Making something from nothing. A story of redemption… And music.

Author's note: This story is loosely based on the world canon of a fic called "The Power of Dragon mating" which in turn was based on a fic called "dragon mating season" by "King Spike Rules"

Spike was having a problem. He was in recent times having... Thoughts. He was growing older and some of his draconic features were showing more strongly; Including their ravenous lust. The princess had grown worried about his condition and planned to chain him in the dungeon to keep others safe.

Now, depressed and alone, the dragon had no one to turn to. Who could he turn to? His friends? The ones he was so afraid to end up hurting? The Princesses? They wanted to lock him up. He only had himself to turn to, and this was where our story begins...

Spike was in his room, sitting in his basket, contemplating his own thoughts. How they had gone out of control, and how he could fix it.

"What to do, what to do..." He said to himself. "I won't let this take me over, but what can I do? I stay here and I get thrown in the dungeon; I leave and I have a chance of hurting someone. Think think THINK!"

He was infuriated at his own incompetence. He was a DRAGON of all things, but he couldn't come up with a simple answer to his problem.

"If only I could purify or redeem..." he said, stopping at 'redeem', "Could I? Would it be possible to cleanse my mind and redeem myself?"

He thought about it, it was the only real sensible answer. Purify his mind of unclean thoughts and come back. It was perfect! So he began his plan, bringing a small backpack of items he thought he'd find useful on his trip, as well as a quill, ink, and parchment.

'If only I...' he thought before remembering. he looked under Twilight's bed to see if it was still there...

It was there.

He looked at the thing, a sword given to him by an old friend. Made of some of the purest steel to exist and sporting a Brass steel guard and fire ruby pommel. Twilight had hidden it from him for a long time; now was his time to use it...

He got it and its sheath, a set of clothing and other small things before listening at the door. His friends seemed to be arguing down the stairs. Though he couldn't pick up exactly what they said. So he carefully hopped and climbed down from the window. Taking what would be his last look at the home he had all of his life, at least for a time. and walked off. On a quest to find his own redemption.

Author's note: I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope to make more of this new adventure for our Dragon. Warning and apology that even though it isn't going to be a clopfic, there may be borderline scenes; but I'll try to keep those rare, but either way I hope to see you readers for chapter 2! :)