some air into her lungs. After a few seconds of this, she slowly rose to a position where she was on her knees, one hand on the floor while the other was massaging her neck. She winced as her small, clearly delicate hands brushed over and rubbed the skin of which a moment ago was held by hands both rough and calloused. There was even a spot of blood in her now open palm from where the transfigured knife pierced the skin of her neck.

"Who are you?" Harry demanded. as she rose to a knee.

Her head rose as she looked upon and into his eyes, "If you'll.." she grunted in order to be able to better speak, "give me a moment, I can answer you."

Reversing the transfiguration on the beer bottle, he walked over to the sink and opened the lower doors beneath the sink where the garbage can with a bag inside waited.

Cautiously, the unknown woman staggered to her feet, a nearby chair, partially hidden under the kitchen table, helped her to steady herself as she finally managed to get control of her breathing.

"Tea?" he asked.

"Yes, please." she gasped.

With a nod, he waved a hand, a settled Tea Kettle flew into his outstretched fingers. Opening the top of the Kettle and seeing that it had some old water, he turned on the kitchen faucet to remove and clean the object in hand. Once done and rinsed, he then proceeded to fill it back up with clean water.

Placing it on a burner upon the stove, he then summoned several sizeable chunks of wood that flew into the stove since Harry and Steven was forced to use a Wood stove. Taking a very thin piece of wood as a starter, he snapped his right hand thumb and index finger.

A tongue of flame came into existence within his index finger that he then placed under the thin piece of wood, setting it aflame. Once the wood was burning, he placed it with its bigger components, and then closing the door to the wood burning oven.

From a dish strainer inches from his person, two tea cups and saucers flew into his hands next after he brushed the wood from his fingers.

The mystery woman was beside herself as she watched the open display of magic, fascinated with how easy it was for his magic to respond to his every whim. It wasn't flashy as her brand of Magic which was tied to other dimensions and entities. But the magic being displayed before seem to be coming from an internal source from within this young Mages or Wizards body.

She of course knew of whom he really was, having used the Time Stone located within the amulet that was the otherwise known as the Eye of Agamotto. In a way, an author in a coming future would have visions of this mans life, retelling his story without knowing that he by all definitions actually existed within their universe.

Placing the saucers upon the table with the cups following, he waited for the kettled water to begin to heating up as he pulled out a chair from the table for himself.

Sitting down, he laced his fingers together and placed them upon the table, "So, who are you?" he asked again, a hint of steel to his tone.

Some time later...

"So, let me see if I get this straight. you're a Sorceress, the Eldest of your sect. Operating mainly from the Himalaya's. You've known about me since my arrival in this corner of what you call the Multi-Verse. and from what I am to assume, my lifes story will one day be known to the world. All known to you no thanks except courtesy of that glowing green stone trapped within that enchanted object hanging from your neck."

In the time since she introduced herself as a fellow practitioner of Magic, her station as the Sorceress Supreme of the Earth, as well as several names she has been known to go by, they had settled into a comfortable, if not outright friendly conversation.

Both apologized for their slights, her for entering his home without being recognized, and he for his assault on her person, though to be fair, she should have expected him to be hostile since she used an enchanted item to enter his home uninvited. For this, he healed her neck with just a touch of his own magical energy, leaving neither a scar from the knife, nor a bruise from his hand when wrapped around her throat.

"Children will flock by the masses to libraries and stores to read and or buy the books and films that show only a portion of what life was like for you from a third person, limited point of view. So in answer to your question, yes."

"Bollocks!" Harry cursed under his breath as he took up his cup of tea and drank. The hot tea was soothing as it went down his gullet. That and the fact it helped stave off what felt like an approaching headache. "So, what happens now? You came to me for a reason."

"Your friend, Mr. Barnes is intending to join the Armed Services."

"Yes. And...?"

"I'd like for you to abstain."

"For what purpose?"

"It is imperative that the Germans do not know of us or what it is you can do. If they were to gain knowledge of Magic, even in this world much like your Grindewald revealed in your old world, the results could be...beyond the horrors that is to come."

"You know of Gellert Grindewald?"

"I have looked into your world and its past from an outsiders Point Of View, yes."

Harry gasped, his hands beginning to shake. The lights within began to flicker as his magic came to the forefront causing a bit of disruption with the electrical utilities.

