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The P4, murderers...

Bluer kept his focus on only Evelyn, eyes pleading for her to understand, "Our school is famous for producing great numbers of elite students that will take on pivotal roles in society."

He stepped towards her, "We cannot let our generation desecrate the traditions that have been honored for hundreds of years since the school's funding." He tried to take her shaking hands.

"Evelyn, the history of Weston is the history of England! It's our history-can you not see it?"

Evelyn was silent.

The line between brainwashing and education is paperthin... Ciel thought, slightly pitying Evelyn. "I see. I was asked to investigate the situation by a certain high-ranking individual. They will not sit by and let this slide when they hear the truth. However," Ciel smiled, "I'll ask them to consider the circumstances."

Sebastian smirked, knowing his master well.

"Did you hear that, Evelyn? Everything will turn out alright-after this, we can continue our engagement and-" Evelyn opened her mouth to protest, but another voice entered the scene.

"Get the hell away from her, you murderers!"

Evelyn turned around. Before her, gun pointed at the Blue House Prefect, stood Edgar Ravenne.

"Brother! What are you doing here?!" She caught a whiff of a smell... familiar...but where from?

"Brother?!" The Prefects exclaimed!

"Ooooh! Sounds interesting~" Undertaker cooed.

"There's no time!" Edgar grabbed her arm and yanked her behind him. When the rest reached for Evelyn, Edgar moved the gun to their direction. "Go on, I'll catch up with you!"

"Edgar, that's enough!" Edgar pushed her away closer to the door. That smell was even stronger with the close contact, but still Evelyn was struggling to place it from.

"Evie, you're in danger! These bastards killed people! You haven't been safe since you came to this school since Lottie set those dogs to attack you, or whenever she started that fire-"

"They killed students, yes, but-" But something clicked as Evelyn trailed off. That smell...

"Wait. I never told you about that." Evelyn straightened up against the door. "There was never any news about that fire in the papers-the school made sure of that."

As the cogs in her mind kept turning, pieces of a puzzle she never knew was there started to fit carefully in place.

"And the dogs, I smelt something as I walked past Red House's guard dogs. It was most likely cologne. Something that causes aggression." Lessons from her father to detect when she could only rely on a signal sense returned to her. The cologne was the smell her father used for experiments on animals was the very same Edgar wore.

The very same cologne she had only now truly noticed that Edgar wore every time they met.

"I told no one of that. Lottie didn't tell anyone of that either. I made sure of that. I made sure that nothing that happened to me was to leave the grounds. I never told you anything in the letters."

Evelyn's face was stoic. "Servire debeamus, Gladium."

Edgar's face showed confusion. As if he couldn't understand what she had known her whole life. "What the bloody hell are you saying, Evelyn? This isn't the time!"

Suddenly, Lottie burst through the door, "MILADY, DON'T TRUST EDGAR! HE'S NOT WHAT HE SE-"

She stopped dead in her tracks.

Evelyn's eyes widened in horror as Lottie was painted with bullet's, red dots blooming on her dress.


She looked down, then back at her mistress's face. Lottie's mouth opened, but no sound came out.

She reached out to Evelyn.

Evelyn stretched her hands to her friend.

Lottie's body weighed like lead as she slumped to the floor.

Eveyln was cradling Lottie in her arms. "Oh God! Charlotte-" everything around her-the P4, Ciel, Sebastian, the fake Principal, Edgar-was completely forgotten about.

"Don't...don't t-trust him, Evelyn." Lottie's breathing was shallow.

"Save your strength, Charlotte!" Evelyn commanded, her throat tightening. She looked at the multiple wounds, her hand stuggling to decide which one to press to stopper the wounds.

No one came to their aid.

"Ma''s too lat-"


"Evelyn." Lottie's voice was firm, and for once, Evelyn was speechless as she stared at Lottie's blue eyes, "I...need you to listen to me..." She took a deep breath, a monumentous task, "I'm sorry...I worked for him. He tricked me-"

"He tricked us both!"

"...It's my fault..." Lottie chuckled bitterly, "Heh...I guess I can't...keep my promise." She reached into her pocket for something.

