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Ugh! Stupid School! Why do we have to wake up so early, anyway? It's not like anyone actually enjoys waking up at such an ungodly hour.

Reluctantly, I roll over and hit the snooze button. Oh, I'll just lie here five more minutes, and then I'll get up.

'Ha! Yeah right! Everyone says that,' I think while my eyelids slowly drift closed once again.

*5 Minutes Later*…


"Ow!" I yell as I hit the floor.

"Kim! Are you okay?" I hear mom yell.


Well, at least I'm awake now.

Picking myself up off the floor, I go over and switch off my alarm clock.

Great… Another wonderful day at the place that we call school… Please note the sarcasm there. Well, at least I have practice to look forward to afterward.

I head off the bathroom to get ready for the day. After showering, and doing my regular morning routine, I walk back into my room to get dressed. I look into the mirror and am actually quite impressed with the sight that is looking back at me. My hair is curled to perfection and make-up just right. My skinny jeans, Vans, and blue blouse are matching pretty well. Cute and Casual… But it just needs something else.

I walk over to my jewelry and pull out a pair of earrings and my locket. Perfect. I quickly put these on and go back to the mirror. Much better. I grab my bag by the door, slip my phone off my nightstand and into my pocket, and walk downstairs.

"Goodmorning Mom," I say as I put down my bag and pick up my fork.

"Morning Kim," she says as she sets down two plates of French toast for herself and I.

I immediately dig in, as my mom makes some of the best French toast known to mankind.

"So, did you earn a bruise from that fall out of bed that I heard earlier?"

"I hope not, but it REALLY hurt."

My mom laughs and starts in on her own breakfast.

After finishing my breakfast, I put my plate and mom's into the dishwasher.

"Well, today is the start of your last week of school as a junior before summer break, how do you think it will go?" Mom asks.

"Oh, it is! I totally forgot! I'm sure that it'll be fine. I just hope that the teachers will lay off on homework for this last week," I answer. I can't believe that I didn't realize what day it was.

"You must have hit your head harder than you thought this morning."

"Ha, ha, very funny."

As I grab my bag and my keys from the counter, I hear my mom laughing.

"Bye Mom, I'll see you later," I say as I turn around and hug her.

"Bye Sweetheart. Have a great first day to your last week of school. Your dad and I won't be home until later tonight, so you will have to find your own dinner."

"Oh okay. That's fine. Where are you guys going?" I ask.

"I have a "business dinner" tonight", she answers while fake gagging, "and since I do NOT want to be stuck there alone, I'm dragging your father along with me. Any chance you want to come?"

"Nope. Not at all."

"I didn't think so. I definitely don't blame you. If I wasn't required to go, there's no way that I would be caught dead there either."

I laugh.

"I gotta go, have fun later," I tell her as I head to the front door.

"Not likely," I hear her mumble on my way out.

I laugh again. My parents and I have a very close relationship. They're a lot cooler than most parents, and I love them both for it. They are really easy to talk to about pretty much anything.

I unlock my car and get in. After fastening my seatbelt, and adjusting my mirrors, I pull out of my driveway and drive off.

As I'm driving, my thoughts wander off to how this last week will be and the glorious summer ahead of me. I am so very excited for that. My teachers are all pretty chill, so I don't really think that there is going to be much working going on. They will most likely give us some easy worksheet and let us talk the rest of class.

As for this summer, I don't really know what I'm going to do. Mom and dad have been talking about going on vacation, but we haven't decided on anything definite yet. I really hope to get a good tan. I might also work on my writings some; Songwriting and stories both. I recently got a new notebook just for this sole purpose. A relaxing summer would probably be just what I need to help with the current writer's block that I'm having.

Sooner than I would have liked, I arrive at school. I park in my usual spot and get out. After grabbing my bag, I lock my car head towards the school doors. Time to get this last week over with, so that I can welcome my summer vacation.