Chapter Three : We Meet Again (Part 1)

~ Emma's POV ~

Luke, Ravi, and I steadily paced down the driveway, seeing the mansion glow in the dark; strung up lights decorated the yard, which was littered with empty beer bottles and red cups, along with two drunk teenagers making out next to the fountain. Disco lights beamed out from the windows, illuminating the yard even further; the music was seriously loud, they heard it from down the street.

Thank God the neighbors are far away, I thought, I didn't think the party would be this big...

"This looks sick!" Luke exclaimed, "Thanks so much for inviting us, Emma!"

I smiled, "No prob, I know you wanted to get out of the house-"

"There are beer bottles in the yard. These teens have been drinking!" Ravi shouted, flailing his arms like a mad-man, "We shouldn't be here!"

"Lightin' up, Rav." I groaned, "A friend from the mall invited me, and it's supposed to be a secret, so would you shush!"

"I thought you just met the guy?" He replied. "I did..." I whispered, "So what?"

Ravi rolled his eyes, "He could be a killer for all you know! Or a rapist or something..."

"Are we going in or what?!" Luke hissed, gripping his brother's arm and tugging him, "I told you we shouldn't have brought Mr. Responsible!"

I huffed, flicking my hair off my shoulders before taking Ravi's hand, "We'll be fine, Ravi. Don't you want to be able to go back to school in two months and be like, 'I went to this wicked party over the summer, and guess what, I drank!'?"

"I have to drink!?" He exclaimed, both me and Luke groaned, "No! Just say you did."

It took almost a full-five minutes to get Ravi up on the porch, and another three convincing him to go inside, I really shouldn't have brought him... He'll be lagging behind me or Luke the entire time...

"CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" A horde of teenagers hollered, with two of them holding a smaller teenager, probably a soon-to-be freshman, over a keg. Not wise, my friend, not wise. But I brushed off the boyish-musk smell and continued past them into the kitchen. Beer. Beer. Beer. Oh, and beer.

"Emma?" A distinct voice called out from behind me, the fading Texan-accent gave me the chills as I turned around and spotted the emerald-eyed hunk. "Lucas!" I smiled, as I gave him a gentle hug.

"So glad you could make it!" He smiled, "I want you meet my friends..."

Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach when his hand took hold of mine as he pulled me along onto the back porch. My eyes met four other pairs, all of them seated around a small table.

"Everybody, this is Emma, I met her at the mall," Lucas stated, the hairs stood on the back of my neck as beads of sweat formed on my forehead. "H-Hi..." I whispered, with a tiny wave of the hand.

"Sup, girly-girl..." Another blonde spoke, standing quickly and batting her eyelashes, "Where are you from, Paris?"

"Maya..." Lucas sighed, wrapping an arm around her, I bit my bottom lip, she's the one...

"I'm Riley!" A brunette exclaimed, jumping out of her chair with a bounce, "Don't mind Maya, she's territorial."

Maya wrinkled her nose, "Riles!"

"The name's Isaiah, but you can call me Zay," A dark-skinned boy smiled, "You're very beautiful."

Okay, that gave me a little boost. He's kinda cute too...

"T-Thank you, Zay," I replied, "You're very h-handsome."

Finally, another boy jumped up, his piercing blue eyes almost matched Maya's, but his were friendly, hers were... well... intimidatingly-gorgeous. "I'm Farkle," he smiled, sticking out his hand; I smiled back, and gently shook his hand, "Nice to meet you, Farkle."

What an interesting name...

"Funny, you and Maya look like you two could be sisters!" Farkle announced; Maya and I glanced at each other. Sure, we had the blonde hair, and the light-colored eyes, but it's impossible. I know it.

Riley whipped out her phone, "What's your number?"

I couldn't help but show a smile, I guess they didn't find me totally annoying, at least most of them. Still on the fence about little Miss Blue Eyes over here, groping Lucas. Her eyes still burned bright in my mind, I know I've seen them before...

"Hello?" Riley snapped her fingers in my face, making me jump out of my momentary daze, "Emma?"

"S-Sorry, it's 555-2379," I whipped out my phone, before all of them nearly gasped.

Maya stuttered out, "I-Is that the J-Phone 7?!"

I nodded slowly, "Why?"

"That's like the most expensive phone out there. And you can get it in over 1,000 different colors!" Zay exclaimed, "No fair!"

"Yeah, my parents got it for me?" I blinked, hoping this wouldn't be the thing the ruin my new-found friendship.

"Are you freaking rich?" Maya coughed out, before Lucas added, "Who are your parents?"

Oh jeez...