"Ch...Charlotte..." Evelyn's cracked as tears battled their way to her green eyes. "Oh God, Charlotte...what will I do without you?"

Lottie smiled weakly, bringing the hand that was pressed on one of her wounds to her own, clasping them tightly.

"You will...carry on. you always...have...Evel...yn..."

Evelyn closed her eyes as Lottie's hand fell limp to the ground with a soft thump.

When Evelyn reopened her eyes, she was standing before the P4, the Fags, Ciel, Sebastian and Undertaker. She blinked.

What happened?

She saw what was like crimson paint splattered on the cobblestones.

Evelyn looked back at Bluer.

He stared back at her, horrified.

Why...why are you looking at me like that? Evelyn looked down.

Her pale hands were stained in that crimson paint.

Drip wasn't paint.


It couldn't be.


The bloodied silver dagger in her hands, that she was only seeing now. Where did that come from?


The smell was too metallic, like copper.



Drops fell from Evelyn's hands smoothly in little drip, drops onto the stones.



She saw a glimpse of her face in the glare of the blade.



She looked truly inhuman.



A monster.

"What do you want, Undertaker?!" Ciel's voice brought Evelyn back from her distant trance.

Undertaker smiled, "Hmmm, well, since I was paid immensely just now-bravo to you Lady, by the way-I'll tell you all, just for old times sake"

Ciel pointed back at the body of Derrick Arden. "Derrick was certainly alive when he died-if only for a moment. Different from the previous moving corpses-no. They evolved!"

Though the words were spoken, Evelyn was yet to take it all in. The dead evolving...episodes...fake memories...the last moments of one's life as they die...and the thoughts of what they wanted...

What did it all mean? And why...why can't I remember what happened...?

Undertaker shrugged, "Well, the succession rate is pretty low. It's quite dependent on the quality and quantity of the fragments." His tone was nonchalant, as if it was merely a setback in a minor project.

"Why..." Ciel held his gun higher, "Why would you do that?! I don't understand! What purpose does bringing back the dead give?!"

The dead...Evelyn snapped back to reality. There would be time later to remember.

Now, the Sword had to defend.

"Once someone dies, there is no point in trying to bring them back." Evelyn's voice hardened. "You only set yourself up for a terrible fall. There is no after. You would think that someone who surrounds himself in death would know as much."

"...I just want..." Undertaker grinned, baring sharp teeth in a devil's smirk. "To see what happens after 'The End'. You never thought about it? There might be an interesting development going on behind the scenes of the script."

"That's where we differ," Sebastian commented, "Exactly because death is such a hopeless and definite end. There is beauty in that."

Undertaker frowned. "I've told you all for the current price." He stood up, "It'd be a hassle If I got found out by certain individuals. Best pop off now-ta ta!"

"WE WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY!" Evelyn and Ciel chorused!

"Sebastian! GET HIM!" Ciel commanded!

"As you wish-" But a pair of gloved hands grabbed Sebastian's. Agares faced Sebastian, and did the impossible-he stopped a demon, nearly pushing him back a step.

"Just as I thought," Sebastian said as he stared at the Vice Principal, "You're dead as well." And it was true for there was no life in Agares grey eyes, and a neat row of stitches crowned his head. He remembered when he helped Agares up from one of his many falls. That was a strange feeling back then...Now he knew why.

"He was full of episodes. He's my masterpiece!" Undertaker exclaimed as he flipped onto the top of the high brick walls. "For now at least."he snapped his fingers.

The ground rumbled, as if something was moving underneath the soil.

Like daisies sprouting up over a grave, grey hands and decomposing faces rose from their sleeping places, surrounding the Prefects, the Fags, Ciel and Evelyn.

Agares locked his well built arms around Sebastian, preventing him from moving.

Ciel and Evelyn looked at the monsters in horror.

"These are..." Evelyn whispered.

"Derrick's friends!" Ciel finished, remembering their faces from the photos the Queen sent him.

Their groans were like fingernails on a blackboard, scraping on their ears.