Taking his hands into her own, the Ancient Sorceress released a small portion of energy into him as tears threatened to fall. "M-My Family? My Friends?" he whispered pleadingly, "Are they...?"

"They lived well and in time, died in peace." she answered softly with a bit of reverence. "Each of them, your wife, your children and extended family. They all lived amazingly long, adventurous lives in their own right."

"Did they miss me? Any of them?" he asked desperately, seeking further knowledge for whatever became of his people and former world.

"They did. Even in the time since your passing, through all of the trials and tribulations that you have braved, in the end, it was the memory of you and all your exploits and character that made life on your former world better than it had ever been."

"You made a difference. And in the two decades since your passing, your childrens children and others helped bridge the gap between the Wizarding World and the Non-Magical World. In time, Magic became known and accepted. I won't lie to you, there were times where those who saw and thought of Magic as an affront to the natural Order of things. This of course caused quite a stir not easily overcome."

"But, after many skirmishes and things I dare not speak of, peace was finally realized. In time, it became a World of Wonder. Your story became a facet for many children and young at heart there as it will be one day here, in this world."

"So, what now?"

"Now?" she queried with a raised brow. Setting her own tea cup down upon the saucer before her, she raised her head up and looked him in the eye. "Now i like to make you an offer."

"I'm guessing this offer is something of a two way thing?"

"You can say that." she replied with a hint of amusement. "I'd like to take you on as an apprentice. Help you expand on another aspect of magic and help 'de-rust' if you will, the capable combative magic you know, both Offensive and Defensive."

"And in return?"

"Can you not think of anything you'd be able to offer?"

Harry took on a far away look as he turned his head slightly. He was silent for a moment. The opportunity to shake off the detrimental 'rust' of not being able to use his magic and take his capabilities to another level was too good a thing to pass up. On the other hand, he didn't mind teaching as he found it quite fulfilling when he wasn't chasing Dark Witches and Wizards for the DMLE.

Rubbing the stubble of growing hair on his face, sensing that he needed a shave, he gave her an answer. "I'll do it. But in return, I'd like to see what your style of magic can be adapted to mine and how we both can benefit from what we both know and can approve upon. But in no way will I allow knowledge of how to use and or achieve using the Unforgiveables. Ever. I will not allow known Dark Magic of my world to be used in no way shape or form."

"I can agree to that, Mr. Rogers."

With a sigh of exasperation, "Please Mistress Yao, if we are to be both colleagues and students, I think it would be beneficial that when training, we stick to titles, but when times come to 'Let go' and just be ourselves, we leave all that behind. Savvy?"

"Of course Harry." she said as she took on a more positive expression that not even Dumbledore could achieve as unlike he, her eyes did not twinkle. God how he hated that and did not miss it.

"I do have to ask though, about the Wizarding World. Did they...?"

"Not in the manner that you would hope, no." she answered apologetically. "That isn't to say that Merlin and or Morgana did not exist. They did, but that story is a long one and one that can be revealed for another time. as for the locations that will be used in the telling of ''Your' story, such locations as regarding Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and others such will be a total of Seven, a good number of which is of course in Scotland. The other locations that will be used will be in London."

Both Sorceress and Wizard spoke for several hours more until both Steven and eventually Bucky began to wake. Harry invited the woman to stay after introductions were made as he began to make a hearty breakfast for the lot. Of course, the Ancient One could not turn down a chance to experience a proper English Breakfast dish however made, by the hand of one formerly known as 'Harry Potter'.

As the group ate, questions were thrown around as Steven became enamored with the idea of his brother learning Magic. However as they took turns with questions and getting some answers, Harrys fellow magic user let slip, however so slightly, that there were plans set in motion for Steven and Bucky both.

When the Sorceress took her leave vie a 'Sling Ring', something she promised to show Harry how to use when he was ready to learn, the moment when the swirling portal of fire closed, more questions began to be asked as to how she had arrived and or how long it would be before Harry thought it would be time for him to leave and learn this newer branch of magic.

Plans would need to be implemented for when the time came for him to leave, but he would not do so without ensuring that Steve was well off.

Hey guys, here we are with a better retelling. The next chapter will deal with a bit of revelations that I can hope to bring in regards to what happened to Merlin and why the Wizarding World failed to come about in this new world. and since Harry will be taking his apprenticeship, I was thinking of using a suit from one of the Assassins Creed for Harrys new look. One that could easily blend in with nature when he and his brothers eventually meet up again during the First Avenger.

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