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Corpulus Vinius started his days in the same way as always: waking up before sunrise, eating breakfast, and manage the tavern. The Winking Skeever is the only tavern in Solitude and most citizens recommend it to the visitors, if they're interested in music, drinks and warm beds. While the family business runs smoothly, there are times when Corpulus's son Sorex seems too keen on running the tavern and it's obviously that he wants to own the inn. Boy will be boy as they says.

Tonight was no different than the other night at the inn, most of the regulars were either crowded around the bar or at the placed tables, they're either demanding food, drink or enjoy the music. Corpulus was quite grow accustomed to the loud customers. For his term; loud customers mean good cheer, and good cheer means a full till. Guessing he's not going to retire anytime soon.

Speaking for customers, which has reminds him that he should be checking on one of the traveler who had rented the inn's room a few days ago. Poor lad, he's sure looks like he'd been through one hell of a journey himself and probably without any sleep too. Besides, Corpulus didn't really have to welcoming guests and staying on his spot behind the counter twenty-four hours a day now, won't he? Perhaps he should bringing some of the food and drink too, since the last time he'd saw the poor lad, he's sure really needs to fill himself up a bit. Who knows when was the last time the lad has any warm food or drink, and at the Winking Skeever he has motto 'Can't risk thirsty customers without mead to drink, even for a second'.


Dragon Bones and Troll Fingernails

Chapter 4 of an alchemist's adventures

He turned the key in the lock, and the cage opened, and he was free!

This was his chance. He had to find the poison arrow antidote before the necromancers returned. He looked around the laboratory and he saw jars filled with falmers' ears, bats' wings, spiders' eggs, bone meal and giant's toes. There also were vials filled with potions, and many scrolls of the necromancer's experiments. Finally, he found what he was looking for: two bottles. One held a red liquid, it was labeled 'poison', for the other bottle was filled with a blue liquid and it was labeled 'antidote'.

"Aha!" he shouted. He was so excited, he completely forgot about the necromancers. Just then they barged through the door. Without a second to spare, he stuck the bottle into his pocket and ran.

The necromancers chased him, but he kelp going. His wife's life was on the line and he must reached to her! He crashed past the traps and spells. His heart pounded in his chest. His hair was soaked in sweat. Suddenly out of the blue, one of the spell hits him into his chest and send him backward. The next thing he knew was one of his pocket, there was a blue liquid leaking from it. He had grown so light-headed and filled with his own thoughts, 'what I'm going to do now?'

To be continued.

OH, COME ON! Really!? He could not believing this! They just can't leaving it as a cliffhanger!

Harry sighed frustrated. As much as he wanted to complain but he was too tired to even care. He had been continued his little reading marathon while he was staying at the inn and recovering. His health has been doing well in these past couple of days and with nothing better to do but reading books. Sure, he needed to get out again soon or later. Which actually was the great opportunity, because this is the first time he has saw Solitude and how it is a major and the largest city in all of Skyrim. It is also the capital of the province and seat of the High King of Skyrim, how brilliant was that sounds.

Sinking back onto his pillow, he saw many other books besides him. One of the book's title 'Wabbajack' Story of one man's summoning of Sheogorath and descent into madness, was nearest to his bed. Oh, well he's still have a few hours until the stores are open and besides, the book's title does seem interesting enough.


The city of Solitude is a very cheerful place and so full of life. It's not a bad place to live and Harry has found that he's actually liked the atmospheres around here. Where the noises might be quite loud in the city full of people, but he liked the green softness of the gardens and trees around the city, the colors of flowers really do brings out the best of their beauties'. He really wanted to spend his time at the market stalls, there are many variety of wines and other beverages that are sold by the food vendors, and especially this 'Spiced Wine' since one of the food vendor at her stall, she's often try and attract customers by yelling "Spiced Wine to warm the blood!". As much as it was tempting but he needed to be very careful about trying not to spend the money on everything that had caught his eyes of interests or out of curiosity.

