Tsustar Week 2015

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Chapter 07: Lady and the Tramp

When the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.~

That overly used song was playing in the Italian restaurant that Black Star and Tsubaki were having their date in. The restaurant was pretty good, they had unlimited bread sticks, a pretty good salad and a special meal that day.

For a special price they would give you one large plate of spaghetti, it would be enough to feed a table but since Black Star was there it should have been enough for two people.

Drinks were extra, that's how they get you.

Anyway, Black Star and Tsubaki were eating together, talking about their days, and poking fun at their friends relationships. Okay, that last one was mostly Black Star but Tsubaki had to admit that Maka and Soul really took a long time to get together.

There was something romantic of sharing food off from the same plate so they didn't really mind. Black Star was busy slurping up spaghetti as quickly as he was able, Tsubaki twirled some spaghetti on her fork. She pulled up the fork to her mouth as she looked over to the small band playing that song.

Tsubaki failed to notice that Black Star was still slurping up dinner.

She felt a tug and her head turned to the left. Her eyes widen when she found her lips next to Black Star's. Tsubaki pulled back in time to see Black Star slurp up that piece of spaghetti.

Tsubaki's cheeks turned bright red and she smiled letting out a small chuckle.

"Ah, Black Star if you wanted a kiss you could have just asked. Though that was a cute way to get a kiss."

"Huh? Oh, right." Black Star wiped the sauce around his lips away. "Right, yeah, I'm cute."

Black Star got another fork full of food.

Authors Notes: This is the last drabble for the week. This is the first idea that came to mind when heard the theme for the day. I hope you liked it, if you enjoyed any of these weeks theme please leave a review telling me what you thought. I hoped you guys enjoyed Tsustar week.