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Hugh stood awkwardly before the gathered group, still not quite processing the situation fully. After being awakened by Mei, err...Black-1, dang, that girl had a way of working her way into his head. Lucy probably would never stop teasing him about her when she hears about his awkward situation. Anyways, the girl had dragged him off by the wrist and brought him to the main group. Hugh still couldn't help but glare at Rood and the other Plasma agents, but he tried not to judge them. Sure he had forgiven Whi-two, but he still held some grudges against the white clad thieves.

Black-1 had been speaking. "...and so Hugh here had the locket we've been looking for." The girl concluded as she held up the golden locket with the stylized P on it.

Rood smiled slightly. "Well, I'm glad we now have it. I'll have some techs look at it and see if we can figure out where Ghetsis plans to strike next."

Lack-two sat at the man's right side. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "According to the intelligence I received, Ghetsis was planning to use some sort of machine to awaken a Legendary Pokémon. The scientist's name was Colress."

Rood nodded. "We know him. He worked for us before the divide, but rumor was he started trying to rebuild his machine. Thankfully, the only set of schematics left are on that drive."

Hugh couldn't believe his ears. He remembered reading something about Colress's Secret Project. "Excuse me?" He asked.

All eyes turned to him. The quill fish haired boy froze. In no way was he used to all this attention. "Err...umm...what was this project supposed to do? Just asking! I didn't mean to intrude."

Lack-two laughed as he stood up and grabbed the boy around the shoulders. "By no means Hugh! Lighten up buddy!" He gestured for the boy to join them.

Before Hugh could protest, a soft voice whispered into his ear. "Hugh dear, please sit down and join us. I'd really appreciate it."

When Hugh finally regained his senses, he was sitting down at the end of the large table with a green haired girl stroking his hand. The group merely stared at the sight in shock, while Blue and Lack-two laughed hysterically. "Who knew the super serious Hugh could be tamed by a flirty PLASMA grunt of all people?"

Blue nudged Silver. "Doesn't this remind you of that girl back in New Bark Town...what was her name again?"

Silver glared at his adopted sister. "Let's not go there."

Red stared at the sibling duo. "What are you talking about?"

"Red, sometimes it's not worth the explanation." Green sighs in exasperation.

Hugh watched Whi-two's shocked expression along with a look that said let's chat later. After the pause of awkward silence, Rood decided to answer. "Well, to answer the boy's question, the Colress Machine was designed to control and enhance the powers of Pokémon."

Green nodded. "So basically he wants to control Pokémon without the need of say a Master Ball. He could use a device like that to control the Legendary Pokémon of Unova. I believe they were Dragons."

Rood nodded. "Yes, but that's the catch. Both Dragons have vanished off the grid. It is common knowledge that Reshiram is under the service of Lord N, but Zekrom vanished along with the Unova Champion."

"That's right. White mentioned something about that guy Black being sucked into the Dark Stone. Also she said that the guy N is currently looking for the Dark Stone." Red pondered.

All Plasma agents stared at the boy in surprise. "You know where Lord N is?"

Blue put up her hands. "What Red meant was that White told us that N is helping her."

"Let me see if I got this all right." Hugh said, tired of all the freaking out over N. "All we got to do is ask this 'White' person where N is and we can use him to find out how to stop Team Plasma's evil plan."

Black-1 smiled and leaned her head on the boy's shoulders. "That's right luv, you're so smart you know that?"

The boy's cheeks reddened quickly as he tried to process what just happened. Whenever that girl seemed to do something to him, he lost control of all practical thinking.

Green placed his hands on the table. "Then it's decided. First we'll wait a day or two while our reinforcements arrive here in Driftveil, then we go back to Opelucid City to meet with White. From there we'll divide accordingly."

Rood nodded. "I can't promise much support without N's own backing, but I will allow White-2 and Black-1 to accompany you on your mission. However, if you do manage to find Lord N, give me coordinates and I can promise you that we will be there."

Green smiled. "Thank you sir. This meeting is adjourned."

Hugh stood up and headed towards the donut haired girl. "You wanted to talk to me?" He asked briefly, trying not to sound too harsh.

