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"Schooling, is being taught, learning requires action on your part." Elayne Hill

Chapter 7
The Grand Library: Human-Turned Pokémon

Hours into the day, I felt as if my life was over. Sven had effectively made me a student to the Pokémon World and gave me homework to make me suffer. I actually wanted to cry, I hated homework, especially busywork. He had told me to memorize the dates of important events in the world and report to him in a hour. And to think, this all happened because I opened my freaking mouth...

After my "episode," Sven had brought out a book with "Unown Letters," thankfully not asking why I had acted like I did. I recognized the letters almost immediately from my dream and had read the first sentence before he could. He had looked at me in surprise and asked how I knew how to read these to which I replied saying they were very similar to my own language back home. He had then smiled deviously and ten minutes later I was giving a series of books and told to study them and report to him at the end of the day.

And now I'm here looking at the books with an immense amount of loathing. The books might have been interesting if not for the fact that the books were worded like my own history books, making these books infuriatingly boring. With a groan of everlasting sorrow I pounded my head into the desk.

At least I had learned a few interesting things. The Pokémon world does not have months, but rather goes by the seasons, so Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They do have a 365 1/4 day system as well as weeks and days. Luckily, the days of the week did not change. Today's date would be Monday the 36th of Spring. The year is different however, they seemed to have started their year system earlier then home so it was 4008 right now for them, making the full current date, Monday, Spring 36, 4008.

Their history did include wars, but nowhere near as many or large as the ones back home were. The earliest recorded war in their history saw two nations fighting over a dispute about the rights of beast Pokémon, or Pokémon that did not walk on two legs. The war led to approximately 300 total confirmed deaths from both sides and was resolved when a compromise was made. This war happened in 528 and was named The Beast Rights War.

The most recent war occurred three years ago, but it was not between Pokémon. It was a war waged against ten strong human turned Pokémon who killed many peaceful Pokémon. Their motives were not discovered, but eventually, the Pokémon rose up in great numbers and executed each human. By the end, the death count had reached over 1,000,000.

The Pokémon had only been able to kill these ten human-turned Pokémon, by turning them back into humans, effectively confusing the humans and leaving them utterly defenseless. The humans were captured and one by one, in front of a huge crowd, were burned alive. This war was thus named, The Human Confrontation of 4005.

Leaning back into my chair with a deep breath, I pondered what could have possibly been these humans' reason for what they did. I thought it might be that they just hated Pokémon, but that did not make very much sense. For that much death, it seemed like they were trying to destroy the world.

I groaned in frustration at the book. In all this time I had only been able to get the dates of fifteen different wars. Usually I might have felt a bit of emotion about all these wars I had to read about, but in my school like setting, I was indifferent to it all. I closed the book and headed back to Sven's study, being careful not to look to hard at everything. I didn't want another "episode."

In truth, Sven's "study" was really just a desk in a opening between many bookshelves. The desk itself wasn't all that special as it only held a single chair and some books that Sven had been looking at.

"I'm done with this book, Sven." I said, placing the book titled Large Scale Wars in front of him. "Can I please read something that doesn't give me a headache for trying to read it?"

"Sure, but tell me the dates you learned about, first." he replied looking at me quizzically.

With a small sigh I began to recite the dates to him, "The Beast Rights War of 528, The Aquatic Rights War of 987, The Civil War of 1982, The Sand War of 2000, the Wonder Wars of 2050, The Magnetic War of 2789, the Type War of 3003, The Hoppa War of 3007, The Elemental War of 3050, The Unown War of 3128, The Volcanic Air War of 3158, The Auto War of 3200, The Interspecies Relations War of 3208, The Alloy War of 3600, and finally, The Human Confrontation of 4005."

For a small moment, I thought I saw him flinch at the last one, but that moment was quickly covered as he replied. "Good enough, though The Elemental War was in 3060 not 3050." He then sneaked a hand into the piles of books and brought out an vivid violet colored book labeled Human-Turned Pokémon: A Indication of Power.

"This book should prove to be considerably less boring to you." He said, handing me the book. "I recommend you read that so you know a bit about what's to be expected of you."

I took the book tentatively from him. He was so hard to read sometimes. I've seen him be excited, cold, kind, and detached. I can tell that he is kind and caring as a person, but cold and distant when it came to certain things, like... humans.

"Were you there for the The Human Confrontation?" I asked slowly, not sure how he'd react. He did freeze up though upon hearing that name.

"Yes, I was." He said, not looking me in the eyes, his voice, unreadable. "Any other questions."

"No." I replied, regretting my decision to ask. He still hadn't looked at me as I began to walk away.

Dear Reader, this is a small introduction to what you will be reading about in this book. I hope that it helps.

Color Spectrum
A short guide to Aura Colors is listed below. For more information on each color spectrum, please refer to specified chapters dedicated to chosen color.

