Chapter One: The Dream that changed him.

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POV : 3rd Person. ( Same like other story)

Hugh woke from his unconscious state, slumped against the wall and feeling woozy. All the poor 14 year old remembered was blacking out by immense pain during high school. Without knowing of his current form, he scratched his head, before noticing the people around him. Something was wrong. People wouldn't be flocking around him, as he was usually quiet in school. His nails felt unnatural too, scratching his head, Hugh noticed that he couldn't see the usual visible black hair blocking the top half of his view, which was weird. Hugh stopped scratching his hair and set his hands on the ground to get up, not before seeing the smallest glimpse of his hand covered by blu-

Shooting up from his bed, Hugh had his heart beating at a much faster rate than his alarm currently sending loud and sharp noises into his ears. He shut off the alarm, or rather his watch set on alarm, by pressing the stop button as quickly as he could. With the watch in hand and beads of sweat rolling down his forehead, he tried to remember about his dream but to no success. Like usual. He had those dreams very rarely, ones about the future. He called them Future dreams. In those dreams, he was obviously 'dreaming about the future', and he would know that it was happening, but as soon as he tried to remember anything about it, it would instantly disappear and only revealed in the not-so-distant future. A few weeks or so. The dreams Hugh would usually be unimportant, and the only way to know what it was about, was waiting for it to happen. It would also result in minor and some major headaches, sweating and having sore limbs after hitting them somewhere shortly after awaking, or during the dream, where whatever happened in it, the same would happen. If he hurt his leg by falling on it, his leg would hurt after it too. It was very different, comparing other dreams 'normal' people had.

Today's dream though, it felt... Extremely different. Sure, he didn't have any idea what it was about, or any hand injuries, but he just knew it was special. Hugh ignored it, as there was no point of trying to remember, he had lots of experience with that. Getting out of bed, Hugh put on his watch, school clothes, etc. .. He wore his white button up shirt, a trinity knot grey tie, dark grey pants, his lighter grey jumper and his black blazer. He also wore the school scarf which was fully black apart from the school logo and his black fingerless gloves, which were his own, but after a long time of controverting with the principal, he was allowed to wear it. So now, Hugh was almost fully covered by dark clothes. Hugh started to have a liking to black clothing, as it made him feel more isolated for some reason. Either way, he liked it.

Hugh groggily went to the bathroom, to wash his teeth and make himself look good enough for the school standards using the mirror. The teeth brushing commenced, but was not exciting at all. Eventually, he started to shape himself up. Moving his unkept hair to the right, he looked alright. Hugh was pretty tall, fairly skinny, he had thin rectangular glasses, Black hair and a few strands of white hair which proved that he was stressing, but he had had white hair like that since he was 6. Anyway, despite being Vietnamese (I'm sorry.), many people including his parents, thought he was Korean. Apart from some people saying China, because they don't know anything but the words 'made in China'. Finally ready, Hugh stretched for a bit before going out of the room.

Walking down the stairs, careful not to fall like the other 132 times in his life, Hugh was hit by a smell of food. Hugh usually secretly slept late every day, around 1-5 AM, writing and reading fan fictions on his beloved phone, which was also black. That would explain why he would always be hungry at breakfast, although sometimes, he didn't eat it due to his hated eating habits. He hated lots of food that his parents had made, and sometimes, only sometimes, he would eat it. Not all, but at least a bit. Today, the food smelt delicious, and he walked to the kitchen table ready to eat his small meal.

On a plate just placed before him was Bacon and egg. Hugh looked pretty surprised. He hadn't had this stuff for years! Quickly finishing his meal, Hugh went to sit on the couches and watch the television. The television flashed for a second before showing the show. Pokemon.

"Fuckin Ash," Hugh said, angry at the show only directed to some stupid kid on an adventure to be a Pokemon master. Ash wanted to 'catch them all' which he never did. Such a bad TV show, but Pokemon in general, were THE best in his opinion. The main games! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! Not the show, but everything else. Hugh had a love for Pokemon. He would do anything to be in that world. Anything. Even give them his whole current life he had now, just for a year on the Pokemon world or something.

Time went on and it was time for school. Writing in the car, Hugh sat there, phone in hand, thinking about the next chapter of What a Good Life Would Feel Like. Waggle Waffle as IcyNirvana would say it was, Hugh had absolutely no idea what to do for it. What would he do next chapter? Would chapter 5 be about Rose? Before he knew it, the car stopped at his school, this meant goodbye to his mother and his writing time. Grabbing his bags, Hugh waved goodbye to the car.

Walking to the lockers, Hugh got his books out for class and closed it, locking his locker with his yellow lock with markings on it, saying 'Go Away' or 'I'll be watching'. Almost instantly, Hugh walked to a wall, leaned onto it and took out phone, leaving his books on the floor. Writing with the time left, Hugh went all out on writing his story before his friends saw, nobody knew about it and he didn't want anyone to.

