The Dummy's Finale


In Which Amy Kramer Is Stabbed

Amy wasn't sure what to think about what he'd told her. Her parents and siblings had been steering clear of her, so she was able to think. Horrorland—a park filled to the brim with monsters scarier than Slappy existed.

Having the house to herself, aside from Slappy who was doing god knew what, she sat in her room and thought.

She picked up a penny as she sat at her desk, staring absently. It was hard to think of an entire park full of monsters like the one that haunted her as a twelve-year-old, but somehow, it made sense. Ever since Slappy left all those years ago, more things came out of the woodwork that she never saw, but, oh boy, did she suffer from their actions.

Her mom's expensive jewelry disappeared, and she got blamed and grounded from soft ball. Her sister's latest "masterpiece" was ruined by water damage, and she couldn't have the keys to the car to practice driving. Jed's favorite cleats were destroyed, and her parents made her go with them to family night bingo instead of hanging out with her friends. When Dad's client sat on tacks embedded in the cushion of his chair, she had to walk to school in the icy cold.

The list went on and on, and she couldn't prove she didn't do it so she was punished.

Her old friends quit asking to hang out, even her best friend. Amy had all but given up trying to actually get her license since she kept getting the car keys taken away, which in turn made her parents angry because she didn't have said license. Jed would shove her at every turn when his cleats got ruined, and he'd even messed up a project she'd spent a week on. That resulted in twenty-grade reduction, which made her parents angry, but when she told them about Jed, they didn't believe her.

Amy glared at the coppery blur on her desk as she spun the penny. How her life changed with one damnable decision. She really should've left him in the woods. Her life had truly gone to hell since she found him. The creepy shrink came back, her sister turned the entire family against her, and there was an incubus trying to suck her dreams.



With a low sigh, she turned away and blinked hard. The sun streamed through the half-open blinds, blinding her, so she decided to climb into bed. Her legs burned as she walked, making her wince. Her shins up were covered in bruises from softball practice, and her muscles ached with every step, reminding her of practice. She fumbled, tripped, and got smacked in the legs by thrown bats far too much, and when she finally skateboarded home, Sara had used up all the hot water and left her towels all over the floor.

Amy kicked off her shorts and her bra, flopping down onto the bed. The soft sheets, cool to the touch, felt wonderful against her aches and bruises. Groaning to herself, she pressed her face into the pillow and closed her eyes, intent on a little nap.

A loud bang startled her awake, sending her bolt upright. Glancing outside, she spotted the orange-pink blazing sky, the black silhouette of the trees swaying in the breeze, and she was quick to notice the lack of noise. Again. Sweat beaded her skin, soaking her t-shirt, and she pulled her hair away from her face.

Something creaked, and she felt her stomach twist as the closet door opened slowly. Black shadow crept across the floor, thick and opaque as the silhouette outside her window, and she heard a low, hoarse laugh. Her skin broke out in goosebumps, and her scalp tingled all the way down her back.

"Mom?" she squeaked, unable to keep her voice strong, and heard the vowels crack. "Dad? Jed, if you're messing with me, I'm gonna kick your ass into next week!"

No response.

Her lips trembled as she chewed them nervously, hiding her quaking hands. "Sara, if you're doing this, you're a complete and utter cow."

More laughter, like overlapping layers, and coming from all directions. A breeze picked up as the doors opened wider, a big opening in the wall now. Out the pitch-black came a tall, gaunt figure. A man's figure.

"Oh, Amanda," whispered the voice that had slowly been trickling in her dreams.

Baby blue eyes, piercing and true, opened in the darkness. A bolt of liquid heat spread in place of her blood, rushing to her cheeks in big patches that felt like magma. Tight heat twisted inside her lower stomach, making her breathing pick up.

The orange-and-pink light coming from the window gleamed off the tight-knit curls, highlighting the cutting cheekbones and thin, dark smile.

Blood hummed in her ears as he stepped closer, the only sound being her heavy, quick breathing and the swish of the fabric of his clothes. His sneakers didn't make a sound on the squeaky floor as he seemingly glided forward until he was right there, and she couldn't find any words anymore.

His eyes seemed to bore into her as he leaned down, his soft breath ghosting her face like an icy wind. With him moving down, she reclined until her back touched the mattress, unable to look away from those ocean eyes, the depths tugging at her, enticing her. The smile he flashed down at her was liquid desire, his eye color growing darker, the shade of violets and nightshade.


Rough boy hands touched her sides, her hips, rubbing her arms as he laid himself down on her, and he was cold, a balm to her aching muscles. As he pressed, she felt one icy hand drag to her hip and cup her butt, tugging her leg around his hip. She felt hot all over, unable to speak a word, but her mind screamed and rebelled against the blood-red eyes staring down at her, the low voice saying someone else's name in her ear.

Get off me! Slappy! Her pulse hammered in her temples and her throat as he pressed slow kisses against her jugular. One hand gripped her side tightly as the other left her butt.

And then came a white-hot pain focused in her side like being stabbed. The skin broke, and the pain went bone-deep. Something wet and hot soaked her shirt, and Ray pulled away with a grin, something silver clenched tightly in his fist.

She felt dizzy, still immobilized, as he licked the curved dagger in his hand, tauntingly licking the sides and then the edge of the blade, a black substance oozing out when it cuts his tongue.

As she began to regain sensation, her vision spotted with black, and Ray's figure eased back into the shadows. The familiar voice screamed at her as her eyes shot open again, her back throbbing so badly she began to cry immediately.

"Amy, Amy, wake up, you stupid girl!" Slappy barked somewhere above her as a pressure weighed down her legs. Her mom was crying as her baby brother, white-faced, spoke quickly on the phone.

"...She's bleeding, but her boyfriend's trying to stop it," he was saying.


Ray. The knife. The buttery voice. The Knife.

"Goddamn it, Amy, don't you dare fall asleep. He'll finish the job," the ventriloquist said in her ear, and she realized she'd been stabbed by an incubus, and, currently, was bleeding out.