Max's fights are breathtaking. Ruby has always loved watching the Huntsmen and Huntresses fight, the trainee fights are great and all but watching the clashes fought between real Huntsmen and Huntresses is something altogether more amazing.

These are the warriors from her storybooks, people who have dedicated their whole lives to the protection of humanity.

Uncle Qrow hasn't participated for a long time now that he's strapped down with a teaching position so she hasn't ever been able to watch someone she knows on a personal level compete, this time though she has Max.

She sits with team RWBY high in the stands and they all cheer along with the rest as the fights down below wage on.

The level of skill on display here is enough to leave her salivating as exotic weapons and rarely seen semblances clash as explosions rock the stadium.

The crowd love it and they scream out in delight at the spectacle.

When it's Max's turn to perform she can hardly hold her breath to stop herself from screaming out with them.

Most of her opponents can't keep up with her speed, against the sort of opponents Ruby is used to that would be an overwhelming advantage, but these are trained and battle ready Huntsmen and Huntresses and they can counter.

Several have unique semblances that allow them to almost neutralize any advantage being able to move at speed gives her, with abilities that range from almost impenetrable defences to gravitational manipulation that leaves her floating in mid air.

Not everyone can counter her though and the dust mages have it easiest with most choosing to limit her manoeuvrability with wide area effect dust spells that leave the stands shaking, one even conjuring deadly walls of lightning to surround her that spark and hiss and snap at anything that gets near them.

Max though, Max is a whirlwind, and Ruby has to wonder if deep down in the gritty details her speed might not be down to some kind of special manipulation rather than outright movement related.

Having Glynda Goodwitch as something as a surrogate aunt leaves her with some impressive spell weaving and one of her more popular tricks is leaving an afterimage behind to take a hit only to have it slowly blow away as if made of mist in a move similar to Blake's clones.

Several times it fools her opponents into thinking it's the real thing before she slowly fades into view from behind them leading to some very dramatic moments that leave the crowd screaming.

Ruby is ecstatic when she makes it to first the quarterfinals then the finals. That's her mentor out there!

And while she loves Qrow dearly he's never made it that far let alone entered anytime when she's been old enough to remember so she feels like it's ok to use that word with a little more exclusivity than she normally would given the situation.

The rest of team RWBY is of course suitably impressed, and by the appreciative roars coming from the stands so is the crowd, after all it's not every day someone under twenty is about to make a grab for the title, and from the host city at that.

The match starts and it's intense, and Ruby cheers and yells along with the other twenty thousand people lining the stadium while Yang whoops enthusiastically and even Blake and Weiss cheer and smile.

Four seconds into the battle and it feels like the stadium itself is alight as giant blue and red plumes of fire shoot into the air as the two clash, and even Weiss is awe at the combatant's level of skill and the amount of red dust being thrown around.

It only takes approximately forty seconds for lightning to take its place and the air snaps and hisses at random and everyone's hair begins to stand on end.

There's a shriek and the entire stadium collectively holds its breath as Max once more pulls her vanishing trick, form wavering before she reappears forty feet in the air, calling down a surge of super-chilled lighting on top of her opponent with a thunderous boom.

It's a testament to the sheer power of truly exceptional Hunters that when the attack connects it only takes out a quarter of her opponent's aura.

Beside her Weiss's eyes shine with admiration as Yang cheers and Blake's eyes go wide with excitement.

Looking at her friend's bar Ruby sees the move which would have almost certainly killed Weiss to try and cast only cost Ozpin's sister a tenth of it.

From there the two move in a blur, weapons clashing in explosive shockwaves as the ground cracks at their feet and Ruby has to wonder just what their own headmaster is capable of.

Soon it becomes apparent that they're fairly evenly match and the two disengage, aura draining rapidly as they prepare what seem to be final all out attacks.

The crowd's noise grows to a fevered pitch and Ruby yells with all her might, cheering for Max.

Far down below the air around Max is visibly distorting and a storm seems to be gathering around her position, her opponent mirroring her moves as she tenses, what Ruby has come to recognize from her previous matches as gravitational distortions forming around her.

The explosion of power radiating from them is so immense that even high in the stands as she is the air becomes hard to breathe and Ruby's eyes flicker to the screen showcasing their aura levels as they plummet.

The two clash with a surge of power and Ruby can almost see spectral dragons clashing with enormous figures as their aura's clash.

Wind howls from their position and it feels like the crowd's noise is deafening.

There's an approximate five seconds where the two meet before the storm surrounding Max intensifies exponentially blasting her opponent off her feet. The crowd roars the loudest Ruby has ever heard and then suddenly she's on her feet dancing up and down and cheering.

Max Caulfield has won. Bleeding from her nose and pale the winner is loudly announced to the world.




An: A little op? well I figure someone with time abilities would be pretty strong even amongst other highly trained semblance wielders, plus she's been receiving training from Glynda and Ozpin all her life. I hope you liked it.