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Nico Di Angelo was ready to give up. Again.

Jason and Reyna had recommended he visit Camp Half Blood again, just to check up on everyone, but it was no secret. There were a whole bunch of new recruits down at Camp Jupiter, and anything to do with Pluto made them nervous. Besides, it was bad luck, having a Son of Hades. No one had to say anything to know that Death followed you around. It was hard to get by from time to time, considering your father was the equivalent of the devil in most modern cultures.

Nico sat up, looking at the starry sky. Sometimes the empty vastness of beyond scared him, but knowing it was just Zeus's way of showing off made him feel resentment inside. Zeus, Jupiter, whatever... What was up with that guy? Lord of the Universe, well, there went Nico's dream about what he wanted to be when he grew up. And his son, Jason? Mixed feelings on saving lives and spilled secrets. But the message was clear- He didn't want to be anywhere near Golden Boy. Not now, anyways. Sometimes it was hard to stay by friends.

So there he was, kicked out of camp, and sent all the way across the states to the rooftop of Cabin 13. He didn't want to actually go inside the cabin- Who was paid to decorate? He had lived in caves, Tartarus, and spent that one night over in San Juan, Peurto Rico at that trashy hotel, but Cabin 13 put the icing on the cake. The walls were black, and green Eternal Fire of the Underworld shone from several torches lining the walls. And that was just the outside. He didn't know what the inside looked like, but he didn't want to find out. Talk about stereotypical Hades. Camp, the one place he was supposed to fit in, had labled him as an outsider once again.

He put his hands behind his head, easing back to look at the sky. Crickets chirped on and off, shouting for what felt like hours at a time. At least it was just the crickets. Ghosts were being nice and leaving him alone today.

There was a scraping noise on the cobblestone path coming from quite a distance aways, but loud enough to catch his attention. Nico sat up. All the campers were at the bonfire in the ampitheater. Could a monster somehow have come down this way...?

With movements as agile as a cat, he soudlessly jumped from the roof and hid behind a corner of the building.

The scraping noise continued, with small, padding footsteps. The ragged breathing was soft and rapid. A baby monster or something? What could have drawn it into camp?

Nico glared, calculating the possibilites. Some stupid Ares kid probably set a trap to lure it in close. Sighing, he drew his blade and ran forwards, meeting the creature full on... But it wasn't a monster at all.

His sword stopped right before it could injure the little girl. She looked about six years old, features hard to make out in the dark light, but she was clearly wounded.

"What the!...?" Nico dropped his sword just in time to catch the girl as she fell forwards. Her skin was feverishly hot, and she was bleeding in several places. "Who are you...?"

The girl didn't answer, just went completely slack. The heavy sword she had been dragging behind her, hence the scraping noise, fell out of her weak hands and clattered to the ground.

Instinct took over, and Nico set her gently down. He checked her temperature (hot, way too hot), her breathing (too quick and shallow), and her pulse, extremely uneven. She didn't appear in too much pain, but if the injury was wrong, she could be seconds away from death. Her life force did seem a bit low compared to most kids, anyways, Nico decided. He would have to work quickly... Or let a better healer do the work, period.

Stepping into the thin moonsliver shadow of the building, Nico focused his energy and transported himself to the ampitheater, right beside the Apollo section.

"Will!" Nico called, but not too loudly, getting the other boy's attention. "Will, I need your help!"

Will, who happened to be only a few feet beside Nico, jumped a bit. "Whoa, man! I didn't see you there a minute before! You scared me! Wasup, by the way?"

"I wasn't there a moment ago, but I need you here, now," Nico sensed the girl's life force growing even smaller. Bit by bit, she was joining his gang in the Dead Party. Her ghost would probably be yelling at him for not helping her when he knew she was there... And there went his peaceful night. Without waiting for his friend's confirmation, Nico grabbed Will's hand and shadowtraveled them both to the cobblestone path between the cabins.

"Hey!" Will panicked, stumbling a bit. "Whoa, that was weird. Have you always been able to do that?"

"Beside the point," Nico brushed it off, but let a bit of pride grow. Of course he could. "But I needed a healer- Look," he knelt beside the girl on the ground.

"Yikes!" Will cried, then checked her temperature, breathing, and pulse. "We need to get her to the infirmary! What happened?"