Evelyn gripped the dagger in her hands till her knuckles were white. She wasted no time, "Midford! Get Greenhill and go!" when she saw Midford hesitate, "GET OUT OF THE GARDEN! NOW!" she commanded.

Ciel rushed to open the wooden door, urging everyone out, whilst Evelyn circled around one of the Bizarre Dolls. If she had learned anything from her lessons, it was to hit the enemy from where they least expected.

But those were for thinking, living, breathing human beings. This was merely a creature that didn't have the same advantages.

In a single strike from behind, Evelyn thrust the dagger into the skull of the one closest to her, and it fell to the ground limp as a rag doll. She smirked, reveling in a familiar dance she knew well.

A pitiful whimper caught her ears. Evelyn turned around.

Harcourt lay on the ground, tears streaming down his face, legs shaking. " legs..." Fear was etched on his face. But that was not what made Evelyn sprint towards him.

A Bizarre Doll inched towards the small boy, teeth bared, dirt and grime lived in between the cracks of the decomposed face. "Let's" It croaked, voice hollow and scratched.

"He...Hel-" Evelyn yanked Harcourt's arm, throwing him towards Ciel.

"Come with us!" Ciel cried. Evelyn stood, glad to get the innocents out of the way.

"Even though his a Phantomhive, he's different from his ancestors..." Undertaker mused

"EVELYN! WATCH OUT!" Evelyn saw Bluer call out!

She turned around-just as the Bizarre Doll made a grab for her outstretched arm.

Without hesitating, Evelyn swiftly grabbed it's neck, holding it in place as she twisted the knife upwards through it's grimy throat. Just like the last, it fell. Evelyn turned around, and nodded to Bluer. A silent thank you. Taking note of Evelyn's capabilities and his lack of, Bluer made a reluctant run through the door.

"She ain't too bad, either...Interesting."

Harcourt was dragged on weak legs by Ciel, as Sebastian laid still.

"You don't seem to be in a hurry." Agares commentated as he held Sebastian tight in his grip.

Sebastian chuckled, "Do you really think you can hold me down like this? You underestimate me."

"Oh, I'm not underestimating you at all. It's just..." Undertaker glanced away from Sebastian, staring at something else. "We just have different goals."

Realization dawned on Sebastian. Could he be...

If Sebastian forced Agares off of him, Undertaker would attack him. He would retaliate, but would miss. Dodging, Sebastian would see Undertaker out of the corner of his eye.

Undertaker would unleash his Death Scythe. The blade would pierce Eveyln through her back and she would be dead instantly. Records of her life would burst from her lifeless body.

But Undertaker wouldn't care, for he would have Ciel in his grasp, ready to take off.

I can't!

At this distance, he's closer to the Young Master and Lady Ravenne than I am!


As a cup of tea fell and shattered into pieces, Sebastian threw Agares over his body, cracking his skull.

Protecting the Young Master comes first!

Undertaker flew past Sebastian, a knowing look in his eyes. As expected of you, Butler, he smirked.

Sebastian grimaced at him.

Evelyn pushed another Doll from her as Sebastian stood in front of the three of them. "Sebastian?!" Ciel cried!

"You should keep protecting the Earl with such devotion!" Undertaker grinned, dancing with a devilish delight, "Heeheeeee! See ya!" and then, he disappeared behind the wall.

He got away.

"Hey! Sebas-"


Another Doll, with teeth bared, pounced on them. Sebastian grabbed it's face with a single hand.

"SEBASTIAN! Why did you come back to me?! I ordered you to capture him and-"

"As per our contract, your life has first priority. I went through the trouble of cultivating it." With no effort, Sebastian crushed the Doll's head as if it was merely a grape. "So I won't be robbed of it."

At the scene, Harcourt fainted.

"I thought it best to let him sleep."

Evelyn caught Harcourt easily, as she pondered what Sebastian meant by contract as she laid him down near the door, blonde hair matted with blood caught her eye.

She pushed flashes of memories into a dark corner of her mind.

That is not the priority right now...

"Well, seeing as the after-party clean-up isn't quite finished yet," Eveyln brandished her dagger, filled with determination, "We'd best get started."

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