Borne again: Dedicated to Skilletgirl101


"Well today I found myself

After searching all these years

and the man that I saw

He wasn't at all who I thought he'd be."

Inuyasha was nervous. Today was the day his life was going to change for the better. He started to rock back on his heals. He saw Kagome signal to him. We walked into the water. When he was beside her she asked him "Inuyasha do you confess that jesus is your savior?" "Yes". Said Inuyasha.

"I was lost when you found me hear

and I was broken beyond repair

Then you came along

and you sang a song over me"

"Now that you have confessed that Jesus is your savior I now baptize you, in the name of the father, the son and in the holy spirit."she dunked him under the water, and as he came up he felt his sins being washed away.

*Flash Back*

"Inuyasha now that you want to be baptized, what are your reasons?" Kagome asked. "I want all of my sins to be forgiven, I want to be able to be with god and Jesus when I leave this world, and I want to be free from my sins." Inuyasha said.

*End Flashback*

"Make a promise to me now reassure my heart somehow

that the love that I feel

is so much more real then anything,

I've a feeling in my soul

and I pray that I'm not wrong

that this life I have now is only the beginning."

Inuyasha wished that his family could, be hear to see this. Even his brother, Sesshomaru, even if he was jerk. He saw the faces of his friends, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Koga, and Ayame. They were all smiling at him. His friends had been baptized years ago, and now, it was his turn.

"It feels like I'm born again

It feels like I'm living

for the very first time

for the very first time

It feels like I'm breathing

it feels like I'm moving

for the very first time

for the very first time."

He turned to Kagome and hugged her. She hugged him back. When Inuyasha left the water to change back into his normal cloths, he saw his brother waiting for him. "So you did come after all." Inuyasha said with a small smile. "Little brother I wouldn't miss this day for the world." Sesshomaru said.

"I wasn't looking for something that was more

then what I had yesterday

Then you came to me and you gave to me

life and a love that I've never known

that I've never felt before."

Forgetting that he was wet, Inuyasha hugged his brother tightly. Sesshomaru hugged him back not caring if he got wet. Once Inuyasha was dry and dressed, Sesshomaru showed him to a room, where his friends and family were waiting. Miroku, Koga,and there bishop Totosai where waiting in a circle around a single chair. Inuyasha sat in the chair and felt Miroku, Koga, Sesshomaru, and Totosai placed there hands on his head. Totosai said "Inuyasha Toshiro Tekashi, by the power of the priesthood that we hold, receive the holy ghost." Inuyasha felt warm inside. He felt as though there was another soul inside him. "So, this is what the holy ghost feels like." Inuyasha thought as, he smiled.

"It feels like I'm borne again

it feels like I'm living

For the very first time

I'm living for the first time

it feels like I'm breathing

it feels like I'm "moving

for the very first time

I'm living for the first time

in my life."

Inuyasha opened his eyes, and standing up shock hands with Miroku, Koga, Totosai; when he got to his brother he hugged him, he felt tears leaking form his eyes. He went to Kagome and hugged her and whispered "Thank you Kagome. I feel like I've been born again." Kagome smiled, she was glade that she had been able to help each of her friends to be born again.