It was late Sunday night and Rachel and Shelby were sitting watching TV. Shelby noticed a text come up on her phone and looked at it. She noticed that it was Erica. She was now back in the city after the death of her grandfather and was asking when Shelby needed her this week.

Shelby quickly texted the girl asking her to nip around if she could. Erica quickly replied saying she would be over in 5 minutes.

"Right, Erica is coming over. You can quickly see her but then I want you to go to bed okay?" Shelby said and Rachel nodded.

"Will you come and tuck me in after she leaves?" Rachel asked quietly and Shelby nodded.

"Of course I will but I want you to try to go to sleep. Even if you are asleep I will still tuck you in" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded.

They sat down for a bit longer before the doorbell rang. Shelby went and answered it knowing that it would be Erica.

"Hello sweetie, how are you doing?" Shelby asked pulling the girl into her chest.

"I'm good, thank you for everything you did for me earlier" Erica said quietly.

"Don't worry about it sweetie. I knew that you just needed to get home" Shelby explained and Erica nodded. Shelby looked at the little girl she looked so young. She pulled the girl into her arms again and just held her. Erica held onto the older woman for a bit before pulling away softly as she heard Rachel enter the room. She knew what was going on. Her mom had told her about Erica's grandad.

"Hey sweetie" Erica said as Rachel walked over to her and hugged her babysitter.

"Did Mom tell you my news?" Rachel asked and Erica shook her head.

"I auditioned for Matilda which is going to be on Broadway and I got the part of one of the Matildas" Rachel explained and Erica smiled.

"Well done, sweetie" Erica said hugging the girl even tighter. "You are going to be amazing"

Rachel smiled.

"I have to go to bed now but I wanted to see you first" Rachel explained and Erica smiled and kissed the girl on the head.

"Do you mind if I go and tuck her in? She will never sleep if I don't" Shelby asked.

"It's fine" Erica said as Shelby walked out the room.

"Sit down and get comfortable" Shelby shouted back to Erica as she walked along the hall to Rachel's room. She waited patiently for the girl to come back from the bathroom.

"Mom" Rachel said surprised.

"I am going to quickly tuck you in and then go and speak to Erica" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded. Shelby helped the girl into bed and kissed the girl before waiting until the girl was comfortable before leaving the room.

Shelby returned and sat down next to Erica. She had grabbed a copy of the girl's rehearsal schedule from her room and handed it to the girl.

"Rachel has rehearsal 3-9 most days after school. Do you mind taking her to the rehearsal? Don't worry about staying for them, you can do whatever you want and I will still pay you the same as I have been paying you previously" Shelby explained and Erica nodded. They spoke for a bit longer before Erica left and headed back home.

Shelby sat up doing some work before heading to bed herself. She wasn't looking forward to tomorrow. Monday's were always difficult.

The next morning came far too quickly for Shelby's liking. Her alarm went off and she put it on snooze. When it went off again, she sighed knowing that she was going to need to get up. She quickly jumped in the shower and washed herself before heading through to wake her daughter up.

"Rach" Shelby said shaking the girl.

"Mom" Rachel mumbled before turning around.

"You need to get up baby" Shelby explained. After some more coaxing, Shelby managed to get the girl up.

"Get dressed and then come down to the kitchen for breakfast" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded. Shelby disappeared into the kitchen and quickly made pancakes. She tried to always make pancakes or waffles for the girl on a Monday because she knew the girl would be cranky.

Rachel came stumbled down the hallway. She sat down and quietly ate her breakfast without speaking. Once she was finished she stood up.

"Go and brush your teeth and then we are leaving" Shelby explained and Rachel nodded. She disappeared up the stairs and sorted herself out. Rachel then walked down the stairs and straight to Shelby's car. Shelby knew not to speak to the girl because she was tired. She was like this every Monday no matter what time she went to bed the previous night.

Shelby quickly dropped the girl off and called after her.

"Rach, remember Erica is picking you up tonight" Shelby said and Rachel nodded. She went to school and was glad that it went quickly. Before she knew it, it was the end of the day and she walked out of school and noticed Erica.

"Come on then, Missy let's get you to rehearsal" Erica explained.

"Will you stay?" Rachel asked nervously.

"Do you want me to?" Erica asked and Rachel nodded.

"Sure then, I have brought work with me" Erica explained and Rachel smiled. She was slightly nervous about rehearsal after Thursday.

Then got started on rehearsal quickly and Rachel was so relieved that Mark wasn't there. She felt so much more relaxed and felt that she had learnt so much more.

The rehearsal went on forever but luckily they were given a 30 minute break for lunch. Erica and Rachel went to a lovely café and got something to eat before they headed back to the rehearsal. Shelby spoke to Rachel quickly on the phone before she had to perform.

The rehearsal finished at exactly 9 o'clock and Erica and Rachel headed home. Rachel was just getting ready for bed when Shelby walked in. Shelby thanked the teenager before allowing her to leave and going to check on her daughter. She laughed when she noticed that her daughter was already asleep. She kissed the girl on the head before going to bed herself.

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