An: Completed for now, but if there's interest I'll probably continue with it.



Max Caulfield was a strange one.

For one her last name had not originally been Caulfield she had instead at some point adopted the name of one of her far distant ancestors.

A loner she didn't have a team and no attempt had been made to find her one. That in itself was highly unusual the academies almost always separated their students into teams.

But not Max Caulfield, she'd been alone from day one and that more than anything spoke of unusualness.

If it were anyone else Ozpin might have been accused of nepotism but Max's bizarre dissociation clearly stemmed from something other than a disdain for others and she for all intents and purposes was seen to be treated like all the other students with the exception that the third year lacked a team and lived alone.

As far as students went she was exemplary as was to be expected from the younger sister of such a celebrated Huntsman.

No one had actually seen her semblance, or if they had they hadn't spoken about it.

All that anyone knew was that she was extremely talented and extremely perceptive. Something she shared with the Headmaster was the piercing eyes that seemed to see everything.

It was almost like she could see the future sometimes. Over time Huntresses and Huntsmen developed a sort of sixth sense, a kind of combination of enhanced awareness, intuition and gut feelings. But Max had developed it to ridiculous levels.

She was unerringly accurate. If you told a lie she'd almost certainly know and she could answer questions before they were even voiced. Whereas the average student could tell if they were being watched Max could identify the watcher and there location, often even from a considerable distance.

Some were tempted to believe this was her semblance, a kind of heightened awareness and perceptiveness that bordered on precognition. When asked though she denounced the idea and said she instead shared her family's hereditary semblematic trait like her brother.

The only problem was that no one seemed to know Ozpin's semblance either. So in the end the students curious about her semblance, which comprised most of the student body, had to satisfy themselves with speculation and guesswork.

There had been a minor scandal a few years back when professor Goodwitch had found out that he had been encouraging her to drop hints about what it might be in order to manipulate students into betting on incorrect theories as part of a student betting ring that he had actually masterminded in a bid to surreptitiously raise money for a new coffee machine she had expressly forbidden, and had left him trapped inside a stasis field next to the cafeteria's coffee machine and forced to watch as the students used it.




An: It's been hypothesized by many that Ozpin's semblance has something to do with time or that he's somehow related to time travel. His clockwork theme in particular is pretty interesting. In this Ozpin's semblance is indeed time related which Max shares though they're obviously different.

In this I think it's fair to say most Huntsmen that manage to survive live longer healthier lives than the average human. Extreme fitness for the majority of their life and the healing properties of Aura lead to a pretty healthy body. This would probably be especially true for hunter families who after successive generations of this build up a general propensity to age slower and live longer.

From what I've seen I would place Ozpin somewhere in his thirties or forties, being a third year Max would be nineteen or twenty. A bit of an age gap between siblings but not all that unheard of.

Also taking the name of a relative or ancestor already has a precedent in Ruby herself if the theory that she took on her mother's name as a way to honour her is to be believed.