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With the combined power of Evelyn, Sebastian and Ciel, it was not long before the garden was littered with bodies.

"Sheesh." Ciel groaned, "How will I explain this to Her Majesty?"

"Shouldn't you just tell her the truth?" Sebastian suggested, "That a former Shinigami is reviving the dead?"

"So that's what that man was." Evelyn commented. With a flick of her wrist, she cleaned blood off of her dagger. "My my, Ciel, you certainly know to throw a party." Evelyn laughed bitterly. "Your butler knows how to fight too, among other things I'm sure. Aren't you just full of surprises."

"The same can be said about you. Thank you for your aid-you know how to handle yourself in a fight." Sebastian bowed.

"It duty. My family were insistent that I know how to protect myself should I need to." She picked up Harcourt off the ground, thankfully safe from harm.

Ciel looked around him, his eye catching two bodies with blonde hair, "Well, what about Miss Lockert, or that other man-"

"That is something that I will deal with myself. You are not to take any part in my side of this cleanup, understood?" Evelyn cut Ciel off coldly, eyes hardened. Her features softened as she looked at him, "Please, try to see that this I something I must take responsibility for."

Ciel nodded "...I understand."

Evelyn smiled, "Thank you."

"CIEL!" Edward rushed into the scene, hand on his sword, "EVERYONE'S BEEN SAFELY EVACUATED-" thump. His foot hit the body of a Doll.

"We're done here too. Watch your step."

"...Right." Evelyn saw Edward's face frown. "Ciel...I'm scared."

The trio were quiet, unsure how to respond to Edward's declaration.

"If it had continued like this, I might have become like the Prefects." He gripped the scabbard hard. "The kind of person who mistakes the sin of murder as justice."

Evelyn's heart sank as she thought of Lawrence Bluer, "Midford...Do not worry. You will not become like them." She smiled weakly at him, gazing into his bright blue eyes.

"As long as you're afraid of that, you'll be normal."

"Unlike us."

When Evelyn returned, she found Wolfie locked up in Bluer's room when the events of the Tea Party occurred. She assumed it was Lottie, for his safety.

Did she know?

Maybe she did, since the letter Lottie pushed into her hands as she died gave Evelyn some answers. Edgar had manipulated Lottie, that much Evelyn understood. The rest blurred and warped into something that Evelyn may never understand.

In time, hopefully...

Some days had passed. With Wolfie resting on the bed, Evelyn was packing up many of her suitcases. Without Lottie helping her, Evelyn realised how dependant she was on her friend.

"And now she's gone..." Evelyn lifted the books from the shelves, packing them away into yet another suitcase.


One had fallen down. Sighing, Evelyn went over to pick it up, when she saw the papers.

She froze.

They were the letters Edgar sent her. She had forgotten that she kept them in the book to hide them.

Hands shaking, Evelyn lifted them of the wooden floor. What should I do with them?

The crackle of the dying embers within her fireplace made her ears perk up. If anyone were to every find these...who knew what the consequences would be for her and her family. Maybe Her Majesty would place part of the blame on the Ravennes.

Perhaps was Derrick's undoing. And Edgar's.

At least that was what she tried to tell herself.

Evelyn grabbed a box of matchsticks that lay near the hearth. She threw the letters into the ashes, and what fire was left in the dead coals merely breathed on them. She lit a match easily, and let it fall.

The flames licked and ate the letters, destroying all evidence. It was like they never existed.

Only Evelyn's memories will be proof that they were written. Only they will be proof that Edgar still lived. But...the Edgar I knew died a long time ago...Evelyn pondered on nothing in particular as she watched the flames.

In her trance, she didn't notice the knock on the door. Only Wolfie's barks brought her back to earth. The door opened hesitantly.

"...Evelyn?" Bluer poked his head through, "May...May I come in?"

Evelyn stared at him with blank green eyes. Bluer fidgeted under her gaze.

"...You may." Evelyn answered in a monotone voice. "Would you like some tea?"

Bluer blinked, surprised at the 'normal' inquiry, "Oh! That's...that's not necessary." Bluer opened his mouth a couple of times, as if trying to say something.

"Is there something you want to say? I have to pack. My train leaves tomorrow."

"...So you're leaving, then."

"There's no point in me staying here anymore. My role is finished."

"...Is that I ever was to you? A role-"

"Don't you dare." For the first time since Bluer walked in, Evelyn's voice had emotion in it. "Don't you dare try to even begin to imagine how I feel! Don't wallow in your own self pity. It doesn't change anything."