"No idea," Nico admitted, trying to think of the most plausible outcome. "I just got into camp, and then she comes along dragging a sword bigger than she is. I think she faced a monster attack on the way over here or something, but made it. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was desperate enough to continue until she found someone."

"No name tag or anything?" Will asked, lifting the girl into his arms. The two walked in silence, the only sound disrupting the crickets being her rapid breathing and occasional moan.

"Here, open the door.. Ack, I can't see anything! Turn the lights on, will ya?" he asked as the two walked into the infirmary. He got to work as soon as he laid her down, grabbing coolpacks and dried herbs and stuff only healers could identify. "I think there's an extra nectar stash in the third bin- Yup, that's the one. I don't know if she'll be able to tolerate solid food, much less ambrosia."

"Here you go," Nico passed him the supplies as he asked, but his eyes never left the girl. In the light, she was much thinner and paler than he had anticipated, but the nectar was doing it's job, and a rosy-pink color was beginning to flush into her skin. She was kinda cute, with dark brown hair in a messy little twist. The sweater she was wearing was way too big, along with the bulky hiking shoes that had managed to stay on her feet.

"Lots of scrapes, but no poison," Will confirmed once again, rubbing on different oils onto her cuts. "Nothing's big enough to be sewn, but she's got a nasty gash on her right arm," he began wrapping it, packing in sweet-scented grass. She was going to smell like lemon for days. "The only breaks are in her fingers, two on her left hand and one on her right."

"Probably from carrying the sword," Nico inspected her hands, holding them carefully as Will splinted her fingers.

"She's a toughie," Will laughed, ruffling her hair with admiration. "Too bad she showed up after the major battle, am I right?"

"She could have used her major toughness to stare Octavion down or something," Nico grinned. "That would have saved us so much trouble." Good thing the guy was dead, though. No one really regretted that. To think it had been ended just a few weeks ago? Man, that shouldn't have even been worth the trouble.

"Nah, she's too cute, he'd line her up right beside the teddybears," Will shuddered.

"Sailor," A small voice squeaked, and both boys jumped.

"You're awake," Will broke off a small square of ambrosia, passing it to her feeble fingers, or at least, the ones that could hold it. "How do you feel?"

The girl tilted her head, sniffing the food and popping it into her mouth with obvious pleasure. "Sailor feels like she has fallen from heaven and landed in paradise," she giggled. "She hurts all over, but she is safe, and the food is good."

"Is she talking about herself..." Will started.

"In third person?" Nico asked. "Is that your name? Sailor?"

"Sailor, Sailor confirms," the girl said, nodding her head. "Does Sailor's friends have a name?" Her eyes were wide and a light brown, like melted chocolate.

"I'm Will Solace," Will said, smiling, but a bit confused. The nectar must have really done a number on her. Half bloods weren't supposed to heal this fast. Unless... Had he given her too much? She seemed fine, though, and at least she was smiling.

"Solace, Sailor says outloud, enjoying the word," she mused. "Solace: To comfort or console in a time of stress. Sailor likes your name, Will Solace."

"Aw, thanks," he grinned, rubbing the back of his neck. Was Will.. Blushing?

"Does Sailor's Saviour have a name?" Sailor turned to face Nico, completely off guard.

"Saviour? What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Do not pretend, Sailor remembers," she shook a splinted finger at him, as if trying to chide him. "Sailor was about to collapse. Sailor wasn't strong enough. Sailor was carrying a weapon to dangerous and too strong for her. She was about to get hurt, to fall and not wake up. Sailor's friend knew it, too, so he went and found help. What is Sailor's friend's name?"

"Nico," he said at last. "Nico di Angelo. Nice to meet you, kid."

"Nico di Angelo, Sailor says outloud." She looked thoughtful. "Angel of Darkness."

"That's nice-" Nico said, annoyed, but Sailor wouldn't let him finish.

"Also translated from Greek, Angel of Victory, or Winged Victory of the Gods. Italian, says Sailor with fondness."

"Got a thing for Europeans, eh?" Will nudged her shoulder.

