~Nobody's P.O.V.~
North was planning to throw a feast for his fellow Guardians, just like every other New Year's Eve. He had everything planned - dinner, dessert, even fireworks. He had a beautiful golden turkey for dinner, and rice pudding for dessert. He had the yetis make it though.
Tooth was the first to arrive. "Hey North, how did Christmas go?" She asked him.

"Very well, thank you. It is good to see how many children are believing now that Jack is Guardian. Cookie?" North offered, being his normal, jolly self.

"Sure, ok. Did you invite Jack?" Tooth asked suspiciously, just as Bunny came in through one of his tunnels.

"Of course, why not. He is Guardian now." North said, a little confused.

"Why not what?" Bunny asked, deciding to join in on the conversation.

"Oh," Tooth started, "I was just wondering if North invited Jack, because when you first became a Guardian, he forgot to invite you. Remember." Tooth explained. Bunny nodded his head.

"Heh heh, well I forgot because Bunny was only new, just as new as Jack." North said, trying to remember when he forgot to invite Bunny.

"Right." Bunny said, trying to forget that was brought up. There was an awkward silence until Sandy came in.
"Ah, good to see you Sandy!" North beamed. Then Bunny started to complain about why Tooth had to bring that up. North decided to think about the person who had just snuck in through his bedroom window. He knew exactly who it was.

"North! Hello?" Tooth said, waving her hand in front of his face. North turned his attention to her.

"Yes?" North asked.

"I asked you, do you know where Jack is?" Tooth said, rather annoyed.

"Oh! I will go get him. He must still be in his room." North said, pushing past Tooth to go upstairs, leaving Bunny, Tooth and Sandy with very confused faces.
He went through the workshop and past his bedroom door, which was red and had a picture of a green toy train on it. He went to a door with a snowflake on it. He knocked on the cold, slightly frosted door and said, "Jack, dinner is ready. We are just waiting for you."

"Yup, coming!" Jack replied, coming out of his room. He followed North back through the workshop and to the Globe Room to where the others were.

"You mean, Jack lives here now?" Bunny asked, very surprised as North nodded.

"Pretty much since June. North offered so I accepted. I mean, who would say no to an offer like that? And plus, I'm usually out spreading Winter to the world." Jack said.

"Hey, North, aren't we eating yet?" Tooth asked, but North wasn't there. "Where did he go?" Jack asked himself, just as confused as us.

Soon they heard North talking to someone. "Come on, you gotta meet them! Last I saw you was at least a century ago." He said. He soon appeared out of the workshop.

"My fellow Guardians. I would like you to meet Amethyst."

"Oh please, call me Amy." A female's voice said. A woman appeared from behind him. She had long black hair which was loosely plaited. She wore a long violet dress, that reached her shins and the sleeves reached up to just past her elbows and was see-through. She had a necklace which had a spiral in the center, and had a bracelet with a purple gem, most likely an amethyst. She was also barefoot.

"Hi! I'm Tooth!" Tooth said, flying around her, and was about to look at her teeth, until North glared at her. She backed away.

"Hi. You must be Sandy. I've heard a lot about you." She said, waving at Sandy, and he waved back.

"I'm Bunny." Bunny said, waving to Amy, who nodded and waved politely back.

"And you are?" She asked, gesturing to Jack.

"Jack. Jack Frost." He replied.

"Oh! The new Guardian. Nice to meet you." Amy said.

"Good, now we eat." North clapped his hands together and ushered us to the dining room.

North sat at the end, with Bunny on his left and Tooth on his right. Sandy was next to Bunny, and Amy was next to Jack who was next to Tooth. The yeti's came out with a whole bunch of foods, but the main food was the turkey. They all dug into their meals, only really eating once every year. Not that they needed to, since they are immortal and they never get hungry anyway.

Bunny broke the silence by asking Amy, "So Amy, how'd you meet North?"

"We knew each other in our past life. Oh, and I'm his wife." Amy replied, looking from Bunny to North.

"Aww, that's so sweet!" Tooth exclaimed. Sandy nodded his head and put his thumbs up.

"And we had four kids. I don't remember names though." North said, looking back at Amy, who shook her head.

"I don't remember either."

"Just out of curiosity," Jack started, turning towards Amy, "what are you, because I know for a fact that you're not a Guardian, but you are immortal because you said 'past life'." Jack asked, receiving a slap upside the head by Tooth.

"Oh no, it's fine. Jack's right. I'm not a Guardian. I'm an Element." Amy said. Everyone was confused except for North.

"Um, not to be rude or anything, but what's an Element?" Bunny asked, seeming more curious than anyone else.