Bluer was silent.

Evelyn looked him hard in the eyes. She was going to face him head on. "I never wanted this. I never wanted to be some prize to some man, to be nothing more than their trophy to show off at damned evening parties, with nary a thought in her head!"

"They why did you stay?!" Bluer shouted. "If you hated this so much, then why didn't you leave!"

Wolfie leaped from the bed to stand between Bluer and his mistress, growling low and deep, his hackles raised.

"I wanted to help people! I had a duty to carry on my family line when my brother was killed. I had to take on both his and my original role!" Evelyn felt her voice strain. "Do you have any idea what it was like?! Do you know what it feels to watch everything you knew crumble down and realise it was all a lie?!"

"Did you mean all the things you said then? Were those lies?"

"It takes a liar to know a liar!" Evelyn retorted.

Bluer stepped towards her. "I did it for you. I did it to protect you and our traditions." Wolfie barked, daring Bluer to take another step.

"Wolfie...enough." Evelyn was fighting her body's instinct to turn away. "You did it for yourself. You did it for your traditions, not me."

Wolfie stepped back to lie by the bed. Bluer took his opportunity to fight back.

"How can you be so hypocritical? I still feel guilty about Derrick-but it was something that had to be done! What you did to that man who claimed to be your brother...that was no less than my own sins."

"Hypocritical? You have the audacity of accusing me of hypocrisy?!" Evelyn shot back. "I never claimed to be so-called 'innocent' Lawrence. I know what I have done, and I am ready to face judgement-you don't need to remind me of what I did. I'll remember it all everyday. I'll remember it in my nightmares. The real hypocrite is you."

"You've done it to protect the country, no? Then how is that any different from Greenhill, Redmond, Violet and myself?"

"Were you descended from a line of 'evil aristocraits' that have served Her Majesty and the Empire for generations?" Evelyn retorted, as Bluer struggled to find a reply. "I thought so. If you were so worried about Derrick, Agares and the others, you should have left that to the professionals. You loved tradition more than life itself, I'm sure." Her voice was monotone and uncaring.

"That is not true...I meant it when I said that I loved you. I have since I first saw you in the Gazebo."

"And I meant it when I kissed you before the Thames." Evelyn felt her eyes burn, "And I meant it when I saw Lottie with you. And I meant it when I read to you. And I meant it all the times before and after everything that has happened."

Bluer looked at the fire, "...Do you still feel the same now? Even after you found out...?"

"That my fiance is a murderer and a liar and a man who blurs the line between murder and justice, all for the sake of tradition?" Evelyn laughed bitterly as tears pricked her beautiful eyes. "Feelings do not disappear after a day, Lawrence."

Bluer caught the ring Evelyn wore ever since she came to Weston. It was her chains to the P4, only now did he realise that. He walked over and wrapped his arms around Evelyn. "My feelings for you have not changed. They never will." He wiped a tear away with a careful thumb.

"You cannot know the future."

His arms tightened around her. "You are right. But I believe in my love for you, right now, in this moment."

"Haha...I think this is the most forward you've ever been. Up till now, you have never been so open about your feelings."

"Meeting you changed that."

Evelyn's face saddened. There was no other way, was there...?

"What will happen to us now?"

"I...I don't know, Evelyn." Bluer tightened around her, "But if you feel the same as I, as since we both carry our own sins, perhaps we can move through this together..." His voice was hopeful, almost begging, "As man and wife."

But Evelyn knew. And her heart hurt at the thought.

"We...we cannot not go on like this."

Bluer released his arms, looking at Evelyn, his face both knowing and yet saddened. "I feared you would say that. And frankly I don't blame you. My actions are inexcusable...But it still hurts to hear you say it."

Bluer's tears fogged his glasses, and he took them off to clean them.

Evelyn raised her hands to cradle his face, "And it hurts me to hear myself saying it. But I think that this is the best for us." She caressed Bluer's face, wiping away his tears like he did for her.

"How can you be so sure that it is? If you say that you feel the same, then-"

"We need time apart. Time has and will change things. Perhaps we will still feel the same. Maybe then we can go ba-" Evelyn shook her head, "No. Nothing can go back to the way things were. Too much has happened. It's too far past that point." Evelyn leaned up closer, "But, maybe one day, we can try to..."

She trailed off. It was a sentence that may never be finished.

Evelyn closed the distance between her and Bluer.