"Wait, how do you know all this?" Nico took a step back, unamused. "Child of Athena or something, because-"

"Athena does not like Sailor," she curled up as if trying to hide. "Athena scares Sailor, and has banished Sailor from-"

"Lemme guess, dating her son?" Will chuckled. "Don't worry, Athena tends not to like people, but she's pretty cool once you know her." Of course, he was only saying that because you could never tell when a god was listening. "Are you Posideon's child, then? Hence the name Sailor?"

"Posideon tries to drown Sailor, says Sailor as she shudders with the bad memory," the girl shivered. "Sailor would not be a daughter of Posideon. Sailor feels safer with her friends Will Solace and Nico di Angelo," she explained.

"Well then," Will said when everything else was silent. "Do you think you're good enough to walk around?"

"Sailor still hurts, but Sailor is used to hurting," she giggled, standing up. "Sailor actually feels much better, and-" Nico caught her as she tripped, trying to take a step.

"Why not you take it easy, kid?" Nico recommended, setting her back on the bed.

"Sailor feels fine," she hmphed. "But if Sailor's friend Nico di Angelo says to stay, then Sailor will stay. She is very thankful to Nico di Angelo. And to Will Solace."

"You're welcome, Sailor," Will patted her back, but was being gentle. "Is there anything you can tell us? About the monster attack, or something?"

"Yes, Sailor can tell lots of things," she stuck her tongue out. "The monster was at least 10 Sailors big, with stinky breath and messy fur."

"That narrows it down to..." Nico tallied on his fingers. "Pretty much any monster, Sailor. Anything specific?"

"It had a good nose, and would't stop smelling Sailor, Sailor recalls," she put a hand on her chin. "Sailor had a hard time outrunning it, but Grandpa helped Sailor just in time," she pointed to the sword Nico had carried in for her. It wasn't very bright, but polished and strong, probably made out of Celestial Bronze. "It almost stabbed Sailor, because Grandpa is very clumsy and wasn't paying attention, but Sailor used it to fight the monster. It had friends, though, many more friends than Sailor has, so she had to run here. Grandpa said camp was safe, and he was right! Sailor loves it!"

"Very good," Will applauded, fauning over the girl, but Nico nudged his shoulder.

"Wait a moment, what do you mean Grandpa?" he asked. "Gods help children, not... Whoa. Whoa. Wait a minute," he put his hand on his forehead. "Are you saying-"

"Hephaestus is Sailor's grandpa, Sailor explains," she said calmly. "Sailor does not know her father's mother, so Sailor does not know her Grandmother, but Sailor knows she has helped. There are somethings that happen that Grandpa could not make happen. Sailor truly hopes for Aphrodite to be her grandmother, but Sailor knows this cannot be. Aphrodite does not like Sailor, and Sailor is not pretty enough to be her grandaughter. So Sailor is probably the grandaughter of Hemera, goddess of Day, when Sailor has most energy and strength. But it is night, and Sailor grows tired," she yawned.

"As do most people this time of day," Nico raised an eyebrow. "And how do you know so much about Greek Mythology-"

He was interrupted by a small snore.

"Guess that means there's no need to watch the Orientation Film," he patted her head.

"Some day, huh?" Will asked, looking up at Nico. "I'm gonna keep watch, do you want to head down to the bonfire or something?"

"Nah, just wake me up when she comes to," Nico chose a bed on the other end of the room. "Unfortunately I'm not allowed to sleep in the Hypnos cabin, so this is probably the next best choice."

"Agreed," Will leaned against the wall. "You can have a bit of nectar if you want. I mean, I'm not that much of an expert, but I'd say those dark circles are a bit unhealthy," he grinned. "You look like you could use a good rest."

"Really man?" Nico raised an eyebrow. "You'd do that?"

"I do it," Will shrugged. "And a square of ambrosia, because I'm nice."

"Thanks," Nico grinned, smiling a bit goofily, but he was really touched.

"Only a little, though," the healer chided. "You're not even injured."

"Not that you'd know," he shrugged, still smiling as he bit into the little piece of food. It reminded him of frenchfries, but fries didn't have the texture of cake, and fries didn't taste as heavenly as the little bite of ambrosia. His sip of nectar tasted like Coke, and the Coke tasted like those old memories of him and Bianca.

Sometimes, he thought he couldn't wait to die.

He glanced over at Sailor's sleeping face.

Then again, there were some pretty neat things to live for.