Although Hugh considered himself lonely, he had a lot of friends, not too much, but sometimes, he'd prefer to be by himself. Be even tried to be mute for a couple months and it had worked, to some extent. Hugh liked to isolate himself for a few reasons. He liked peacefulness, not people laughing and yelling at each other. People wouldn't disturb him. He would feel depressed, which usually isn't good, but it felt great to him. Also, he could write better when he was depressed or sad, so he would be able to write and read stories. Less people, more time to self.

Eventually, his friends came. They were pretty talkative, even in the phase when Hugh had forced himself to not talk. They sat near him and looked at what he was doing, but Hugh had changed from writing to playing games. It didn't last long as the others went to play their games on their phone, so Hugh began to write again.

After a while...

Hugh had successfully wrote half a page on his phone in a time span of 30 minutes. Although it wasn't a lot, he was writing on his phone and ideas were scarce. Straight after looking at the time, the school bell rang and people were going to class. Hugh had English on the first period, so he went there. Hugh brought a few extra things just in case, which included his trusty laptop, headphones, a mouse and pad.

"Today, we write narratives on our electronic devices." the English teacher said.

"Yes!" he quietly whispered, happy that he could write on his laptop. Hugh actually hated English lessons, and he wasn't the best at writing too, but he was happy that he could be writing for his internet friends as long as he finished early or did enough work. Hugh only realized he was one of the only happy people in class that moment. Some were sighing and trying to plan out everything. Not caring, Hugh started on his work.

Hugh angled his laptop around so nobody could see what he was doing and quickly made the introduction. It took five minutes and there was almost still two hours to go. Eventually, Hugh finished his work in an hour, long enough so that it looked like he had done it and nothing else. With the work done still open, Hugh went onto his story that already had 500 words on it. Finishing that chapter, Hugh sighed. There wasn't much for him to do, apart from leaning on the back of his chair then imagining things about what he would be doing at the moment if he was in the Pokemon world.

Hugh loved Pokemon, even more than he loved Team Fortress 2. He thought of catching Pokemon that were willing to come with him, beating the Pokemon League and then having a normal life with his friends and Pokemon that were 'maybe even more than a friend' with him. It would've been an awesome life, he didn't have to work too hard and although he would be scaling mountains and riding on his Pokémon's back across seas, it wouldn't make him as frustrated as the work in this world.

After a long time...

Hugh sighed. He couldn't write anything until he posted his new chapter. He needed to have IcyNirvana beta read the story then see the reviews he had loved so much. He also needed to see how EvanDrop liked the chapter so Hugh could write more like that. Eating his sushi, Hugh imagined stuff again. It only took a while until he had finished. Getting up, he took his 3ds and played Super Smash Bros 4 and gave people turns to play it. Hugh was pretty good at it. He could beat level nines with a little difficulty but some of them he couldn't.

Hugh decided to lean on the walls near his friends, the person who claimed to be the best had lost, and Hugh was going to steal his hand held console back so they wouldn't hog it. As soon as that happened though, Hugh had felt a sharp pain in his chest. Recoiling, Hugh thought of what was happening to him. Maybe eating sushi too fast? No, food wouldn't hurt his chest, what was it? Hugh was supporting himself on the wall, beads of sweat falling down like rain. His friends noticed and got worried.

Hugh began to feel different, and the pain was spreading all over his body, getting worse every second. Hugh started shaking a bit, getting everybody's attention around him, even people in year twelve. He hissed trying to endure the pain. Hugh thought about how he was like in the story he was writing, getting pain every day. The real life Hugh should have been no different, but then again, nobody would be experiencing things like this would they? Thoughts quickly disappeared and was replaced by even more pain than ever before. How was he still conscious? He was already breathing deeply and it felt like a dagger was being twisted in his body after being stabbed, everywhere.

Sweat was forming at rapid paces now, and Hugh was squeezing his eyes shut and yelling. Lots of people were around him now, and Hugh felt like he was going to die any moment now. To his surprise, he felt the pain lessen, but it was still bad.

Eventually, he felt normal, but some pain in his clenched hands and a bit on his chest. People were still gathering around him asking questions, but all Hugh heard was silence. Mouths were moving but nothing was heard. Hugh couldn't answer them as he couldn't hear and he had his own questions to ask. What was that? How am I conscious? Will it happen again? Right at that moment, Hugh finally heard something.

'Yes. Tell the other people to stay away.' Hugh's eyes widened and the sound of people came back to him.

"Get back!" he yelled in a commanding tone. He knew exactly what was going to happen. He didn't care about how his hearing came back, he had to prepare of the worst. Screaming (not high pitched you kids) as soon as the pain came back, the air in his lungs rushed out of him, and even the through it had all gone, Hugh couldn't stop screaming. People around him were pretty far away, looking up at him with faces of shock. Looking up? Hugh was floating a bit over the ground now, shaking roughly and with a ton of quickly increasing pain. He couldn't even tell if he was floating due to the pain surrounding his body. Now, he felt like a moon was crushing him down on the earth. (Majora's mask! :D )

With a final spasm, Hugh fell unconscious, slowly descending and no longer shaking. The pain had left him and he had dropped to the floor. Nothing could describe how much pain he had just taken and what had changed him. Or whatever he was now...

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