For now, his main objective was to make significant amounts of gold or making Money, because if he wanted to make his journeys back to the old castle or also known as The Ex-College of Winterhold it's a long trip, and who knows what will happened on his ways along the road. Better safe than sorry later. Besides, he needed to sell his looting stuffs from the death bandi- err… from exploring the dungeons, some of these rubbishes might have a high value and also he didn't needed for swords and arrows anyway. He can uses magic so… he saw no reason to using weapons.

Currently, Harry was inside the general goods store 'Bits and Pieces'. The store was not very hard to find, it's on the corner by the market square. Inside the store there were; many of the merchandises on display around the shop, the containers, the herbs hanging from the ceiling. Against the west wall is the display cabinet containing different kinds of daggers? An iron warhammer thingy, and a big two-hand sword perhaps? Of course, he's a wizard not a weapon expert alright?

"Welcome. Look around. We've got everything you could want in life. At least... that's what Beirand always tells me." The store owner greeted him.

"Oh, umm hi, can I see some of your wares, and maybe we could traded some of the goods too?" as much as he wanted to ask just who this Beirand guy, but it's none of his business anyway.

"Sure, go on and take a look." Now, let see what she have for sells here…

Some boots and clothes. He thinks he will doing just fine with his current wears, it's a special custom made for the wizard's wardrobe. Next, many types of potions. Sure, he could really used some of those and mainly the healing potion. He's terrible when its came to making potion. Then the rests were not of interesting that much; potion ingredients, books, arrows, weapons, basket, bowl, cup, jug, tankard, animals' pelts, drum, a human skull…? Huh? Wait a second, a skull. She has a human skull… for sell. Um-m… should he be the good citizen and reporting this to the guard about it? …nah, it's none of his problem and who knows maybe this was allowed for this city anyway. Yeah, seems legit.

Finally, now he can getting to best part of his need to-do lists. Selling some booties. He's sure hopes that the store owner doesn't ask any question about how he got so many of; armors, weapons, arrows and wolves' pelts. Especially the latter one.

At The Winking Skeever

"Welcome to the Winking Skeever, friend. If you need a good rumor or two, I think I can oblige..."

"…care to shares some of the rumors for me?" the stranger asked in whispered under his breath, before reaching for his drinks. He's then slowly sat near the counter.

"Hmm… let me see…" Corpulus pauses while lost in thoughts, "I think the Bards College might be looking for recruits, as always. Yesterday one of the Jarl's men send another bounty reward to kill the bandit leader again, it's seem the bandits are causing more and more troubles these days."

"Hm…" the stranger said nothing and took a sip of his drink's, "…any news about the old castle?" he asked.

"The old castle? ...oh! you meant that old castle at Winterhold? That College there? That they were used to teach um… magic, right? Then sorry I heard nothing of the place, as always." Corpulus paused and he continues, "My knowledge's were the same as everyone else, no one knows what had been going on at the old castle nowadays, nothing but there were some people are still living at the place and beyond than that was a mystery. I don't know if they're still teaching magic or whatnot anymore." He sighed, "Hmm you know… speaking of magic… there's a customer of mine," he poured more drinks then continues, "Yeah… I thinks it was just like yesterday when I'd founded him ya' know? The poor lad wandering the streets near my inn. He seems tried and could hardly stayed awake, by the time he reached the counter to rent a room he was nearly passing out on us. So, I had to get my son and helped him to his room, but sure he was not the first customer that we have on same situations liked these, it's quite a normal routine by now." he chuckled, "Eh, anyway as for the lad he has been doing well lately, we had chats a bit about; where he came from, where he was going, is he an adventure and so on. And you know what he said he was?" he took a sip for his drinks, then he answers, "He said 'Can't you tell? I'm a Wizard."

By now the tavern's owner after he had finished his story, he went on chatting with another customers. While the same stranger hasn't move from his seats and looking at his empty tankard, "…so a wizard in the big city eh?" he said quietly, smirking. "Things are about going to be… interesting… indeed." The stranger looked up, with a mostly unpredicted expression, chuckled dryly.

"Hey, innkeeper fill me up a jug of your finest ale, I'm thirsty tonight!"

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