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Some of you are probably wondering why starting up yet another story. Honestly, this is probably going to be a small three shot that I was inspired to write after I saw the title pic. This takes place right after Pokémon Special Manga: Black 2 and White 2. If you don't know what's going on, I'd suggest you read the first chapter and whatever you can pull off Bulbapedia. That's what I did. So after you've done that, sit back and enjoy the first part of Black 2 & White 2: True Colors.

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Lack-two examined his case files for the twelfth time that evening. Something was off. He had dated probably all of the girls in the school by now and only one girl seemed act suspicious. Whi-two, something was off about her. She disliked battling, despite winning every battle. She was horrified at the sight of a Pokedex, but was more than willing to help in a Pokestar studio film. She was trying to be normal, and failing horribly. The only problem was that Lack-two couldn't find any incriminating evidence that proved her as the surmised "Team Plasma agent". She seemed quite innocent, a cheery, peppy kind of girl. Not to mention she was very cute…

Lack-two caught himself in that thought. Wait! Whi-two…cute? It was true. The girl's big blue eyes had a sparkle that often caught him off guard. And her hair! The way she kept her luscious brown hair in two donut shaped buns with tails that fell down to her waist often left him fantasizing himself stroking that silky soft hair. Even when she frowned, just her face alone could brighten his day. And as mentioned before, she was an excellent battler. His skill in battling came from intense training from Interpol yet she had been able to match his Dewott toe to toe with a Foongus of all Pokémon. Where did that cunning, quick thinking battle style come from?

The brown haired boy shook his head out of his dreamland. Snap out of it. This is an important job. He didn't have time to be fantasizing about girls, especially girls who could be evil Team Plasma agents. He had to find the plans for the control device. His abilities to act and deceive while keeping his emotions out of the mission was what made him a superintendent in Interpol.

His head turned when he heard a faint knock at the door. Quickly he stashed his files under the pillow before opening the door. Standing before him was Leo, the young boy who had managed to reach the Top 8 in the Ventress Conference two years before. If he remembered correctly, he had done it all at the age of eight, which didn't make sense because most trainers didn't get their starter Pokémon until age ten. But when asked, the boy merely shrugged and said they didn't really care since he had defeated all the gym leaders anyways.

"Hey Leo, what's up?"

"Lack-two, what are you doing?"

"Just catching up on some homework."

"Right…" the younger boy sarcastically replied.

The brown haired boy frowned. "What do you mean buddy?"

"You spend each evening by yourself. It doesn't quite fit your playboy personality. But I know what you're doing."

He raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "What do I do?" he asked cautiously.

"You read hentai."

Inwardly, Lack-two let out a sigh of relief before realizing what the boy was accusing him of. "Are you calling me a pervert?"

The boy innocently shrugged. "Aren't you already one? You've dated probably most of the girls in the class with the exception of the new girl Whi-two."

Choosing between jeopardizing the mission and admitting a lie, the older boy laughed. "You got me there. But aren't you a little young to be thinking about these things?"

The other boy shrugged again. "Yes, yes I am. But when you get the publicity of a Top 8 battler, you lose your innocence pretty quickly."

Lack-two filed that information for later, but now he was a little annoyed with this entire conversation. "So why exactly are you here?"

"Hugh wanted to know where you were. Just wanted to warn you because he's pretty angry right now."

Hugh was probably one of the hottest headed boys he had ever met. He was always either super serious or super angry, often both. He seemed to get pissed at the smallest things and would often blow things way out of dimension.

"Ok, well thanks for warning me. I'll keep an eye on him." He froze. Leo was probably one of the smartest kids he knew other than himself. He was extremely observant and often built his battle style on adapting to his opponent's, contrary to Hugh who often tried winning with brute strength and blundering his way through battles. His own style was through deception and guile. He would show one style but suddenly reverse when his opponent least expected it. Leo was a valuable asset and might give him the missing link that he needed. "Hey Leo, hold on a sec."

The boy gazed up at the brown haired boy in curiosity. "What's up?"

Lack-two glanced down the hall to ensure nobody could hear their conversation, he brought his voice down to an almost whisper. "What do you think of Whi-two? The new girl?"

Leo thought for a moment before stating his observations. "Well, Whi-two's different. She's sweet and kind, but there's something that sets her apart from everyone else. She's the only girl who hasn't gone coo-coo over you and it seems as though she's trying to avoid recognition."

He paused for a second, coming to a conclusion. "Come to think of it, she's trying so hard to be invisible that she's getting the main spotlight. I mean it shines through her battle style. She makes you sympathize with her, using her cute, little Foongus to lure you out of your hole, then when you're vulnerable, she poisons or paralyzes you and surprise attacks you. That Foongus of hers has quite an arsenal including Solar Beam and Mega Drain. She hides behind this curtain of friendliness and kindness but she's hiding something much bigger underneath."

Lack-two took all of Leo's observations into consideration. One thing's for sure, she's hiding something from everyone else. "Thanks Leo, you're a real sport."

The boy did his signature shrug and smiled. "No need to thank me. But I have to ask, why are you so curious about Whi-Two?"

The brown haired boy smiled, having foreseen this question and already knowing an excuse. "Simple, she's the only girl I haven't dated. If she's resisting me, that means she's into me hard and is playing hard to catch. I have a reputation to uphold and that means I need to get a date with her. Besides, she's one of the cutest girls I've ever met and I'd have to be a super dense boy with a Pikachu to not try to hook up with her." Oh the irony!

How was that? Honestly I love Whi-two's backstory and I'd be a super dense boy with a Pikachu not to fall in love with the idealistic girl with donut buns. Please be critical with me. I just got into Pokémon in the past year and I'm eighteen. Tell me when I'm off or offensive or did my research wrong. I'm a super nerd. I respect people who nerd out on things. If you want to nerd out on Star Wars the former expanded universe, I'd love to have a conversation with you, just PM me. I will be updating the Tythos soon as well as several chapters of the Ranger Chronicles and possibly a new Young Republic chapter. Warning though, I've forgone a beta reader since I've been unable to contact my normal one. If you'd like to become my beta reader for any of the stories, let me know.

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