Summary: Wakana died when giving birth to Rikuo, making Rihan a single father with two sons. Rikun was the oldest by 3 months from his first wife Yamabuki who mystery disappear and now Rikuo from his second. What Rihan didn't imagine was that he, his father and his son Rikun would fall for Rikuo. Or the fact his late wife Wakana had a brother who was the Demon king of Hell…How can the Nura clan survive this?

This is also a crossover Nurarihyon no mago n Shounen Onmyouji with my main OC.


Nurarihyon x Rihan x Rikun x Rikuo

Guren x Mashiro

Arashi x Zen


Nurarihyon will be in younger form (Past form)

Rihan does not die

Yoru is Rikuo Yokai form

Rikuo also have a Yokai form but his have light grey black hair with blue eyes instead

My Main OC

Name: Sheeta Lelouch Yang

Full name: ?

Age: ?

Gender: Female (Sheeta)/Male (Lelouch)

Race: God, Demon and human a 1/3 of each blood

Nickname: Rashi-chan, Ta-chan, Maō (Demon king), Shi no tenshi (Angel of Death), Za Sairento shi (The Silent Death) and Chimei-tekina tsubasa Fokkusu (The Deadly Winged Fox)

Powers and skills:

Have the power change gender at will

Can Control all Elements

Can change to anything

Yokai Fears

Kakusareta kokoro –Hidden Heart (Let the user to see the victim past and know their dislike and like and use in it against them by showing them their past)

Amaterasu- shining in black heaven (Burn them with black flames)

Tsukuyomi- Moon Reader (Trap victim in an endless world for 72 hours while 5 second in the real world and torture the mind if will power and mind not strong enough you will die after the effect)

God Fears

Kontorōruhāto-Control Heart (Can control the heart and mind of a person, making think they wanted that)

Yoru no kontorōru- Night Control (Can keep the night up all night and block the sun)

Darkness colour is Purple seeing that Fear is Black.

Yokai Darkness

Hakai-Destruction (Destroy everything in it way with no mercy)

Komando-Command (The victim listen to the user no matter what)

God Darkness

Souruōbā-Over Soul (Take control over a person body)

Ōbādoraibu- Over Drive (Booster the user power by 10 full)

Chapter 1: Enter Rikuo Nura

Hard breaths were only heard around the room. "Come on Lady Wakana, your almost there I can see the head" Said Tsurara. Tsurara was Yuki-Onna an Ice Yokai. She long black hair with light blue on top with ember eyes. "AH! RIHAN NURA YOU DAMN BASTARED! I SWEAR YOU NEVER TOUCHING ME AGAIN!" Wakana scream as she was giving birth, while a young man wined in pain at the scream. The young man was known as Rihan Nura, his was 2nd heir to the Nura Clan, Son of Nurarihyon a Yokai while his mother was a human called Yohime. Rihan have long black hair with yellow eyes. Nurarihyon was a man with yellow-black hair with gold eyes; he was the supreme command of Yokai, command of a night padre of one hundred demons.

"It's a boy" Tsurara said as she wash the baby boy in bathtub then cover him the black blanket and hand him over Wakana. "You did very well" Rihan said he kiss her on the lip "What should we name him?" Wakana was the only one who felt the wind breeze on her face whispering a name, she spoke "His name will be Rikuo….Rikuo Nura" "

"Rikuo….That perfect…Rikun say hello to your little brother" Rihan said he hold Rikun to Rikuo. Wakana smile softly then she gasp. "Ah" Rihan shouted "Wakana are you okay" "Lord Rihan please with Master Rikuo and Master Rikuo, we(Tsurara) need to check on Wakana" said Kejōrō. Rihan nodded and leave the room with his son.

A few hours later

"I s-sorry…..Lord Rihan I did my best to save her…. but she no long with us" Tsurara said as she tries not to break down. Rihan couldn't believe it his dear lovely wife Wakana was dead…gone…Rihan spoke "Please leave me alone for a while" Tsurara nodded and slowly left the room. Rikuo feeling his father sadness try cheer up his father. Rihan looked at his youngest son and smile. "You really are Wakana and my child" He said softly which made Rikuo giggle.

