Chapter Two : Just A Subway Ride Away

~ Maya's POV ~

"Riles, it's just a party," I huffed out, "Lucas is going..."

I followed her from the window seat to her bed, "Some cute boys will be there!"

She flicked her brown locks from her shoulder, and took a seat on the edge of her bed. I sighed loudly, slumping down next to her, and gently resting my head on her shoulder.

"Please, Riley. Have some fun, show those boys you know how to party!"

"But I don't!" Riley exclaimed, with her hands flailing as she swung around towards me, "I'm Riley Matthews, daughter of Mr. Matthews, our teacher!"

There was a momentary pause, "It's summer, Riles."

"Oh, shut up." Riley huffed, crossing her arms after flicking her hair again, "I'm not going."

With another sigh, I fell back onto her bed, pulling the pillows under my head, before kneeing Riley's back, "You're going!"

~ Morgan's POV ~

I couldn't get Maya out of my head. Everywhere I turned, there she was. I hated this. My life was going so well, and Christina and I... well... this definitely won't help in that situation. Sure, the kids might be excited to have a new sister, but the fact Ethan's adoption is getting more and more difficult didn't help.

"Dad?" A familiar voice rang through my ears, I swiftly flipped over on my bed, seeing Emma, the flash of her golden locks bringing back images of Maya. Why was this so difficult?

"Yeah?" I cooed, "What is it, Sweetie?"

She paused, twiddling her thumbs and tapping at the sheets on the bed, "C-Can... I go to the mall?"

Why did she stutter? She always wanted to go to the mall, and she never had a problem asking for permission. She was up to something. Fatherly instincts, activate.

"Alone?" I asked.

She nodded, "Just to look around, is that cool?"

I looked her up and down, "Do you have your phone?"

She smirked, "Have you met me?"

A smile spread across my face when she whipped out her phone, it's pink and sparkly case almost blinding. "I expect you home by dinner."

"Thanks!" She roared, bolting out of the room.

Maybe not the best parenting in the world. But Emma's shopping was something that was very low on the list of things I have to worry about. The fact I have a daughter I didn't even know about was #1.

~ Luke's POV ~

"You don't understand, Rav, I'm trapped here. Indefinitely." I stated, gazing at my blue cast, "All because of this thing!" My little brother was sitting on the bed next to me, the screen across the room was a motley of gunshots, blood spewing, and zombie-guts.

Zombie Catacombs 4 was so addicting, I thought, but I'd much rather be outside, dancing, or gawking at pretty girls. But both of them combined were a deadly combination. Just ask my broken arm.

"As soon as your arm doesn't hurt with every muscle-movement, you'll be able to leave," Ravi explained, "It is quite simple."

I sighed, "It doesn't hurt anymore!"

There was a knock on the door, and with a huff, I yelled, "Come In!"

A turn of the knob, the slow creaking-sound of the door opening, and the sound of clicking heels. Mom, I thought.

Here she was, her blonde locks bounding off her shoulders, with her large hoop earrings getting lost in the myriad of hair. "Boys," she said calmly, "Dinner is in half-an-hour."

Jeez, that's the calmest I've seen her in months...

"What are we having?" Ravi asked, almost gleefully. "Chinese," She replied, almost instantaneously. Awkward couldn't even describe the tension that arose; Mom left after a few minutes, while Ravi and I went back to our game. The nearest checkpoint was just ten levels away!

~ Farkle's POV ~

"Well, neither of my grandparents will talk to me." I stated into the phone, laying my head on the soft, yet firm pillow. "Mom or dad's side?"

"Dad's," I uttered. "What about your mom's parents?" Riley asked over the phone, her voice was just calming, and almost therapeutic.

I groaned, "Dead."

"Farkle, I'm sorry your grandparents don't understand-"

"Oh they understand fine," I snapped, "They just don't like the fact that I'm gay."


"Probably because I pretended to like girls my entire life. Remember those ancient times?"

I heard her giggle, "When you wore nothing but turtlenecks, and had to have 'Farkle-Time?' Yeah, I remember."

A smile spread across my face, "And you were the first one I told."

"Listen," She began, "Maya's forcing me to go to this party tonight. Wanna come?"

A party? No way. She can't be talking about Shawn Hernandez's party? The one with beer, drugs, and lots of bedrooms...

"Where?" I asked, as aloof as possible. Personally, I think I nailed it.

"Don't know," She replied, "Just come by my house in an hour, Maya will lead the way."

I nodded, despite her not being able to see me, "Okay, Riley."

"And Farkle?"

"Hmm?" I mumbled into the phone.

With a little bit of a kick, she said, "I'll always be here for you. Remember, I'm just a subway ride away." With a smile, I replied, "I know, Riles, thanks."

~ Emma's POV ~

My brain is so confused, I lied to my dad just so I can get a new phone case, and now I'm carrying over six bags of clothes, jewelry, make-up, and even more crap. Ugh... and the phone case is at the other side of the mall... God knows if I'll make it.

"Need some help?" A voice called out; I glanced back, seeing an extremely cute boy, with mesmerizing emerald-green eyes, and a captivating, near-perfect smile.

Without a thought, I nodded gently; easing a few of the bags into his arms, "Thanks," I whispered.

"The name's Lucas, Lucas Friar."

A smile spread across my face, "Emma, Emma Ross."

Damn, I just wanna kiss him. "Well, thanks Lucas, I actually have a brother named Luke."

"Cool..." He smiled, "My great-grandmother's name was Emily..."

I couldn't help but giggle, just look at that jaw-line! Everyone would admire what the hunk would have to say after getting a good lock at his god-like face. Woah, cool it, Emma. He looks like he's Luke's age. Gross. "I like your accent," I smiled, "Are you from here?"

"Texas," He flashes his own pearl-white teeth at me, and then added, "Moved here a few years back..."

"Huh, well I've gotta go... Promised my dad I'd be home-" I began, "No sweat," he exclaimed, "But I'd like you to get to know my friends, and girlfriend."

Okay, that stung.

"We're hanging out at this party tonight, wanna come?" He added. I smiled, this could he interesting; parties were my specialty, after all. Maybe my good old brothers can help...

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