So people want me to rewrite it, so here it goes. The story will change as it needs to in order for me to make a satisfying story

Chapter 0

My eyes opened slowly as I woke from my slumber. I sat up in my bed and looked around the black room, as if searching for something. I pulled my legs from beneath the fabric that warmed me, keeping my eyes wide open. I stood up and walked to the door frame I remembered so well. Pausing just before it, I flipped the switch that hid so conspicuously by it. Artificial light burned my eyes.

As my eyes adjusted to the new found brightness, I began to take in the room I was in. The room was a calming mint green color that felt soothing to the eyes. In front of me was a medium sized bed with disheveled mint green covers, sheets, and pillows; two to be exact. In front of the bed was old wooden dresser drawer as wide as the bed. Beyond the bed was a window, allowing visual of the street below. To my right was a single mirror that hid in the corner of the room, standing as tall as me.

Ignoring the rest of the room, I walked over to the mirror. What greeted me was a young teen with a vacant look in his dull mint green eyes. He stood with a slight slouch leaving him at approximately four foot ten, but if he stood tall, he would just about reach five feet. His lips had dead and torn skin all over them from bad habits. His golden brown hair, messy from the bed, covered his ears and reached the back of his neck. He wore no shirt revealing is skinny, and malnourished stomach. Black and white speckled pajama pants were all he wore.

I stared at the reflection, feeling like I was gazing upon the reflection of a stranger. I knew it was me, yet I felt that it was not at the same time. The boy who stood before me was not the one who everyone once knew. This was the shell of a young boy who had been, at one point, bright with light and love.

Unable to bear looking at him any longer, I turned my attention instead, to the window. Beyond it, the morning sun could be seen, rising on the horizon. I felt my cheek become wet as a single tear slid down it.

A soft knock on the door interrupted my thoughts followed by the gentle voice of my step-mother. "Steven?" She asked, concern evident in her voice. "It's morning, will you come eat with the family please?"

I briefly recalled the person I had looked at in the mirror, and walked over to my drawer with out answering my step-mother. I pulled out a soft mint green shirt and slid it over my malnourished figure. Walking over to the door, I opened it revealing my shocked step-mother.

Her sleek black hair drifted gently over her shoulders, going no farther then the ends of her shoulders. She wore a black undershirt with a pink long sleeved shirt over it. Her black skin tight pants hugged her legs revealing nothing to prying eyes. Two sapphires stood transfixed on me in wonder.

"You actually came this time," She said quietly before recovering herself and smiling warmly at me. "your father made Belgian Waffles for breakfast. Are you going to come eat with us?"

I nodded numbly at her, finding my voice to not be in working order. She held out her hand to me which I slowly took, allowing her to lead me. The house moved by in a blur until I found myself in front of a rectangular wooden table. The wood was dark and rich and chairs of the same kind of wood surrounded the table. Above the table was a small tainted glass chandelier. On each of the seats sat a family member. My brother Matt sat next to his twin sister Briana on the left side of the table, both smiling at me warmly. My father sat at the end of the table, his mint green eyes reflecting the warm smile of his mouth. My mother sat down next to him.

In front of me was a single chair, waiting for my presence. I sat down and beheld a single plate in front of me. The white plate held a single full waffle, taking up the entire plate. There was a slab of butter on each quadrant of the waffle melting in hot, homemade maple syrup. Next to the plate there was a single fork and a cup behind it containing milk.

The aroma of the food brought back some senses to me, but not much. I looked up at everyone else, seeing them all eating their own food, cutting their waffles with their forks. I brought my gaze back to the plate of food. I slowly began to follow their example, taking small bits of the food. But even as my taste buds were bombarded with the sweet waffle, my mind wandered.

'Who am I?' I thought, my mind directed towards my dream of over a month ago. Each day my dream became hazier, leaving me grasping for straws. I felt a tear slid down my cheek as I silently asked, "Who am I?"

I held out my blue paw towards the setting sun, smiling as I said, "Friends forever, right (the name was not heard)?" I turned to look at him.

My valued partner's voice could not be heard, nor could I see him any longer. The land around me was hazy and unrecognizable. The sound of waves slowly faded from my ears before I was left with nothing but darkness.

A single thought rang throughout the darkness as my vision faded. 'Who am I?

My vision returned to me and I was greeted with a mysterious creature. It had feline like proportions and was primarily light-blue and black. The back half of the body was black and held a swishing tail with a golden four-pointed star. The front half of it's body was light-blue and held a feline face with a look of concern. It had big round ears with yellow fur on the inside. It's mint green eyes reflected a kind and friendly soul.

"Are you okay?" He asked, but before I could answer, my vision faded once again.

As my vision came back, another creature appeared before me. It was holding out green gecko-like paw. It had a red belly and a green body. It's face held reptilian futures as he too had mint green eyes. He held a smile as he said, "You alright Steven?"

I did not get to reply once again and soon my vision was gone. This time, I was greeted by nothing, instead, I held a small green gecko-like creature with brilliant green eyes. I was hugging it close to me as it looked at me with tears in its eyes.

"Do not worry, I'm here Treeko..." I said soothingly. The creature's eyes closed and he buried his face into my chest. "I'm here..."

Then it was gone and I returned to the darkness.

I woke to find myself in the bed of my darkened room. I did not move as I stared at the ceiling. I wondered about my most recent dream, wondering why those creatures appeared in it. My mind felt far too hazy so I willed myself to go back to sleep. But one thought was ringing pointlessly around in my head.

'Who am I?'