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Sailor was the first to wake up, Will having had fallen asleep somewhere at around 4 in the morning. He had been leaning on the medicine cabinets and had rested his eyes for just a little too long before passing out, collapsing onto the linolium floor.

The girl sat up slowly, trying to throw her blankets off without messing up her splints. She couldn't feel her fingers, but tried to be careful, anyways. Nico was still snoring, but smiling in his sleep, too, occasionally mumbling something about fries. "Sailor decides Nico di Angelo really does look like an Angel when he's asleep," Sailor whispered, smiling, and pulled a blanket over Will before tiptoeing out the door. The sun was already high in the sky, and there were people outside bustling about.

She was confused in the chaos at first, having seen everything empty earlier, but nobody gave her a second glance. They didn't even question the heavy sword she forced into her hands, although she was much more careful about letting it drag and scrape on the ground. "Nico di Angelo and Will Solace are very tired, Sailor concludes," she picked a random direction and started walking, hoping it would lead her where she needed to go. "Sailor must let them rest."

She wandered at least half an hour before someone gave her a second glance, having had traveled all the way to the basketball courts.

"Time out," A blonde stopped to tie his shoes, breathing hard and taking a break. "Send someone else in, I'm gonna get some water." He stood up and started walking towards where Sailor was standing.

"Sailor must get out of the way," she scurried out, but the boy stopped her.

"Hey, you lost?" he asked, but not in an unfriendly way. "Can I help you with that sword?"

"Sailor cannot receive help from enemies," Sailor shook her head and tried to turn around, but tripped. The celestial bronze blade flew out of her arms and landed a distance aways.

"Enemy?" the boy asked, picking up the sword for her. He was so tall, it looked small in his arms. "Don't worry, I don't bite. Where'ya headed?"

"Enemy, Sailor confirms," she crossed her arms stubbornly at him. "Sailor's enemy has bright blue eyes, Sailor sees. Blue is the color of the Sky Lord, so Tall Boy is Sky Lord's son. Sailor is Hephaestus's line, and Sky Lord is Hephaestus's enemy. Therefore, Tall Boy is Sailor's enemy."

"That's some great logic," he gave her a crooked smile. "But I'm friends with lots of kids in the Hephaestus line. My name's Jason, by the way," he held out his free hand.

"Sailor shakes Jason's hand skeptically," she warned him. "Sailor does not know how to feel about friend/enemy Jason. Sailor trusts Nico di Angelo and Will Solace, though," she narrowed her eyes. "Are you Hades's Son's Enemy?"

"Nico? Of course not!" Jason exclaimed. "He's one of my best friends! I just got in to camp to visit him, actually. Do you know where he is, by the way?"

Nico sighed happily, reaching for a coke that wasn't there, and happened to roll over, falling onto the floor.

"Yee Zeus!" he shouted, waking up right away. A startled Will also sat up, but only after hitting his head on the corner of the bed he had fallen asleep beside.

"Ouch..." Will groaned, rubbing his forehead. "What happened to the medicine? It was right here..." he patted the floor for a moment before fully waking up. "Oh, snap, I'm sorry..." he let out a huge yawn.

"Haha, even sons of the sun god needs some rest," Nico stood up, setting the blanket back on the bed. "Dude, you could've woken me up whenever you felt tired..."

"C'mon, man, even children of Hades need sleep," he winked, then got a confused look on his face. "Where's the kid?"

Nico looked at the bed, where Sailor wasn't. His eyes widened, and he shot out the door. "Look on the north end of camp," he called behind him. "I'm going this way!"

"We are so screwed," Will agreed, beginning his sprint.

"Sailor's friend Nico di Angelo is alseep in the infirmary, Sailor explains to her not-sure-friend Jason," they walked towards the pavilion while he carried her sword. "And Will Solace has also fallen asleep, after giving Sailor finger jewelry," she wiggled her splints at him. "Sailor has worn this 'jewelry' before on her leg. She does not like it."

"Sounds like you've had a busy day," Jason raised an eyebrow. "Are you hungry any? I think we can get you something down at the Mess Hall."

"Sailor is famished," she grinned, patting her stomach. "Sailor has not eaten in days."