Whi-two nodded. "I just wanted to warn you. Since I forgave you and enjoy you as a friend, I feel it's necessary to warn you about Black-1. She seems to like you and I'm proud that you're making a friend here. But also know that Black-1 is not what she seems. She's very dangerous and worst of all, she knows how to use her looks to get her way. Before the divide, she was training to be in the Shadow Triad, the elite Team Plasma unit."

The boy looked at the girl in surprise. He had heard of the Shadow Triad, the whispers and pained cries of both trainers and Pokémon alike telling of the inhuman skills and abilities of the personal assassins of Ghetsis. How could a girl like Black-1 become such cruel and sadistic people?

"I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. I'm not saying you can't trust her. Don't worry, I've known Black-1 for a long time and she's completely devoted to our cause. I'm just saying that she tends to play around with people and should not be underestimated. She hates people with ego issues. Be honest, be humble, and don't belittle her and you won't end up waking up to find a dagger at your neck. Plus, she's my best friend, so if you hurt her...well...I won't be so forgiving."

The way the girl stared right into Hugh's eyes made him shiver slightly. He had never seen this side of the girl before, which made him wonder: was this the true Whi-two?

Was she the girl he had come to know her as: a shy, innocent girl who hated being at the center of attention?

Or was she someone else: this cold, passionate warrior who would brutally murder you if you wronged her or her friends?

A day had passed since the he had arrived at the True Plasma and Lack-two still couldn't believe his luck. He had discovered Whi-two was the Team Plasma Grunt he had been after the entire time, recovered the schematics of the Colress machine, found help in the form of the Pokedex holders, and started down the route to completely removing Team Plasma for good.

He had spent the rest of the day bringing Looker and the rest of Interpol up to speed. Surprisingly the higher ups in the organization had deemed the case even more important and had arranged for a second supervisor to meet him in Opelucid City. Having a second agent there would be helpful in ensuring that the proper people were arrested and brought to justice. He still put the mission first, helping the others second. He had tried to inquire which supervisor they were sending but all he got was "She's one of your former flames". Which did not help as he had dated plenty of girls in the organization, partly to practice his flirtation skills and also because the agency always seemed to choose beautiful women to be their agents.

Perhaps he should offer Black-1 a job in the agency. She would be probably a perfect fit.

"Hey they're almost here!" Lack-two turned towards the young woman known as Blue. "You guys will love them."

"Sure they will. Sure they will you Pesky Woman. If they don't, you'll blackmail them into getting along." The man beside her muttered.

"Oh Greeny you know me so well! But I wouldn't do that! Promise!" She grinned back at him.


"Well...if they get along I won't!"

"Of course."

Lack-two was still surprised at their relationship. It was unlike anything he had ever seen.

However, one beauty distracted him from their conversation as several Plasma grunts walked out, the cute Whi-two with them. Lack-two felt his heart flutter slightly. He by no means was a super dense boy with a Pikachu and felt thrilled to continue working alongside the shy, but compassionate girl. He walked over to the group, grinning like the sun.

"Hello there ladies!" He greeted. Several of the girls giggled and whispered among themselves. Black-1 took the initiative.

"Hello Lack-two, we were just talking about you. Ol Whitey was just telling us about your dashing feats. You're such a courageous young man."

Lack-two grinned. "Anything for the cute Whi-two."

Said girl blushed deep red and turned away, but he noticed anyways. Grinning, he took the girl's hand and pulled her towards the rest of the Dexholders. "Come on Whi-two! We need to get going!"

"Have fun with your boyfriend Whitey!" The green haired girl called after them.

"Oh look, here they come!" Red announced, pointing at several flying figures in the sky. As they drew closer, Lack-two recognized them as a large Tropius, a Xatu, and...Was that a flying Mantine? Sure he knew they were water flying types, it had never occurred to him that they could actually fly.

The Tropius touched down first and two teens jumped down, apparently in the middle of an argument...which sorta felt wrong, well...have a listen:

"Jeesh, do you have to swoop down so fast. Your klutzy landing ruffled my clothes! Do you know how much time it takes to iron them?"

"How dare you accuse my Troppy of being a bad pilot? You should know he's a far better flyer than many other Tropius. Just straighten them and move on!"

