-Prof. Lugia-

Alright guys, I just want to start off by saying Happy New Year's to all of you readers that have been following my stories and making this all possible with your continuous support and reviewing and PMing me ideas and stuff! And to those that just read my stories anonymously, I thank you for giving me over twenty thousand views throughout my five stories! I honestly didn't think I'd get this big of a fan base, even if it's only ten people! Thank you so much!

Anywho, enough about all of the sappy stuff. I want to inform you all that the long-awaited Firestorm Sequel will be released some time tomorrow, on January 1st, to commemorate the new year! My third story made entirely with my fanfiction powers, and my first ever that includes over twenty-five characters to keep track of! Wow! This story is gonna be absolutely packed with so much stuff. So much, in fact, that it will have to be split up into three separate parts! So expect writing all throughout 2016!

And also I am thinking about doing death battles between any characters in my stories, like, basically, you, the readers/reviewers, list two pokémon in my stories you want to see fight pretty much to the death in the review section of the new story, which will probably be called "Firestorm Death Battles" or something like that. It can be any character mentioned in any of my stories. Using the power of Arceus, I will bring them into an arena, erase all positive and negative feelings between the pokémon, and have them fight until one falls. They will have access to all of their moves and abilities, except Temporal Guardians cannot slow down time at their command. So, you can have two team firestorm members fight and see which is stronger, or you can have the dreaded Mordred fight Victor, or anything! Anywho, this will serve as the posts during the off-months that I am writing my main stories, to keep you guys entertained while I concoct the next sequels to come. Let me know what you think about this idea, and I will see you all with the much awaited sequel tomorrow! Much Love!