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Truth and Ideals

Lack-two packed his messenger bag. Pokeballs, check; taser, check; food supplies, check; transceiver, check; laptop, check; that was pretty much it. He didn't need to grab his other clothes. This mission required him traveling lightly.

Speaking of missions, this one was a failure. He hadn't found the Team Plasma spy. Sure he had a good idea that it was Whi-two but he hadn't had time to confront her about it. Speaking of which, this would be the first mission that he had failed in a long time. In the two years that he had served, a superintendent failing a mission would be embarrassing. But what was done was done and he had a new assignment.

Quickly he went over the case file one more time. According to Intel, the True Plasmas had set up in Driftveil city. Well, actually the intel wasn't wrong since the True Plasmas had pretty much come clean about their intentions and publicly announced their location. They wished to atone for their past misdeeds by caring for lost and abandoned Pokémon. For some reason, the agent smiled. This is what Team Plasma should have been. They wanted to protect Pokémon from abuse and cruelty. By opening up a shelter and nursery, they fulfilled that goal without having to resort to drastic methods.

Finally, he had finished packing. Hastily shoving the file into his bag, he opened his window, looked both ways, and smiled. Closing his eyes, he let out a steadied breath before releasing his grip on the ledge. Feeling the air rushing around him, he patiently waited for a few seconds of free falling until he landed softly in a bed of straw miraculously waiting for him. Opening his eyes, he examined the area around him. Good, nobody had seen his leap of faith. Despite the belief that dropping from heights with your eyes closed was something that only came from video games, many of the younger, more fit agents of Interpol utilized such death defying feats quite often. The key to such feats was preparation. When he had just arrived, he had made the stack in case he ever needed to make a quick getaway. Other agents utilized moats, rivers, fields, portable air bags, and even flying type Pokémon such as Unfezant, Staraptor, and Pidgeot. Only top agents could pull off leaps of faith with "true" faith that they would survive.

Dusting himself off, Lack-two quickly leaped out of the haystack and dashed into the darkness. If he had checked his belongings before he had left, he would have noticed his casefile on the True Plasmas had fallen out his bag during his fall.

Whi-two paced around her room impatiently. Wearing her old Plasma uniform made her heart beat giddily. How much longer did she have to wait? Why was Black-1 taking so long to fetch her? She needed to get out of here, lest suffer Hugh's wrath.

Yes, she now remembered Hugh. That afternoon at Hugh's birthday had been a real eye opener. Finding out that Hugh had been the owner of the Purloin Black-1's dad, her mom, and she had liberated had truly broken her. It got even worse when she met Lucy.

They had finally reached Hugh's family's apartment. Hugh's mother and father joyfully welcomed the friends in, claiming that they were so proud that Hugh had made friends at the school. Hugh just stood in front of his parents and sulked, while Lack-two utilized his charming smile and personality to woo the group in. Whi-two, on the other hand, merely stood flabbergasted at the entirety of the situation. That was until her eyes met with Lucy's. The girl stared at her before smiling and handed her a piece of cake. The rest of the afternoon actually went quite pleasant, Hugh's parents were very friendly and if Lack-two hadn't been flirting with her the entire time, she probably would have said the afternoon was perfect. But as the day drew to an end, Lucy beckoned the donut-haired girl to follow her. When they reached the girl's room, Lucy quickly shut the door behind her.

"I know who you are." She said firmly.

Whi-two's eyes widened. "You do?"

She nodded. "While my brother's pretty dense to remember a girl's eyes from five years ago, I'm not. You're a Team Plasma agent. You're the girl who stole my Purloin." She matter-of-factly, neither smiling nor frowning.

In moments, Whi-two was on her knees before the girl. "Please forgive me! I'm so sorry for what pain I caused you. I didn't realize what I was doing at the time and only wanted the best for that Purloin." She begged.

The other girl didn't move, not frowning, yet not smiling either. Finally, she cracked a smile. "Oh, silly, I've already forgiven you long ago. I just wanted to see how'd you react when I told you that I recognized you." She giggled.

Whi-two's face flushed as she realized how desperate she had been. "So you really forgive me for all that?"

The girl sighed. "Well, I guess for the first year, I was pretty sad and upset. I really did miss that Purloin and I still do, but after I while, I was more worried that the Purloin would be safe rather my own loneliness. Purloin is being taken care of, right?"

Whi-two nodded. "Yep, I personally took care of him until the Team disbanded. He was my best friend other than my Foongus."

"Thanks," the girl pulled her into a hug, "Now I can sleep soundly knowing that he's okay. But beware my brother ok. He hasn't forgiven you like I have. I hope you can help him. He really needs help; he's so vengeful that he hasn't been able to think straight."

Whi-two nodded. "Ok, I will do my best."

"Good, it's been great to finally meet you after all these years Whi-two." The blonde girl giggled, "Although I have to ask; why haven't you and Lack-two hooked up yet? You guys are perfect for each other!"

"What? Me with him? That's crazy thinking Lucy!"

She smirked. "I don't know Whi-two; I think he's crazy for you. Sure he may be a flirt, but I think it's sort of adorable the way he keeps going after you. And if you don't," the girl grinned. "I may be only eleven, but he is handsome and quite charming."

"What! Hugh would have a fit if you hooked up with him!"

Whi-two giggled to herself at the memory. Suddenly, slightly rusty instincts alerted her to an intruder's presence. She spun around, a switchblade drawn in her right hand, almost slashing her green haired friend if she hadn't dropped low and lashed out with her leg. Whi-two's were knocked out from under her as she fell to the ground with a discomforted oomph.