Red Spectrum:
Signifies a low level of physical strength but a very high level of endurance. Often favored toward Rock and Steel types. Human-Turned Pokémon demonstrate a level of Moral, Physical, and Mental endurance high enough that in order to kill one you would need strike several lethal or mortal blows. They are often heavily resistant to status effects and will charge you even after destroying much of the body or mind.

Orange Spectrum:
Signifies a high level of physical strength of from the individual, especially in Human-Turned Pokémon. Often favored toward the Fighting, Fire, and Ground types. Will sometimes result in less power over the mind and more over emotions providing a advantage to those of the Green Aura.

Yellow Spectrum:
Signifies a high level in Learning Abilities resulting in adaptability. This rare aura is to be feared as Human-Turned Pokémon with this Aura can easily gain and learn powerful abilities. This aura has no favored typing, but can be found in every type. This is Aura can be referred to as the Copy Aura.

Green Spectrum:
Signifies a very high level of Latent Abilities. This Aura can be highly unpredictable do to it's abilities changing with each individual. Often favored toward Dark types. Those of the Green aura also demonstrate a low level of power over the body. Human-Turned Pokémon have demonstrated incredible resistance to attacks on the mind, but when their defenses shatter, it results in shattering the Human-Turned Pokémon's psyche leaving them vulnerable to manipulation. Human-Turned Pokémon with this aura have also been known to be able to push an ability far beyond it's limits allowing them the power to level whole cities.

Blue Spectrum:
Signifies a high level of Speed. Often favored by Flying types. In Human-Turned Pokémon, it can momentarily speed them up to ten times their normal running speed. This spectrum also is known to have Pokémon with a slightly unstable mental state. Nothing more is known about this spectrum.

Violet Spectrum:
Signifies a extremely high level of mental control. This results in high level psychic powers, especially in Psychic types, it's favored typing. Human-Turned Pokémon are extremely intelligent in this spectrum and have resulted in many of the technological advances we enjoy today. In fact, Human-Turned Pokémon invented the Rescue Badge with allows one to teleport another that is in need back to a designated base. Human-Turned Pokémon also have been know to have frighteningly powerful psychic powers.

Light and Dark Spectrum
Auras each have a color, but they also have a "darkness" or "lightness" to them resulting in a "dark blue" aura or a "light blue" aura and so on. Auras can become darker or lighter over time, but few are ever born with a dark or light aura. This means that a Pokémon that had a "light green" aura could have a "dark green" aura the year after.

Dark Spectrum:
Seen as the "Evil Spectrum" due to it's properties. This Spectrum results in the power to absorb energy. It acts much like the color black in which it absorbs the all the colors in light reflecting nothing back causing a "hole" in one's vision. There have been no recorded Auras with a pure black aura, but there have been mostly black souls in certain Pokémon. The spectrum causes a more selfish Pokémon, but not necessarily a evil Pokémon. For more info please read the "Dark Spectrum" section.

Light Spectrum:
The light spectrum, or the "Good Spectrum" as some have so adequately put. This one results in the power to reflect energy. Though, in a single Human-Turned Pokémon that I knew demonstrated his ability to reflect any attack, much like the spell "Mirror Coat". Those of this spectrum tend to be more willing to give rather than take.

Auras are similar, but different to the Soul, as an Aura can more readily change. For a Soul to change, something drastic would have to happen to the individual. I hope that you will continue to read this book, as I have spent the majority of my life researching these things.

Sincerely, the owner of the Pure Violet Aura
Samantha Crossing

I leaned back from the book with what I hoped was a look of contemplation. The information in the book had been extensive and frankly, attention grabbing. I had the book cover to cover without stopping, absorbing every little detail I could. I suspected from both the way the book was written and the name of the author, that this author could very likely be a human, or at least a Human-Turned Pokémon.

The book had also provided the fact that I was a Pokémon that could sense Aura. Though the book did explain that all Pokémon could sense Aura, but practice was needed. It even went through a very detailed process of how to sense Aura. I wonder if I should-

"So how was the book, Steven?"

I yelped, bounced up in my chair, then fell out of it on to the ground. There was laughing, behind me as a groaned onto the floor. Turning to the owner of the laughter I saw Sven doubled over in laughter. I couldn't help but smile, it was nice to see him happy rather then stoically emotionless.

"Good, how did you get behind me without me noticing?" I asked as I rose to my feet, feeling a bit of pain from the fall.

"I- *Gasp* I just walked up to you. Woo that was funny." He stopped talking to give himself a chance to breathe. "But yeah, I've been behind you for the last ten minutes."

"You've been behind me for ten minutes!?" I asked incredulously, my voice rising an octave. Why didn't you say anything earlier?"

"You were at the end of the book and you seemed to be really into it." He replied, a smirk playing on his canine lips. "Anyways, it's time to go."

"Go?" I queried, previous events momentarily forgotten.

"Yes, like go back to my place. It's nighttime, meaning, bedtime." He explained. "You can leave the book here, we'll come back in the morning, okay?"