"Ha! Like you'd ever care about my clothes. These are handmade and took three months to design. Be happy that Nana wasn't out or else you'd ruin her fur as well!"

"Since when have I cared? Sissy boy!

"Wild Child!"



"Would you please stop flirting?" Lack-two noticed he had missed the small boy jumping down from the Tropius. He was rather short and Lack-two could see what appeared to be huge platform shoes on his feet and mechanical arm extenders. He had a tired look on his face as he had been listening to the couple fight the entire trip from Hoenn.

The two turned to the boy, speaking in unison. "We're not flirting!"

"Right, right." He said, rolling his eyes.

Lack-two turned to Blue as she sweat dropped. "You said we'd get along? They can barely stand each other."

The woman smiled. "Don't worry, that's just their way of getting along. In reality, Sapphire is in love with Ruby, but Ruby is still unwilling to admit that he likes her too. Once the actual battling starts, they'll be ok."

Lack-two shuddered. "I hope so." He muttered as the Mantine and Xatu landed, dropping two teens a bit older than the first two. As he examined closely he realized the Mantine had been holding what appeared to be a billiard stick with several Remoraid attached to it. The boy holding onto it pulled out several pokeballs and recalled the ray and fish. "Great job Tibo. That's our farthest journey yet!"

The girl beside him was, by Lack-two's standards, stunning. At first glance, you couldn't see her beauty, but Lack-two had been reading people for years and what he read blew his mind. The girl wore a red sweater with yellow and black biker shorts. Over that she wore a white lab coat, giving her a slightly nerdy look, but the boy knew better. She had a gleam of mass intelligence in her eyes and the way her hair was pulled back behind that bonnet revealed her to be quite conservative. She had the look of someone who took every task seriously and wouldn't let other people's opinions keep her from getting the job done. Not to mention she had gorgeous legs.

She noticed his stare and face palmed. "Oh no, not another one." She muttered.

The boy next to her noticed his stare and grinned. "I see you got a good eye for ladies don't you?"

The girl turned to the boy and glared at him. "Gold!"

Gold laughed as he walked up to Lack-two and held out his hand. "I am Gold, Johto hero, Pokémon Breeder, and local ladies' man. And from what I can tell, so are you."

Lack-two grinned. "It's a pleasure. I'm Lack-two, Unova Dexholder, Interpol Supervisor, and not bad with the ladies myself."

Gold froze. "You're a what? Interpol Supervisor?"

"Of course. I'm one of the top undercover agents in Interpol and pride myself with my ability to charm the ladies."

Gold quickly recovered from his surprise at the familiar topic. "Well, as the superior ladies' man, I regret to inform you that I'm more superior. I have several of the hottest girl's in Johto's personal phone number and a line of fangirls who dream of dating me."

Lack-two shook his head. "So sad to hear that. Your accomplishments may give you an advantage in the flirting field, but no simple breeder has the charm and wit that makes me your superior in the charm. Everyone loves the James Bonds, and that 'ol chap is where I am far greater than you: for I have the numbers of the most stunning women in the world, from village belles to high class socialites to even criminals I personally put behind bars. I have over ten pages of numbers of women who would faint in glee if I graced them with a single date."

Before anyone else could respond, he slid up the purple haired teen and using his most dashing voice asked. "However, it seems as though I had missed one. My dear, may I have the honor of knowing your title?"

The girl's cheeks redden quickly. "Err…my title is…umm…you can call me Crystal."

Lack-two grinned. "Ah, Crystal, the shining jewel of the night sky! Whenever I look into the mirror, I shall think of you in its crystal clear reflection." He sung, making up half of the stuff on fly. It didn't even make sense, but in the heat of the moment, nobody really cares, as Crystal blushed at his suave tone.

He noticed Gold's face reddening in anger and knew he had successfully pushed his buttons. However, rather than making him worry, the police agent smiled. "However, my heart cannot be yours." He cried as he pushed the teen away from him before turning around and taking the donut haired girl's hand. "My affections truly lie with the cutest of cute Whi-two."