This time, Bluer was not taken completely caught off-guard. His arms wrapped themselves around her, and Evelyn brought him closer into her embrace.

Their kiss was fiercer, more fervent. With no one around them, they found no reason to hold back as much as they had in the past.

Lips crashed against each other like the waves upon the sand. It was a desperate, unspoken prayer between the two. To maybe find their way back to when things when simpler, when their love was not so corrupted by truth, and the world was as peaceful and as innocent and as beautiful as the Swan Gazebo.

All while they knew that it could never be.

After that, Ciel Phantomhive reported the events to Her Majesty. The P4's punishment was to be expulsion rather than jail time.

But not out of kindness. A relative of the Queen had died because of his mistakes. It was to cover up the scandal. However, the P4 treasured the school's traditions more than their own lives. To them it might have been a punishment worse than death.

It was announced that Derrick and his friends had died in a boating accident. The bodies had been buried in secret.

Because Lottie was a servant, many did not need to know her whereabouts, as she often stayed with Evelyn. However, Evelyn announced that she had pneumonia and passed away, to avoid suspicion.

Edgar was not to be spoken of. Those involved were sworn to secrecy. And thus, Weston resumed its daily routine, as if nothing had ever changed...

"Ah!" Macmillian exclaimed, "It's the new P4!"

Edward, Cheslock, Clayton, and an unsuspecting Red House Prefect were about to step onto the lawn.

"I'm so jealous!"

When they took their first step, none but the Red House Prefect felt the same euphoria as the previous Prefects.

They however, only felt regret.

"Resurrecting the dead?" Queen Victorian repeated. Across the tea table, Ciel and Evelyn nodded in sync.

"We know...that it may be hard for you to believe, but-"

"Oh, I don't doubt your words!" Her Majesty chuckled, "To bring back and control the may become a threat to our Kingdom...Boy, keep that cute nose of yours sniffing around."

"Of course, you Majesty."

"And Lady Ravenne, I hope you know that you are to help him. I believe that you make quite the team, with both of your experiences!"

"Earl Phantomhive and I will report any new information that with of us find immediately, your Majesty."

Ciel and Evelyn walked out, and climbed into separate carriages.


The young Earl looked over his shoulder.

"May we meet again, perhaps under better circumstances." With a lady-like wave, Evelyn left for home, accompanied by Maria Lockhert. Ciel left in the opposite direction with Sebastian by his side.

"You've worked hard."

"I'll say. I just want to get back and eat sweets already."

"I shall prepare some when we get back. Oh, that's right." Sebastian reached into his pocket, taking out a letter. "The mailman gave this to me on our way out. To keep you busy during your trip."

He handed the letter to Ciel. "I don't need it. Trash it."

"Are you sure? Getting rid of Master Macmillan's letter without even reading it?"

"It's fine. I won't be returning to that cramped miniature garden again."

Sebastian smirked, "Is that so?" he looked back on it, "Perhaps you would like me to send it to Lady Ravenne?"

"I doubt she would appreciate the reminder. It would be better if she never knew about it."

They couldn't have arrived home sooner, for Old Man Sam's fence broke again, his herd of sheep scattered among the four Phantomhive servants, clamouring to stop them getting into the herb patch.

As he watched Finny sprinting after a rogue ewe, Ciel burst into laughter. "Is something the matter, young Master?"

"No...the lawn is just a lawn" Ciel calmed down, "Just clean this up and prepare the afternoon tea."

Sebastian bowed, "Yes, my Lord."

"What should I prepare for today?" Sebastian mused as he rummaged through his waistcoat. His lithe fingers clasped around Macmillan's letter, the seal unbroken. When he opened it, it was a clear picture of the night of June the 4th, with Blue House cricket team decorated in their ceremonial clothes.

"My, what a nice shot."

He scrunched up the picture, striking a match, and threw it into the furnace as the small flame ate up the paper. At least if the young Master didn't want it, it could still be of use.

"Well then," Sebastian tied the apron around his waist, "Let's prepare an exceptional sweet cake."

Her Majesty had sat in silence for a while now. "John..." she finally spoke, "A moving corpse that feels neither pain or fear...It frightens me. What are we to do if we were attacked by such a monster?"

"In place of Master Albert, I will protect you."

The Queen chuckled, "Thank you, but...What do you think about this?" she paused, "What if those monsters became our allies?" Her grey eyes twinkled with something indescribable.

"That would be wonderful."

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