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Chapter 1

Lucy's POV

I still remember the time after the grand magic games and dragon arc. We came back to Magnolia as the strongest guild in Fiore. The town was so nice to rebuild Fairy Tail as how it used to be. Everyone was back to how they were. Going for jobs that was posted on the board or happily relaxing as they sat at the benches around the guild hall and talk with one another. I believed nothing could come in our way and that we would always be together, well I thought wrong.

One day, Natsu, my best friend or I could say the guy I fell in love with left without a word and the day after, Fairy Tail got disbanded. It was tough for me to get over two broken hearts at the time so I fell into depression for a while. I didn't eat nor sleep properly. After that, I decided it was time to pull myself up back into reality and start doing what I always love and wanted to be previously, a journalist.

I managed to get hold of Jason, the reporter for Weekly Sorcerer magazine asking if there was any slot for employment and it was like God was showing my path, there was. Sadly, the main office was in Crocus so Jason asked if I could station there at least. I took one good look around my apartment before shutting the door close and giving the keys back to my landlord. She bid me farewell before I grabbed my luggage and headed out to the wagon that awaited me, my stuff all in tow.

It was a long ride which after two days, I finally reached Crocus and found an apartment that was much bigger than my previous. All my stuff that were packed in the boxes lied in my living room before I went to crash onto the bed. My legs hanging as I stared at the ceiling. It felt great, moving away from my old apartment so that I could start anew and don't feel lonely that Fairy Tail, Natsu and even Happy were no longer around. Thinking about them just brought tears streaming down my cheeks. I used my arm to cover my eyes as I cried silently which unknowingly, sleep over took me.

"Hey Lucy! How many times must I tell you not to run down the stairs?" My landlord shouted.

"Yes!" I shouted back in reply happily before exiting the apartment building and started walking to my work designation for the whole week, the grand magic palace.

Months has passed since I stayed here and worked with Weekly Sorcerer. I'm enjoying my time being a journalist and getting to see the new mages that come in town. I still trained with my celestial spirits because I feel the need to become stronger for myself and even for them. Now I can call out four of my spirits and not feel tired.

As I set foot in the grand magic palace, I couldn't help but to stop and take a breath as the familiar smell hit me. The last time I was here was when Fairy Tail kicked ass. All those time, I really missed them. I shook myself out of my thoughts as I headed to the arena to meet up with Jason.

I looked up at the lacrima vision as the commentators announce the guilds for this round of the grand magic games. There were about fifty guilds who joined this year and the ones I knew came out one by one in the following order. Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Hell, Quatro Cerberus, Twilight Ogre and lastly Sabertooth. I couldn't help but to chuckle to myself.

What do you expect Lucy? For Fairy Tail to suddenly come back because of the grand magic games?

I heaved out a sigh before leaning against the railing that separates the crowd from the battlefield. It's quite obvious who will win this year, no doubt Sabertooth is second strongest from Fairy Tail. I was scanning through the guilds, seeing all the familiar faces as they stood on the battlefield with their guild master but my eyes landed on the blond dragon slayer.

He didn't look happy? Suddenly as if he sensed my eyes on him, he looked up at my direction and our eyes fixed on each other. I saw him slowly opening his mouth as he was in disbelieve that I was standing there. I was getting uncomfortable so I turned my gaze away and started to head out of the arena, informing Jason that I needed a walk before the matches began.

I was walking through the crowds before I heard someone faintly calling my name. I decided to ignore it because I was afraid that I was hearing things but then his voice was getting louder so I stopped and turned around.

It was Sting. He pushed himself through the crowd and when he finally got out, he stopped right in front of me, bending down as he held onto his knees and catch his breath. Once he caught his breath, he slowly straightened himself up and faced me.

"You're Lucy right?"

"Well yeah or not I wouldn't stop right?" I couldn't help but to giggle at his silliness. I saw a faint blush appearing on his cheeks before he looked away and nervously rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh yeah. Just ignore that I say that." And I just smiled in return, assuring him the deal's done. "So what bring you here? Well, I mean…" I knew what Sting was trying to imply as he carefully was choosing his words.

"I'm a journalist with Weekly Sorcerer now." I decided to answer so to save him the trouble.

"Oh, that's cool! I mean, being a mage is cool too right?"

"Well, not if Fairy Tail is not around anymore." I answered without any difficulty though the pain still lingered in my heart. Immediately, Sting brought both of his hands to his sides.

"I'm sorry." I could hear his voice was laced with sincerity.

"Don't be. I'm fine." Liar. I ignored my conscience and continued. "You should be getting back anyways right? The games are about to begin."

"Yeah you're right. Well see you around Lucy." He smiled gingerly at me before turning around and walking back to where he ran from. I couldn't help but to feel grateful that someone still remembered me.

