Chapter 2 is in the house

Summary: Wakana died when giving birth to Rikuo, making Rihan a single father with two sons. Rikun was the oldest by 3 months from his first wife Yamabuki who mystery disappear and now Rikuo from his second. What Rihan didn't imagine was that he, his father and his son Rikun would fall for Rikuo. Or the fact his late wife Wakana had a brother who was the Demon king of Hell…How can the Nura clan survive this?

This is also a crossover Nurarihyon no mago n Shounen Onmyouji with my main OC.


Nurarihyon x Rihan x Rikun x Rikuo

Guren x Mashiro

Arashi x Zen


Nurarihyon will be in younger form (Past form)

Rihan does not die

Rikun is Rikuo Yokai form

Rikuo also have a Yokai form but his have light grey black hair with blue eyes instead

Chapter 2: Meet Lelouch Yang

After Wakana niece little stunted of showing at their house, The Nura family had been searching for her and wanted to some answers. Who is she? What type of Yokai is she? And Why didn't she ever some to see them? If so, why now…

Rikuo wanted to join his family in the search but can an only human do. Rikuo went to school today and sat in his normal sit near the window. The bell ring and every one came in, the teacher spoke "Alright class there's a new student today, please welcome Lelouch Yang" a young boy around 7 enter. He had sky blue wild spike hair with his hair covering his left eye which looks like he never brush his hair while a mask cove his face, ruby red eyes and with sword necklace.

His skin was a creamy light colour with a mask coving his bottom face. "Please introduce yourself to the class" the moment the teacher said that everyone in the class shot up their hand minus Rikuo of course. Miss Yuki was called by Mr. Kong to leave the room. "If any of these questions are about my hair colour or eyes, please put your hand down" He spoke, which most hand did but a 5. "My hair colour and eye colour is natural, I do brush my hair but goes wild and spikey again" Kids these days he thought secretly. "yes, you" Lelouch pointed to Kiyotsugu. "Yang-kun, are you related to Shallow Yami Yang in some way?" Lelouch gulp a bit before saying carefully "Yes, I am, Shallow is my older brother"

Everyone started to talk and throw question from left and right to him, that when Miss Yuki walked back in. Thank god Lelouch and Rikuo thought. Lelouch quickly went and sat behind Rikuo.

The day past quickly, and final it was the last lesson of the day and it was about Yokai. "….And so, the handsome Onmyouji swordsman defeated the fearsome, child-devouring child. And the shrine was built in his honor, which is what know today as the Aratama Shrine. The end" Kiyotsugu spoke as he flips his hair. Before Rikuo could lift his hand up and spoke Lelouch catch his hand and place it down and shake his head then whisper "don't you just make a fool out of yourself".

After school ended, Rikuo look over for Lelouch but didn't found him. Rikuo give up when he saw him staring down at him from the roof, Lelouch smile before disappearing from view. Rikuo quickly ran to the rooftop. Rikuo gasp out "Yang-kun, just who are you?" when he reach to the top. Lelouch continue staring at the orange sun sky before answering "I already you who I was last night didn't I" Rikuo eyes went wide, Lelouch turn his head to him and smile "You really are aunt Wakana son, I'm a Yokai like you but I'm a 1/3 of Yokai blood. If you ever need my help or something Rikuo-kun just throw the necklace I gave you, 3 hits, down to the ground and I be there" He finish before disappearing with the wind once again.

At Nura Gabi

Rikuo was thinking about what Lelouch said and deicide to called him….or her….Lelouch was a girl last night and then she was a boy how did he…she did that, he(Rikuo) will never know (yet hehe). Rikuo walk in the meeting room, unknown there was a meeting going on. "Tou-san I-"Rikuo was but when saw the other class member there "Gomen (sorry)!" Rikuo quickly spoke before try to leave but Rikun catch him and said "Rikuo you wouldn't come to the meeting room unless you have something to say, so what is it" Rikuo bit bottom of hid lip before answering "I believe I have a lead of our mystery cousin" The main Nura family went wide at this. "Cousin?" Gyuuki asked. Rihan sigh and place his hand over eyes. "Last night we encounter with another Yokai, a Yokai that we don't know or wasn't ally with. She claimed to be my late wife niece, which was true, I went through some of her old family album and found her there as a baby in the picture with Wakana when she was still pregnant with Rikuo."