Jason didn't respond, just eyed the girl. It was almost impossible to tell which cabin she belonged to. Didn't she mention something about 'line of Hephaestus' or something? But she didn't have Leo's scrawny build, or the tough build of the rest of the forgers. She didn't look like she could heft much. Her skin was light and rosy, her hair and eyes dark. Athena and Posideon all had distinguishing eyes, and definitely not Zeus... So where did this girl belong? She carried herself confidently as any camper, if not more so. Aphrodite? Plenty cute, but not spunky enough. Hecate? This girl looked like the opposite of dark magic. Demeter? Not likely...

"Sailor smells food," she slammed the door open to the mess hall, grinning like a child on Christmas morning.

"Just grab a plate, and whatever you're hungry for will appear," Jason smiled at her enthusiasm. He grabbed a glass from a table that filled itself with water. "But be sure to leave some food for offerings," he explained.

"Of course, how could Sailor forget!?" she smacked her forehead. She grabbed a plate, holding it up, and it immediately filled with donuts.

"Oh, so that's where you get all your energy," Jason eyed her skeptically, there being at least a dozen pastries.

"One for the Sky Lord for letting Sailor meet his son-friend Jason, Sailor says as she drops food in the offering thing," she bowed respectively.

"It's called a-" Jason started, but she shushed him.

"Sailor is offended by the Sky Lord's son Jason ruining the offering ceremony," she cast him a dagger look, so he turned back to his water and stared at the wall.

"One for Athena and her wisdom. One for Hera and her virtue. One for Hestia and her loyalty. One for Artemis and her bravery. One for Nemisis and her justice. One for Demeter and her strength. One for Hecate for her leadership. One for Posideon and his generosity. One for Hades and his kindness." Jason tilted his head, but held his tongue. She passed by each of the altars, placing a donut so carefully in each one, it could have been a crown or imperial gold. She stopped when she got to the Hephaestus alter.

"Pass Sailor the sword, she asks kindly," Sailor held her hands out.

"Uh, Sailor, there's no way that's going to work-" he started, concerned, but was quickly cut off.

"Don't ruin the offering ceremony," Sailor chided again, so hesitantly, he passed her the sword. She placed it on the alter, bowing. "Sailor knows she has asked for a great many gifts from thee, Lord of the Forges, but she would like to exchange this for materials to make a gift more suited for her. She thanks thee for thy protection, Lord of the Forges."

Jason blinked, confused, then smiled at the girl's innocent actions. Maybe she was spunky enough to be an Aphrodite kid. The sword, though, had other opinions. It glowed red, as if being ingulfed in flames, then disappeared.

"Wha...!?" Jason gasped, staring at where the object had just disappeared from. He would have placed his hand on the alter, just to check, but didn't want to send it to Hephaestus. So what had happened...?

"The ceremony is complete," Sailor finished, turning up and smiling wide at Jason. She held up the plate, with just two donuts left. "Are you hungry, Sailor asks son of the Sky Lord?"

Mr. Sparky himself was still feeling pretty shocked, but managed a smile. "No person I know would refuse a donut." The two sat together quietly after that, pondering their late breakfast/snack.

Hephaestus was sitting at his forge, taking a lunch break after a long day... Night...? Which one was it? After a long time of working. He reached down and grabbed his heavy lunchbox, clicking open the top and pulling out a sandwich. He was just about to take a bite, when a chocolate sprinkled donut landed in front of him on the table. Confused, he looked up, and backed away just in time to keep the large bronze sword from stabbing him. It went through the table, though, landing right in the center of the donut hole.

"What in the..." He squinted at the weaponry in front of him, recognizing its fine craftmanship (by him, of course), and scooted his chair back to a large radio. Fingers moved across the buttons with a certain grace, familiarty and expertise, until Sailor's voice tuned in.

"Exchange..." was the only word that caught in his ear. Grunting with the saddness of an interuppted lunch break, Hephaestus simply grabbed a hunk of metal and tossed it behind him, not wanting to be bothered any more. Besides, it was a nice sword.

The metal never hit the ground.

