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Honestly Whi-two knew this day would come. Sure she hadn't expected to be choked to death, but she knew that she would have to pay for her crimes. She had tried to run away from her past, but she could only stay away for so long before it would catch up to her. But she regretted that it had to be Hugh and Lack-two who had to see her like this. Especially Lack-two, wait, where did that come from?

"You're...Team Plasma?" Hugh stuttered out, "You lied."

She hated that look on his face, his eyes widened with shock, his jaw open with betrayal. Whi-two hated how she had to lie to so many people about her past. It just made things so complicated. Whi-two saw Hugh as someone who had been taken advantage of, who had been judged without know the full story. She regretted being the one to so naively take a Pokémon away from his little sister so easily. That was the root of the problem. She wasn't blaming anyone else; she knew she was the problem.

She hung her head, basically resigned to her fate now. All she wanted was to atone for her past, and Hugh had chosen a drastic but realistic punishment for her. "I know...just finish it then."

Hugh slowly nodded as he began to tighten his grip when suddenly a stream of electricity jolted through his body. He cried out in pain as he dropped the girl on the ground, who began gasping for breath. She managed to turn her head to see Lack-two, wearing that blue and black suit, pointing a taser over the unconscious boy, before she blacked out.

Lack-two panted as he lowered the taser. He hadn't really expected to use it, but Hugh had left him no choice. Why did Hugh get involved in this entire matter? How did he know about this base? The aggressive, if not angry boy tended to get himself into trouble he couldn't get himself out of.

A male voice cleared his throat. Lack-two turned to see an elderly man wearing red robes staring at him. Right, that was Sage Rood, most likely his greatest potential ally in this fight. Suddenly, he felt a little guilty for letting this entire thing go on. He probably now looked badly in the man's eyes and Rood would probably need more convincing to help him.

The man stared at the boy, then at the two unconscious figures and seemed to put two and two together. "Ah, you must be the Interpol agent I was informed about. Your friend Looker informed me to expect your arrival…though I must say your timing is impeccable. I apologize for this violence. Human beings are not the most forgiving sort and have a hard time accepting change. I must say, we do try to atone for what we have done, no one can truly forgive what we have done in our past."

One of the other suited girls stared at him, then at the other unconscious boy. "Wait…are you Lack-two?"

How this girl know his name? Then again, he did have a way of getting around. Perhaps his name had even spread to Team Plasma; that was hilarious. "Umm…yes I am."

The girl shrieked in excitement. "Oh! You're White-2's girlfriend! You're even more handsome in real life than in hologram!"

White-2? Who was she? He didn't remember ever dating someone named White-2, only…oh…now it made sense. Whi-two was a shortened version of White-2, most likely a codename she had used, which brought up the question of what her real name was. "Wait…how do you know me?"

The green haired Plasma grunt rushed up to him, shaking his hand. "It's so great to meet you. Whitey and I were chatting a few days ago over the phone when you ran in inviting our dear Whitey out on a date! Since our transceivers have hologram functions I was able to see you guys…you know, Whi-two's pretty oblivious when it comes to feelings you know…maybe you need a more mature woman in your life. Someone like…I don't know…me!" She grinned seductively.

Lack-two was almost taken aback, then he grinned. This girl was almost like a female copy of him…except she was a Plasma grunt. "Well…as much as that sounds intriguing, my heart lies elsewhere. However, my number is always free of charge." He flirted back slyly. The green haired grunt put her hand to her mouth, impressed.

"I must say," She concluded, "You really do know how to get around. However I don't get how poor little naïve Whitey got herself in this kind of crowd." She glanced at the unconscious Hugh and Whi-two…err…White-2.

Rood took control of the situation right there. "Excuse me, but might we hold this conversation until we get these young friends some medical attention?"

The two teens looked at each other in embarrassment. Here they were supposed to be the more mature ones and they had just spent the last minute flirting with each other. "Right!" they both agreed, helping the other two grunts lift Whi-two and Hugh off the floor. Sage Rood and the other woman, identified as Concordia, led the company to a medical room.