"You know the four 'main' elements, right? Earth, Air, Fire and Water? Well those are Elements, but there is a very important element that most people ignore, which is about as strong as the four elements combined. That element is Spirit, and that's my Element." Amy said, feeling satisfied with her little speech. Every one nodded their heads in approval.

"I never got to ask you, but have you ever met Fire, Earth, Air and Water?" North asked.

"No, I haven't. But I would like to and make them an official Element when I get to. Right now they are just spirits who are able to control a specific thing-"

"Like water!? And the other elements..." Bunny interrupted, making everyone look at him suspiciously.

"Yes, like water." Amy replied. Everyone was silent for a while, until Amy said, "I'm going to go get some fresh air. I'll be right back." She got up and went outside.

~Bunny's P.O.V.~

North followed Amethyst outside on the balcony, leaving Tooth, Sandy, Jack and me back in the dining room. I felt the fur on my arms prick up, meaning something bad is happening. I got up and said, "I need to get back to the Warren."

"But you must stay for fireworks." North insisted coming back in with Amy.

"No, I need to get back. Something's up." I said, and I tapped my foot on the ground, opening a tunnel.

"Well then we'll go with you." Tooth insisted.

"No!" I shouted. "I mean you can't." I said backing myself up. I hopped in my tunnel and it closed up before anyone could follow.

When I got there, I saw Nightmares everywhere and Sapphire was fighting them off. I took out my boomerangs and threw them, helping her out. I finished off the last ones rather quickly, and when I looked around, there was black sand everywhere. I looked around and saw Sapphire on the ground panting. I ran over to her, helping her stand.

"Are ya' alright? What happened Sheila?" I asked her.

"The nightmares came and attacked me here. I got hit pretty bad in my arm, but I think that'll heal up quickly." She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I followed her to the water, where she healed herself.

"Sheila, I think I know what ya' might be, that's other than a spirit." I said, catching her attention.

"Really? Tell me!" She begged. I could almost imagine her getting down on her hands and knees begging me to tell her like she did when I first met her. But instead she laid back and floated in the water.

"Ya see, I met this woman today, who is known as an 'Element'." I began. Sapphire looked up at me.

"Element?" She asked.

"Yeah. They can control certain things, like water for example." I continued. Sapphire stood up on the water and walked over to me. She touched her necklace, which had a water drop in the center.

"So, there's more like me?" She asked. I smiled and nodded my head.

"But they don't control water. They can control other things like Earth, Fire and Air." I said.

"And what was the woman's element?" I asked.

"Amethyst's? She had a rare element which is Spirit. And apparently from what I learned today from her, you have one of the rare elements, meaning you could be the only one who can control water." I said.

"So I'm an Element?" Sapphire asked.

"Not an official one." I said softly.

"Bunny? Where are you?" I heard North asked. I turned to Sapphire.

"Quick, hide!" I whispered.

"But Dad!" She complained.

"Now!" I said, and she hid.

I got up and went over to North and the others. Amethyst was here too.

"What happened here?" Tooth asked.

"Pitch is back. Nightmares attacked the place." I said. Tooth gasped, Sandy picked up some black sand and threw it back at the ground angrily, and North got a little angry. Panic hit me when I saw that Jack was missing.

"Where's Jack?" I asked.

"Right here." He said,coming from where I just was with Sapphire.

I quickly glanced over there and saw Sapphire hidden safely in some tall grass, but I could still see her concerned look.

~Sapphire's P.O.V.~

My dad, Bunny, turned back to the Guardians, who were looking at him suspiciously. The only thing I knew about them was that they are Guardians. I never asked much about them as Dad would change the subject, or get angry.

"What?" Dad asked. The hummingbird girl sighed.

"You've been acting strange lately. What's wrong?" She asked.

"W-what do you mean acting strange?" Dad asked.

"You've been really jumpy and protective about something. What're you hiding?" North asked.

"H-hiding? W-why would I be hiding something from you?" Dad said. I felt like running out there and helping him out, but then I would get in trouble. I wasn't scared at all with these people.

"No. G-get out. You can't be here." Dad said.

"Why not?" The white-haired boy complained. Lucky dad noticed he was gone, otherwise he would've found me.

"Just get out." Dad said, and he tapped his foot twice creating a hole underneath them and they fell down.

Dad crouched down to the ground. I got out of my hiding place and went over to him.

"They're going to find me soon." I said. He looked at me then got up. "He almost saw me. The white haired boy." I said.

"Don't trust that kid. He's bad news." Dad said. I sighed.

"When am I going to meet them?" I asked. Dad pulled me into a hug, and I buried my face in his soft fur.

"Soon Sheila, soon." He said.