The girl, completely unaware of the previous conversation, blushed hard. Lack-two smiled. The girl was so innocent that it was almost saddening that she had to be involved in such a harsh business. Crystal's face, on the other hand, paled as she almost fainted at being ditched so.

Gold grinned as he realized he had just been played. He grabbed the boy's shoulder and laughed. "Lack-two I have a feeling we're going to get along just fine!" Just then, he lowered his head and whispered just loud enough for both girls to hear. "However, it would be great if you could keep your hands away from Super Serious Gal. Only I get to flirt and dream about her."

"Gold!" Crystal yelled in anger as she whipped her leg around and slammed the boy's head to the ground.

Lack-two quickly tackled Whi-two to the ground before the rampaging Crystal's leg could nail them, causing the agent to land on top of the flustered grunt. "My, my Whi-two. It's a relief I was able to rescue you from the power tendrils of the Super Serious Gal Crystal."

Gold rubbed his head as he watched the conversation. "Wow Crystal, that guy sure can talk his way into girl's arms. I wish I could be as good as he is."

Crystal rolled her eyes. "I'm grateful you aren't you perv."

After a few minutes of Blue called the entire group over. "Ok people, I think it's time for some proper introductions. So again, I'm Blue and my gorgeous friend here is Green. Red is the dense guy and Yellow is the short blonde girl. Silvy over here is the redhead. Now onto the newcomers! Ruby is the guy with the white hat. He's a Top Coordinator but his dad is one of the strongest gym leaders in Hoenn. Sapphire is the loud girl beside him. Her dad is Professor Birch, but she's a powerful battler second only to Red and Green. Emerald is the short guy with gelled hair. He's the first participant of the Hoenn Battle Frontier and is also a powerful trainer. Gold is the flirt with the billiard stick. Despite his pervertedness, he's an amazing breeder and a battler at the same level as Sapphire. Finally, Crystal is in the lab coat. She works as Professor Oak's assistant and is a master capturer."

Green grunted. "You forgot the rest."

Blue thought of a moment. "Oh right, how about you guys introduce yourselves."

Lack-two grinned. "Of course. I'm Lack-two, and like I was telling Gold, I'm a supervisor at Interpol, that's the International Police. I was working undercover at the Asperia Trainer's School and now am tasked with the assignment of stopping Neo Team Plasma."

He turned to Hugh, who remained silent. "Since my porcupine haired friend is not the most sociable I'll introduce him. Hugh is a fellow classmate from the school who has a grudge against Team Plasma."

He was about to introduce Whi-two, but the green haired girl beat him to it. "I'm Black-1. I worked with Team Plasma back when it was under Lord N's rule. Now I'm back to try to help reconcile of the wrongdoings of our past. And this is Whitey, err...she goes by Whi-two now. She's also a former Plasma grunt and while she doesn't know it yet, but she's also Lack-two's girlfriend."

Several other female Plasma grunts giggled as Whi-two blushed. "No, it's not like that!" she protested.

Lack-two laughed. Whi-two was so fun to be around that it made him actually enjoy her company. Ok, he knew by now that he officially had taken a liking to Whi-two. Whether or not it would grow into something more was beyond him though.

Red just ran in. "Hey guys, I just heard from Platinum. Our Sinnoh Juniors are arriving late and will be meeting us in Opelucid City."

Green nodded. "Alright then, let's quickly finish packing up, then we'll head to the city."

As the group broke up and began wandering off to finish preparing, Lack-two felt a light tap on his shoulder. As he turned around, he recognized Black-1. The green haired girl was not smiling. "What's the matter Miss Black? Did I offend you?"

She nodded. "In fact, yes."

Lack-two wondered what he had done to set her off. "I'm curious as to what I've done."

Black-1 sighed, "Well, it's sort of like this. Whitey...err...Whi-two is like a little sister to me, ok? I don't want to see her hurt. She's so different from when I knew her two years ago that I'm curious as to what's going on in her head. In fact, I can't read her anymore."

"And you think I had something to do with it."

She nodded. Lack-two frowned. "Unfortunately, there's not much I can say. I only knew her for about three months now. When I first met her, she was already quite shy and innocent."

"But that's the thing! She isn't innocent!"

Lack-two met her eyes, "What are you talking about?"