"Whoa girl, watch where you're swinging that thing." Black-1 chuckled.

"Don't sneak up on me like that then." The donut haired girl muttered, returning the blade to a hidden fold in her uniform. They were young girls in Team Plasma; naturally measures had been taken to ensure that they could protect themselves even without their Pokémon, whether it is perverts or Officer Jenny.

"Ah, just testing your reflexes. Glad to see you're still top notch." She replied.

Black-1 was wearing the same uniform, hood and dress, but had a bandolier of pokeballs strapped around one shoulder. She noticed the donut haired girls shocked stare and explained.

"Before you freak out, I personally asked each of my team if they wanted to be in a pokeball. They all agreed for the sake of easier transportation. Don't need them since Foongus fits in your fanny pack."

The girl nodded. "Ok, I can live with that."

"Good, shall we get going?"

"Yeah, but first let's stop at my house. There's a certain friend I need to pick up."

Hugh hated to admit it, but the party was actually pretty nice. He was officially thirteen and his parents and Lucy seemed to get along just fine with Whi-two and Lack-two. As much as he disliked the two, he actually felt like he owed them an apology. He first went to Whi-two's room, only to find that she wasn't answering when he knocked. He considered opening the door only to remember, at his age, he probably shouldn't be going into girls' rooms uninvited. He had had enough beatings from Lucy to know that.

Rather than pester her, he began strolling over to Lack-two's room. As he wandered down the corridors, he began to ponder the previous events over the past few days. Cheren had given him four detentions for disruption of class, but he had been able to pull in A's and B's in most of his classes. Several of the classes had been helpful, despite his original beliefs. The Pokémon Connoisseur class had taught him how to deepen the bond between his Trapinch. His faithful Trapinch was on the verge of evolving into Vibrava, a powerful dragon type. Honestly, he felt pretty proud that he had obtained a soon to be dragon type. Most trainers were stuck with Normal, Dark, Grass, Water, or Fire type Pokémon during the training and journeys. To have any of the more rare types meant he had a significant advantage against his opponents, especially Team Plasma. Team Plasma, his true enemy, could never be forgiven for their evil doings. They were evil bastards, all of them, one of whom lived in the school. He fidgeted with the locket in his pocket. Ever since he had found it, he had kept it on him, waiting for some evil girl to express losing her locket so he could rub it in her face that he had discovered her. Then he would drag her away and torment her until she gave him Purloin.

He finally reached Lack-two's room and knocked. No answer came.

"Lack-two it's me, Hugh. Can…I come in?" He asked, trying to be polite.

Still no answer came.

"Lack-two, are you there?"

Hugh was starting to get pissed. First Whi-two refuses to answer him and now Lack-two as well?

"I'm coming in!" he shouted, grabbing the door handle, only to discover it was locked.

"Lack-two don't you dare lock me out! You hear me!" He yelled, slamming his body against the door. After the third slam, the door gave way and he smashed onto the floor of the boy's room. Brushing the dust off his clothes, he took a look around, expecting to see the playboy laughing at him. But to his surprise, the room was empty. There was nobody there but him. He quickly glanced around the room until he saw the open window.

Honestly, if you asked Hugh why did what he just did, he would say, curiosity got the better of him. But before he knew it, he had scrambled over to the window sill, hoisted himself up, and stuck his head out of the frame. He peered out into the darkness to see the dark forest and Lillipup and Patrat scurrying from branch to branch. Then something caught his eye. A manila folder lay on the ground, red letters making some sort of word. As he leaned out more to get a better look, he lost his grip on the window sill and fell out the window. To his surprise, he dropped head first into a conveniently placed haystack. Hugh landed hard, despite the haystack, on his head. For a few minutes, he just lay there, trying to get the pain in his head to stop. Who in the world would leave their window open and just leave a haystack to catch their fall? This sounded like something out of a video game. In the game, you'd be tracking a kidnapping and discover that the haystack was used as the getaway for the assassin or something. Wait, kidnapping, assassin. Hugh couldn't believe it. The Team Plasma agent had kidnapped Lack-two for some reason and used the haystack as a cushion for her jump from the window. Lack-two could be in trouble!

Ignoring the pain, he pulled himself out of the haystack and grabbed the manila folder, the word "Confidential" stamped across the front in red letters. Without hesitating, he opened the folder. Inside was a detailed report about Team Plasma, now calling themselves the "True Plasmas". According to this file, they were based in Driftveil city. Hugh clenched the file. For the first time in three years, he had the chance to make Team Plasma pay. He had the chance to get his revenge. He had the chance to retrieve Purloin. He was about to head back in when he remembered that he had fallen from the fourth floor and the building was locked down for the evening. Swearing silently at the Plasma agent, he placed his hands on the brick wall and took a breath before pulling himself up. After twenty minutes, Hugh's bruised hands clamped over his friend's window. He was tired, battered, and bruised, but he had made it. He quickly rushed over to his room, slamming the door behind him. Trapinch looked up in surprise. "Tra?" it asked curiously, raising its head.

"I found Team Plasma and we're going after them." Hugh explained, quickly sucking his back into its ball and stashing it into his bag. Soon he had fully packed up for the trip. Silently opening the window, he looked down at the ground a few stories below. This time, he took a precaution and used the fire hose from the fire box as a rope for him to climb down.

When he finally reached the bottom, Hugh quickly took in the scenery around him before charging into the woods, hands clenched into fists. It was time to finish Team Plasma for good.

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