"Just lay them on those beds over there. This isn't the first scuttle we've had since moving here. We've made sufficient preparations for when such situations might arise." Sage Rood explained.

A few minutes later, Lack-two found himself sitting in a conference room with Sage Rood and Concordia. He couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Sage Rood was nothing like what he had expected. Rather than a passionate furious man, he was a saddened, regretful man, who seemed burdened by the past. But he did the best he could to explain the situation and crisis at hand. After hearing the full details, Rood, like many other thoughtful bearded men, stroked his beard…well…thoughtfully. "I see. So you're hoping to rally my friends here to aid you in stopping Ghetsis. I'll tell you right now that it's not that easy. Most of my allies here are trying to avoid battles. They're attempting to atone for their actions peacefully, without violence. You'll most likely have the support of some, particularly the young ladies you just met. I brought them back because I knew they were more the fighting type than talking sort. You'll most likely find more willing members in the younger crowd than the older. That is my suggestion. Although, if you bring up Lord N, they will most certainly fight for you."

The teen supervisor frowned. "Is there any other way I could get more reinforcements? From what I was told, Neo Team Plasma is a serious threat will large amounts of resources in their control, including manpower."

The man frowned. "I apologize. I do not have any other ideas to help you. You might get the entirety of Team Plasma if Lord N was to suddenly appear and rally his army to your side. But short of that, I can't really give you much else to say."

"Maybe there's another way."

The group turned around to see a grunt with a weird face, then…it melted off, revealing a young women's face behind it. "What if you didn't need an army, but just a small team of really good trainers?"

The entire group turned around in surprise. "Who are you?"

Hugh woke up slowly, a major headache hitting him almost immediately. When he could finally will himself to open his eyes, he realized he was on a small cot. With some effort, he turned his head and almost wished he hadn't.

From his vantage point, he could see the rest of the room. On the other side of the room was another cot identical to his. But lying on top of the bed was a white figure. As his vision cleared, he realized that it was young girl wearing a white cloak. But this was no ordinary girl, this girl had brown hair wrapped up in two large buns, donut shaped buns. Hugh gasped in astonishment. Whi-two! What happened to her? How did she end up so pale and lifeless? He managed to pull himself out of the bed and rush to her side, shaking her body awake. "Whi-two! Are you alright? What happened to you?"

Come to think of it, how did he end up here? When he tried to think about the previous day, he couldn't quite remember what happened. All he remembered was that he had tried to find Team Plasma to find Lucy's Purrloin. But what was Whi-two doing here? "Whi-two?"

To his relief, the girl slowly opened her eyes. "Hugh?" She managed. Said boy let out a sigh of relief.

"Whi-two, you're alright! Thank Arceus!" He cried out in relief.

She stared at him in surprise. "Hugh…what are you talking about? Why are you acting like this?"

Hugh shook his head in confusion. "I don't exactly remember what happened. All I know is that somebody must have kidnapped us or something because I woke up and you're hurt. And…well…I haven't been that great of a friend, but you've been one of my closest friends and it'd kill me if someone hurt you, especially Lack-two."

She stared at him in shock. "Hugh…you really don't remember what happened. How I ended up like this?"

"No, why? What happened to you? Who caused this pain to you?"

"Hugh…you did this." Whi-two managed, then broke down crying.

Hugh didn't know what to say. How could he have done this? Never before had he done anything like this. He didn't really think it possible that he would physically hurt a friend. The only people who deserved pain was…Team Plasma. Suddenly pieces started coming into place. He noticed the stylized P on the girl's dress. She had Purrloin at her side. She was the one who had taken Purrloin from him! She was a cruel, heartless monster like he had always believed.

Hugh stopped himself. He had caused this much hurt to the girl. He began recollecting choking the girl…choking his friend. The girl had never treated him wrong. She had just happened to be with her mother who was attacking him. He had sworn to get revenge, but what did revenge entail? Now that he could think clearly, was he really in the right for attacking her so brutally. Heck, he had almost killed her. No, she wasn't a monster…he was the monster. For the first time since the loss of Purrloin, Hugh broke down crying in front of the bed.

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