The girl sighed. "Whi-two has changed. In fact, Whi-two isn't her real name. Back then, I knew her by her code name: White-2. Whi-two was only an adaptation of her codename. I know her real name now, but Whi-two's had a habit of being very secretive. She's one of the best battlers in the organization. She can defeat a Hydreigon with that Liepard of hers. She's even stronger than me and used to be very confident of herself and her abilities. Sure she was shy, but she by no means was weak and cowardly."

The boy stood in silence. "How strong was she?"

"Strong enough to be a reserve member of the Shadow Triad."

Lack-two's jaw dropped. "That's impossible! The Shadow Triad was an elite group of assassins who served as Ghetsis's personal guard. There's only three of them."

Black-1 shook her head. "That's where you're wrong. The Shadow Triad worked in teams of three. By advertising that there were only three, the Shadow Triad was able to portray a feeling of omnipresence and god like attributes. I was in the middle of training to become a member, but Whi-two was my instructor. That's how good she was. But ever since then, I haven't seen her act anything close to how she was two years ago."

Lack-two tried to process everything that had just happened. It probably meant that either Whi-two was faking the entire damsel in distress or she had pushed down the memories of her past so deep that she feared any action would give her away.

"What do you want me to do then?"

Black-1 put a small pin in his hand. "I want you to watch her. You're good at that. You may think you're the best at hiding your true intentions, but I can read you like a book. Watch her to see if working with Team Plasma and fighting Ghetsis will have any effect on her behavior and mindset. And if the time comes when it's getting out of control, confront her and reveal everything I just told you. Whi-two's not going to trust me, but she might trust you."

"Why me? She knows I'm a police agent and can arrest her at any time now that I know her secrets."

"Because she's crushing on you so hard that you're probably the only person next Lord N himself that can get her to open up about her feelings and pain."

Lack-two stared at the pin. The pin had the Plasma symbol on it, but it had a pitch black background with three interconnected rings behind the P instead of the signature Z. Slowly, he closed his grip around the object and turned around. What were the donut haired girl's true colors?

"Hey Senior Yellow?"

The blonde haired girl turned to face Whi-two. "Hello Whi-two, how can I help you?"

The gang had set off towards Milstraiton City to meet with White and the other Dexholders. Despite all their influence, it had been decided that the best method to get there would be walking. But the entire journey, Whi-two had felt confused. "Well, Senior Yellow, I heard that you had an ability to talk to Pokémon. Is that true?"

The girl chuckled softly. "Why yes it is. Every once in a while, a child is born in the Viridian Forest with the gift to speak to and heal Pokémon. I have always been able to read Pokémon's emotions and feelings and even peer into their memories when they allow me to."

Whi-two gasped. "Wow, that's just like Lord N."

"Tell me about this Lord N person I keep hearing about. He sounds like a nice person."

"Well," Whi-two thought a second before continuing, "He's the adopted son of Ghetsis and was and still is the rightful King of Team Plasma. He had this extraordinary gift to read the hearts of Pokémon around him and hear their thoughts and feelings. Because of that, he always wanted the best for Pokémon: he hated seeing them abused and hurt, being forced to battle for the amusement of their trainers.

"That's why he gathered so many of us younger ones to his side. Ghetsis was able to get the majority of the adults, but Lord N was the one who recruited a lot of us younger kids. He had so many Pokémon friends who would come by and tell us their stories. Some were amazing adventures while others were sad ones of abuse and harm from cruel trainers. He always reminded us to think of the Pokémon first, then ourselves. Even now, I can't look at Pokémon Trainers who are battling without a feeling of disgust at the Pokémon being harmed."

The blonde haired girl smiled sadly. "I know how that feels. I think you and I will get along pretty well."

"Really?" Whi-two asked.

"Yes," Yellow responded. "If you believe in the same things that your friend N did, then you feel that Pokémon are your friends, not machines who battle for your pleasure. But I think your friend N missed something."

"What do you mean?" the girl asked.

"Well, I think the best example is the Dexholder's Pokémon." Yellow started. "You see, Pokémon want to us to see them as intelligent beings who have their own free will and personalities. But at the same time, they aren't people. They're Pokémon. Deep inside them, they have an instinct for battle. Battling shows their strength, their personalities, and their true feelings. Most Pokémon don't have a problem battling, taking hits, and even getting knocked out. It's a part of life for them, a distinctive part of their culture."