5 years later

"Can't catch me Rikuo!" a Young with white and black shouted. "Wait up nii-san" Rikuo shouted back as he ran after his half-brother. "Rikun, Rikuo won't wonder too far" their father said as they ran off. Rihan stop and looked over at the yellow Yuamabuki rose blooming while his 'daughter' said "beautiful" in the background and gently said "Sevenfold, eightfold, The Yuamabuki rose blooms, but not a single fruit it bears. Such sadness"

Before Rihan got stab by the young girl behind him, the wind attack her. Rihan to see the great demon sword was on the floor with creepy old man demon over his 'daughter' body. "Get off her!" He yelled as draw his sword. "My, my, the plan failed…oh well" mutter the old yokai, he turn his. "We meet again Rihan Nura! And the next time we meet you will die!" He crackled before disappearing with his 'daughter'' and the sword. "Tou-san!" his boys shouted as they ran over before stopping, Rikuo then asked "Tou-san….Where nee-chan?" Rihan answer slowly "I not sure but let's go home…" "Hai!" his boys answer as they walked with (more like drag) Rihan home. While at the Yuamabuki roses garden the wind blow softly and said "I can't wait to final meet you Rihan, Rikuo, Rikun"

3 years later

"AAHHH!" Tsurara scream as she was walk into a trap and hang upside down. "What happening Yuki-Onna! Are we being attack?" Aotabō shouted as he came over with the monk Kurotabō. When they step closer, they both down fell down into a pit-hole up to their waist. That when Rikuo and Rikun appeared with some weaker demons, shouting "We did it! We did it" laughing their head off while the three yokai shouted "Young Masters! " Kurotabō shouted "You're both like the Supreme Commander and Lord Rihan, Your pranks go too far" Rikuo and Rikun just turn stick out their tough and then run off while the Yokai screaming "Young Masters!" Yuki-Onna shouted "Someone get me down from here!" as she hold on her kimono not wanting to show her (cough) under pants. Unknown to them the wind giggle and spoke "Rikuo and Rikun I can't wait see you soon, every soon"

Meanwhile at a noodle store

Nurarihyon, Rikuo, Rihan and Rikun were eating some noodles with fish. Nurarihyon human form was a young man around his 30s with blonde hair and black on the bottom like Rikuo, while Rihan hair black hair was down tie in a ponytail with green tips. Nurarihyon laugh "That's Hysterical. A Yokai should never let anyone get the drop on them." Rikun said "hey! Hey! So can I have the title of the Third now?" "Well looked like want my job" Rihan chuckled Rikun nodded.

Rikuo then asked "Hey if Yokai are really strong then how come the ones at our house aren't?" Nurarihyon head somehow became big and shouted "What are you saying?! Do you not know about my Youngers days?" Rikuo eyes had stars in them "Tell me, Tell me! I love that story!" While in the background Rihan and Rikun has anime sweat drop on their head. Nurarihyon grin and spoke "I had one hundred yokai under me and night after night, I did great things. I was feared by humans, and revered as the Supreme Commander. The Lord of the Night….That was me!" Rikuo star eye grew bigger which made him cuter. "Wow! You're so cool, Jiji!"

"Okay Rikuo, I'll show you some more of my yokai magic today." Rikun and Rihan sweat drops got bigger at that part while Rikuo nodded in a very cute way. "Hey wasn't there some customers here!" a servant asked. "Huh?" asked the boss, "AAAHHH! We've been had, It's a dine and dash!"

Meanwhile down the road where our Nura family was running. "Isn't that great? It's a 'spell' that lets you eat for free!" Nurarihyon laugh. Rikuo answer back "Cool, Jiji" Rikun and Rihan sigh his son/brother was too innocent for his own good.

That Night

Rikuo yawn as he looks at the Sakura Blossom tree, and then he heard a voice singing. Unknown to him, his grandfather, father and brother was watching.

This an accident

Not the kind where sirens sound

Never even noticed

We're suddenly crumbling

Tell me how you've never felt

Delicate or innocent

Do you still have doubts?

That us having faith make any sense

Tell me nothing ever counts

Lashing out or breaking down

Still somebody loses

'Cause there's no way to turn around

Staring at your photograph

Everything now in the past

Rikuo and his 'stalkers' look up to see a young girl around 5 with long silver pinkish white hair with glory emerald eyes staring at Rikuo in grey . Rikuo asked "W-who are you?" she smile and spoke "Rikuo really didn't your mother ever told you about me?" Rikuo eyes with wide "Tou-san said that my mother die when she gave birth to me" the girl turn her to the star lit sky and said "true, if Wakana was alive, you would of know who I am" Rikuo asked "So, who are you?" She answered "I'm your…cousin (Rikuo and Nura family eyes went wide), Wakana, your mother is my aunt. I'm also yokai by the way." She disappear from the tree appear right in front of Rikuo, she grab his hand softly and place a necklace with symbol of a eight point star in his hand then said "Let meet you Rikuo-nii-san" before disappearing completely without a trance.


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