"Sailor likes donuts," the girl sighed contentedly, finishing her small meal.

"Of course you do," Jason shrugged, still staring at the alter. He had to admit, he was slightly jealous of the girl. Most gods didn't respond to their children... Or friends, whichever she was... That quickly. "It's just about noon, so the campers will be coming in for lunch. Do you want to check in with Dionysus? He's sort of the... Director, here, I guess."

"Sailor does not like Uncle," she stuck her tongue out. "Uncle makes people mad... Mad people scare Sailor," she shivered, curling up.

"Well, we at least need to get you into some classes," Jason set his cup down, suddenly anxious to get rid of the girl and maybe finish his basketball game, which had probably finished long ago. Just as suddenly, though, there was a large crashing noise. An object flew in front of him and slammed into the table, crushing everything it hit. Instinct taking over, Jason grabbed Sailor and went back right before the table could flip over onto them, under the weight of... The rock...?

"Uncle has paid Sailor back!" Sailor clapped her hands, digging through what was left of the table. There were large pieces of wood and splinters and shavings everywhere, but she rolled over the black object that glistened like night.

"Did Hephaestus just throw that at us or something!?" Jason exclaimed, frozen with shock. Gods had plenty of ways to kill poor humans, simply by turning them into gold, or sending monsters their way, but never had he been crushed by a rock.

"Obsidian, Sailor detects," the girl ran her splinted fingers over the hunk of metal/minerals/whatever it was. "Tungsten, mica, titanium, quicksilver... Hephaestus has been generous," she said, shocked. "Grandpa has given Sailor the tools to make a sword."

"Grandpa?" Jason's eyes narrowed for a moment, then he face-palmed. "Oh, I get it. Your parents must've taught you all this mythology, then, huh?" But who was her other godly patron...?

"Sailor wants a rapier," she pushed against the large mass, successfully moving it a milimeter. "Or a set of twin dao blades. Or Daisho. Or..."

Jason listened to her voice go on and on, listing swords, fighting techniques, and other words that rolled off from her mind. Babysitting had never been one of his strong suites, but he would have to run this kid down to Leo before he talked her ears off.

"I've checked everywhere," Will gasped, joining Nico back at the infirmary. "Do you think she died at the climbing wall?"

"She's smart enough to stay away from lava," Nico said confidently, but honestly wasn't so sure. Kids could be so unpredictable. "No news from the stables."

Will gasped. "You don't think... She was lured into the..." he gulped. "Ares cabin...!?"

"A poor, innocent mind, succumbed to the false promise of food," Nico facepalmed. "That's it, she's done for."

"Food!?" Will asked. "Did you check the mess hall!?"

The two were already running.

"Don't worry, I'll carry the rock for you," Jason assured her as soon as she had stopped talking.

"Sailor says it's not a rock!" She looked offended. "The correct term is a metal-mineral compound referred to as an Ionic compound, coordination complex-"

"Whatever you say," Jason hefted it up. It was at least 50 pounds... This girl was going to have a whole forgery of swords by the time she finished using it.

Just then, the door burst open, Nico and Will flying through. "Sailor!" They cried at once.

"Sailor's friends! Sailor cries enthusiastically as she runs towards them!"

"I give up," Jason dropped the rock and left. "Call me back when you're ready to tell me what's going on. Nico, you were supposed to be back at camp this morning." After all the newbies had been placed at their stations.

"About that," he rubbed the back of his neck, then pointed to Sailor, who was now riding on Will's back. "I might be here a while, so..."

Jason thought for a minute, then nodded his head. "Ok, we'll have to make arangements around that, but... I guess it works. Care to explain, though?" he pointed to Will, playing with the girl, bouncing her around and doing silly handgames.

"Apparently Will likes kids, but I don't know anything besides that," Nico shrugged helplessly. "She got into camp last night, and just got out of the infirmary."

"Look's like we've got to get ready to introduce another camper," Jason gave a weak smile.

"What's wrong?"

The son of the Sky Lord watched the kid and teen goof around, laughing and screaming in delight. "She'll never be claimed, you know."

Nico eyed his friends, as well. "I think there are worse things than sleeping in the Hermes Cabin."

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