Sting's POV

After the grand magic games and the dragon arc, Sabertooth returned back home with a new guild master which was me. When Jiemma was the guild master, I didn't notice that we were tainted with evil because all he wanted was us to be the strongest believing that was a good purpose but it wasn't at the end. Natsu or do I mean, Fairy Tail helped me realized that.

I decided to make Sabertooth that the guild could called a home. Of course, I didn't do it alone but with the help from Rogue, Lector, Frosch, Yukino, Minerva, Orga and even Rufus. They were my friends, no more like my family whom I loved very much and will do anything to protect them and make them happy.

I was very determined to make Sabertooth become like Fairy Tail so that one day, I can pay a visit to their guild and tell Natsu what I've done. Basically, I wanted to share with him that Sabertooth was no longer about power but about family. However, my dream crumbled down when I heard a rumor that Fairy Tail got disbanded.

I didn't believe so my legs took me out of my guild and I went running to the direction of their guild. I panted heavily upon reaching but when I got to the top of the hill where Fairy Tail could be seen, it was no longer there. My eyes went wide and it seemed that the energy that my legs had earlier got lost, making me drop to my knees as I held my gaze on the missing building.

Fairy Tail was really gone.

It took me a long while to get over it after that. Even the other guilds that I've contacted were surprised and sad over the fact that it was really true. Nobody knew the reason why or where the people went. I kept thinking again and again. I thought they were family? Family don't abandon each other. I punched the wall in my room, causing Lector to gasp in shock as I managed to create a dent to it not giving a care at all.

Months passed and it was finally time for the grand magic games. I really hesitated in letting my guild participate because I didn't see the point of being there when Fairy Tail was no longer around but Minerva managed to convince me to do so. Luckily I was the guild master so I didn't had to be in the games.

It was time to enter the arena as the commentators showed the list of guilds entering the games this year on the lacrima vision. There were about fifty guilds including us. Oh well, let's get this over and done with. We entered the arena when the commentators announced our guild. Everyone was cheering for us as loudly as they could, all supporting us like last year before Fairy Tail beat us up. I couldn't help but to turn my smile to a frown. I thought we could really have a faceoff with them again.

I looked up to take a look at the crowd because I felt someone staring and I was dumbfounded when I found those familiar pair of brown eyes. I clearly remembered her. She was the girl that Minerva tortured and I felt my bile trying to rise up from my throat. I was disgusted with myself that I enjoyed that scene last year.

I wanted to shout her name but I didn't know why my voice wouldn't leave my throat. Someone from Fairy Tail was here?! I think she got uncomfortable by my weird facial expression that she turned and left. No wait! My legs started to bring me forward as I ran out of the arena. I ignored the shouts that my guild members were throwing at me and also the commentators were leaving comments at my sudden exit but I didn't care. I needed to get to her and I didn't know why.

I saw the top of her head, blond like mine thus it wasn't hard to spot from far. I shouted for her name but she didn't stop. When her name left my mouth again but this time louder, I couldn't help but realized that it didn't sound weird, it sounded right. It made her stopped and turned around. I was so happy that I managed to get hold of her.

I stopped right in front of her and supported myself by placing my hands on my thighs as I used the moment to catch my breath. After I felt my heart beat has calm down, I straightened myself up and I couldn't help but to be hypnotized by her brown eyes. Were they this hypnotizing before?

"You're Lucy right?"

"Well yeah or not I wouldn't stop right?" She giggled at my stupid question and I mentally slapped myself causing my cheeks to turn red at the embarrassment that I made for myself. I had no choice but to look away as I nervously rubbed the back of my neck.

"Oh yeah. Just ignore that I say that." And she just smiled in return, assuring me that she would. I couldn't help but realized that her smile was hypnotizing as well. "So what bring you here? Well, I mean…" I didn't know how to start asking so I was stumbling with my words.

"I'm a journalist with Weekly Sorcerer now." She answered me as if she was saving me the trouble.

"Oh, that's cool! I mean, being a mage is cool too right?" I said hoping this conversation will go to somewhere good.

"Well, not if Fairy Tail is not around anymore." And I was stunned by her answer. She was smiling but I could see the pain lingered in her eyes. Immediately, I brought both of my hands down to my sides.

"I'm sorry." I felt so guilty.

"Don't be. I'm fine." She said. "You should be getting back anyways right? The games are about to begin."

"Yeah you're right. Well see you around Lucy." I smiled gingerly at her before turning around and walking back to where I ran from. I couldn't help but to feel grateful that someone from Fairy Tail was around. At least there was still hope that Fairy Tail might get back together and there a feeling tugging at the end of my heart that I wanted to get to know her more.

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