She gestured at the Pikachu walked happily at her side. "Chuchu here is my Pikachu. She by no means is a powerful battler like her mate Pika, but she isn't afraid to enter a battle to protect me or her friends. If she gets hurt, she get hurt. She knows that. But she knows that if there is no pain, there is no gain. She's definitely not a pushover and neither is Dody, Ratty, or any of the other of my Pokémon. I keep them in Pokeballs because they choose to. Not all Pokémon like Pokeballs such as Red's Pika, but most are ok with it and don't feel as though they're being enslaved by them. So I guess in conclusion, just because I catch Pokémon and have them battle doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I still care for and want the best of my team. Think about that." She patted the donut haired girl's shoulder before joining the rest of the party.

Whi-two pondered the older girl's thoughts for the rest of the journey. She couldn't get it. How could this nice girl such as Yellow catch Pokémon and force them to battle? Come to think of it, most of the Dexholders who they had met so far all seemed like nice people who took good care of their Pokémon.


Whi-two glanced at her shoulder in surprise. "Oh, sorry Foony! I completely forgot you were here. You're always so silent."


The girl chuckled as she guessed her friend's words. "Yeah, I'm kind of in a tough spot. I mean, I never thought that I would be back here. I kept saying to myself that I would rejoin Team Plasma under Lord N's command, but I never really thought it would actually become a reality, you know what I mean?"

"Foon! Foon!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I should have known that the traitor Ghetsis would return. I just wish Lord N was here to guide us you know?"

"Foon?" the mushroom glanced at the rest of the gang up ahead.

Green was discussing battle strategies with Red. Blue was in the middle of teasing Silver about some person back in Johto. Crystal and Yellow were happily enjoying the forest scenery. Ruby and Sapphire were bickering about strength and beauty while Emerald trudged behind them. Lack-two and Gold were comparing notes about the prettiest women on Earth, much to Whi-two's distress. Not that she was jealous or anything…right? Even Black-1 and Hugh were enjoying a stroll together, the girl blabbering on and on while the spikey haired boy just blushed at their closeness. Which meant that Whi-two walked by herself.

"I feel like I'm just out of place here. I'm the shy timid one who just wants to see Lord N again. And I don't even love him that way. I'm not that great of a battler and I can't keep my cool when it's really important. I feel like I'm not the one they need you know?"

"Foon, Foongus!" the mushroom pointed out.

Whi-two froze. "Foony, I thought we promised never to go there. I know deep down inside that's who they want me to be. But I swore I would never let that part of me show again. It's too shameful to even think about that life."


The girl defiantly shook her head. "No, I swore I'd never go back to that life. I did everything I could to not be that person ever again. It's too dangerous and I'll never be treated the same."

"Foon?" the mushroom gestured towards a handsome boy where blue and black.

"No, it's not because I don't want him to see me differently. It's just that…you know what? I don't want to talk about it anymore ok? Can we just talk about something else?"

"Foon" the mushroom rolled its eyes.

"Hey guys!" Whi-two joined the group. "Wait for me!"

How's that? I know I drastically changed the story, but I couldn't help it. I know that in the Manga, Whi-two was in charge of taking care of the abandoned Pokémon, but this was too good an opportunity to let up. Plus, I already resolved the conflict between Hugh and Whi-two, so I needed a new one. We're definitely going to get one between Whi-two and Lack-two, who's now realizing he's just scratched the surface of the once thought innocent cute girl. Again, this story is called True Colors. Everyone's got a secret side. Most fics I read focus on Lack-two's duty bound side but this time I wanted to focus more on Whi-two, my second favorite Dexholder.

Moving on, I finally put in the rest of the relevant Dexholders, other than White herself. I won't being using much of the Sinnoh Trio other than a simple cameo. Sorry, I just don't know them like I know the others. I thought Gold and Lack-two would get along just fine and we had that touching moment with Yellow and Whi-two. Let me know if you have any requests on other interactions between the trio and the Dexholders.

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