"Morgan and Christina Ross..." I whispered, "MORGAN ROSS!" Farkle exclaimed, "The guy who made GALACTOPUS?!"

With a smile, I nodded, "Yeah, why?"

"Your dad met my mom during the audition for that movie!" Maya stated, "That's pretty cool!"

Oh thank God, I'm on Maya's good side... Hopefully...

"You found a good one, Lucas!" Zay exclaimed, "A mighty good one."

Our little meet-up lasted for at least five more minutes, I was so glad this turned out the way I wanted it to. Most of my friends were girls, who I no longer talk to since school ended, and I very recently learned us Ross kids will be finishing out our high-school days at John Quincy Adams High School. Miraculously, Lucas, Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Zay attend there as well.

"I'm gonna get a drink, want anything?" Riley asked us, I shook my head no, while Farkle and Maya asked for some water; they must've known the punch had been spiked, one kid found that out the hard way.

~ Luke's POV ~

"Wha-What hap-p-pened-d to your arm?" A clearly drunk jock asked me, leaning over my shoulder just so the alcohol in his breath could make my eyes water. "I punched a drunk dude," I lied through my teeth, nudging him off as I walked into the kitchen.

Then, like in a cliché movie, I ran into a dark-haired girl holding three cups of water. We were soaked from the chest down, and her voice was quick to strain my ears. "Really?!" She yelled, "Why not?!"

"I-I'm sorry..." I managed to sputter out, pulling my white t-shirt from clinging to my body, "I wasn't looking-"

"Jee, I didn't realize..." She snarled, bending down to pick up the now-empty cups.

Luke faltered when she stood back up, and both were a mere inch away from each other. He scratched the back of his head while she rolled her eyes; "Boys..."

"Hey, wait-" Luke began, but was quickly silenced when he heard the sound of a loud, screechy police siren.

Shit! The cops!

People scrambled all over the place, while I trudged through the endless crowds to find Ravi, who was probably still throwing up after drinking some of the punch. Sirens, screaming, the sound of a stampede upstairs, desperate to get down. But once I locked eyes with a police officer, the last thing that crossed my mind was finding Ravi. That is until the poor kid walked out of the bathroom in a hurry, dazed and confused; walking right into the cop.

I watched as he twisted my little brother around, and locked him in handcuffs; Ravi's terrified look was enough to make my stomach churn, I'm the only one who is allowed to terrify Ravi like that.

"Let him go!" I hollered, grabbing my little brother's arm and pulling him away; I may have gotten a little... holler-happy... "You asshole!"

Trust me, I would smack myself if I could, but I'm being forced into handcuffs right about now, so yeah...

~ Morgan's POV ~

Unbelievable. Three of my kids snuck out, and I didn't even notice. What a father I am; Jessie was too preoccupied with Zuri's sudden fever, and Christina had to talk to a client. Leaving me in charge was never the right call.

It didn't occur to me that I was climbing up the stairs into the police station until a police officer walked by; his badge flashing from the light pole above us, and the gentle waving of his baton as he descended down the brick stairs. My children were in so much trouble.

I slipped inside the main room, eyeing all the police officers; a sudden rush of guilt came over my body as I remembered every single illegal thing I did: stealing that candy bar when I was eleven, or putting a cherry bomb in the girls bathroom in high school, or-

Stop it!, I thought, Emma, Luke, and Ravi are the ones in trouble. Not you.

"H-Hi, my name is Morgan Ross, I'm here for my children who were arrested at the party." I accidentally swallowed the gum I had been chewing the entire way here, but I didn't have time to care.

"Follow me," she huffed, grabbing a clipboard and walking around the desk, "this way..."

We turned a corner, and there they were. All of them behind a set of bars, lingering about. Emma was slumped over on the bench, next to some brunette I didn't recognize. Luke was near Ravi, who had fresh tears rolling down his face as his older brother draped his good arm over his shoulders. A flash of anger hit me when I saw them, but it quickly disappeared when I saw the flick of blonde hair that wasn't Emma's. With a glimpse, I saw Maya, wrapped in the arms of another boy, her boyfriend no doubt. Two other boys were on the bench next to the brunette, but I hardly noticed them.

"Maya?" A voice called out, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight. Maya looked up from her forehead-nudging with the other boy, "Mom?" she breathed, I glanced over and there she was. Katy Hart, bright blonde hair, and wearing the same smock I saw her wearing all those years ago. Except it looked like she was beyond furious.

"Dad?" Luke bolted towards the bars, with Ravi at his heels and Emma soon after, "Thank God-"

He stopped when my eyes locked with his, I was not happy.

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