Tsustar Week 2015

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater or any of it's characters.

Chapter 01: Sleeping Habits

They had slept in the same room for as long as they had been partners. Sleeping the same bed didn't change much. Tsubaki had long since gotten used to Black Star's loud snoring. Tsubaki didn't have any habits that made it impossible to sleep but still Black Star found it hard to sleep sometimes.

Tsubaki often took a nice bath before bed and that fine and all except…. sometimes Black Star woke up. He smelled her, she smelled like flowers, the smell of her flower scented soaps mixed with her so that she smelled like a field of fresh flowers. Black Star didn't hate it, in fact he loved it, it suited her. But sometimes it woke him up, being so close to her it was hard not to notice the aroma. Sometimes he woke up and watched her sleep. That lovely small smile on her lips, he liked to think he was the reason for that smile.

He loved to see how she often seemed to glow as the light from outside touched her. She was his star, she was the lights in heaven that lit up the night sky. Often times when he found it hard to sleep he would lean in and kiss her, maybe on the forehead maybe on the cheek depending on how he felt was right that night. That night he leaned in and kissed her gently on her lips. After an instant Tsubaki shuffled a little but that smile grew a little.

Black Star blushed a feeling a little bit childish stealing a kiss from his girlfriend. Still he smiled knowing that this perfect goddess chose to be with him. He found it easier to relax. He smiled as he laid down besides her and put an arm around her holding her close. He enjoyed feeling her sleeping for next to him and slowly he was lulled into a deep restful sleep smelling that wonderful smell of flowers.

Authors Notes: It's Tsustar week on tumblr so I decided to try to do a different drabble for each day. Let know what you think, I'll try to post each theme before each day ends for the week.