Nurarihyon spoke "Rikuo you said that you had a lead?" Rikuo nodded slowly "Kaa-san niece…was transfer to my school today" "What!" Everyone shouted. "Rikuo you baka (idito)! Why didn't you bring her home with you then?!" Rikun shouted, "How was I supposed to know she was he!" Rikuo yelled back. "A what!?" They yelled. "I didn't even know that Lelouch or whatever her or he name is could transform into a girl or boy at will. And he or she was like about 7 years old" Rikuo pouted. "A Yokai to transform into a different form is amazing, epically at a young age" Gyuuki spoke.

"Truth, I like to meet this child when she or he joins the Nura clan" Hihi spoke. Rikuo then said "Why don't we asked himself, the necklace he gave last night act like a summoning" Everyone eyes turn to Rikuo. "What?" "Rikuo when did you knew that it could summon him or her?" Rihan asked carefully. Rikuo quickly gulp and throw the necklace to the ground and smoke appeared.


There was Lelouch…. with a bath towel on his bubble head and white mask covering his face and was fully naked…The others could only stare epically a young birdy while Lelouch, Rikuo and Rikun blush…. Lelouch quickly click his fingers. He was now wearing a grey kimono with his usually mask. "That was an embarrassing" Lelouch cough out, Lelouch turn his head to Rikuo "Oi, Rikuo you'll supposed to hit the necklace three time then throw it to the down ground, the three hit will be me a warning that your summoning me" "Gomen (sorry)!" Rikuo cried out. Lelouch sigh as he shake his head "You wanted to speak with me right?" Nurarihyon nodded "Yes, Lelouch-kun, we the Nura clan was wondering your clan would join up together." Lelouch his left hand on his chin and thought "Hmm…I will like to but…I not the clan heir yet" "yet?" Gyuuki asked. "Yes, my father plan was to spit the his land in three parts for older brothers and me, however my older brother didn't wanted to be clan heir so the tittle was past to me by force" Which is half true my brothers couldn't to become the clan heir seeing that they both have roles already lucky bustards Lelouch thought.

Everyone eyes wide. "Not that I care about, many of my clan men and allies was quite pleased with this, seeing that I was stronger than my brothers combine…" Another true fact Lelouch thought again. "Stronger than your brothers combine?" Hihi questioned.

Lelouch sigh again "Back in my ancestor days, to become the clan leader wasn't past by blood it was passed by defeating last leader. Does matter if the leader weaker by illness or not at full power you will be killed either way." everyone eyes wide again. "My great, great, great, great grandfather didn't want the clan and allies to fight over being leader anymore because a stupid reason so he became clan and made rule saying that only some with his blood cause become the next heir. My clan is called 'The Kami Clan'". Nurarihyon lift his right eyebrow "The Kami clan as in God" Lelouch nodded "The reason is because my grandfather somehow got the ability to become…. immortal" Everyone eyes went even widen at that. "My clan use to be called "The Aichi Clan-meaning Love Blood clan" Lelouch eyes went wide "Sorry my time is up now; my brothers are calling for me" Lelouch disappeared in a dark blue light.

"Damn I forgot to ask him what age he was and how could he change gender" Rihan wined. Nurarihyon sigh at his son childish self, when Lelouch left, Rikuo mystery left the room as well without everyone but Gyuuki and his noticed. "Right back on track I was saying that Rikun and Rikuo is now…"

Meanwhile with Rikuo

Rikuo was in his room ready for bed while thinking about what Lelouch said.


Lelouch click his fingers twice at the speed of light, which cause everything but them to froze "Oi, Rikuo let me give you some advises... Don't be scare of your yokai-self embrace it. Doesn't matter either your human or yokai, you'll you. Believe in what you believe in so you never lose your way. As long as you have someone or something to care about, you have the will to fight on until their safe. That when you truly become strong. Oh right yea my name when a girl is Sheeta.

He clicked fingers twice once again and time move again. Rikuo slowly left the room at his own thoughts.

Back flash end

Rikuo thought embrace my yokai part…. how can I? Lelouch I wish you had me a bigger hint. Rikuo sigh tried, he went to sleep for school tomorrow while Lelouch's words echo in his minds.


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Rikuo: *Sweat drops* She losing her mind

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