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Italics-underlined = Telepathy between Phoebe and Max

Italics = thinking

Previously on The Thundermans - "You all can just stick around while the world ends. How does that sound?" Max asked evily with a slight hint of sarcasam, to which Billy replied, "If the world ends then we'll all die!"

"So long Thundermans!" He growled evily with an evil laugh as he shot the ball of energy toward Nora leaving Phoebe unable to do anything but to watch helplessly as Nora cowarded in fear from the blast.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Phoebe did the only thing that she could think of to protect her little sister. Fighting back all sense of emotion as it all welled up within her, she drew in as big of a breath as she could and hurled a massive blast of sharp icy wind toward her twin.

A horrible feeling of guilt flowed through Phoebe as a round of tears welled up in her eyes as she cried out, "Max!"

She could feel a wave of icy burning pain shooting through her chest mirroring Max's pain, and she knew he was in trouble. She ran over to him and fell to her knees beside him.

"Max? Max, can you hear me?" Her voice was quivering as she tried not to cry but the tears were already flowing down her cheeks before she could stop them.

"Max? Come on please don't do this, please wake up I need you." She pleaded softly but Max wasn't moving or breathing. In fact he was cold to the touch and Phoebe could only assume that the worse had indeed happened. Her twin brother was dead.


Chapter 13 - Phoebe Vs. Max (Part 3)

The world around Phobe seemed to spin like a merry-go-round, and time seemed to slow down. She didn't know what to feel and she lost all control over her emotions as everything poured out of her like an exploding dam. Her best friend in the entire world was gone, and now everyone else was going to pay.

"Are you idiots happy now?!" She roared at the unsepecting crowd. "The side of light won, but at what cost? The cost of my twin's life? Max wasn't the evil one. The only evil ones I see here is you Dark Mayhem!"

Phoebe then turned to where Dark Mayhem was standing high above overseeing the entire fight alongside Sarah and her brown eyes flashed angrily.

"You and you're deranged psychpathic daughter cost me the life of my brother, well now how would it feel like if I took Sarah's life away from you?!"

Without a second thought she blew a stream of fire from her mouth incenerating the glass in front of them. Sarah's eyes widned from behind her glasses at the sight of melting glass, as Phoebe went to draw in another breath, but the voice from her mother made her stop.

"Phoebe, stop! Honey this isn't you!" She turned to her mother just as her father who had finally gotten back to his feet and said, "You're mother's right baby girl, getting revenge on Sarah isn't going to bring Max back."

Phoebe felt her eyes cloud over in anger. She didn't care anymore. She didn't care about Sarah or Dark Mayhem's life because as far as she was concerned, she was done playing nice. Now she was ready to show the world what it is that Superheroes were supposed to do to their enemies. Show no mercy.

She could feel her eyes darkening and a surge of power flowing through her but she didn't care. Everyone all had a side of light and darkness within themselves didn't they? Perhaps although she was the prophesied child of the light maybe, just maybe this could be a sign that the fates were wrong. Perhaps it was her that was the evil one not her brother.

She drew in as deep of a breath as she could and hurled out another stream of fire toward Sarah with a roar like a dragon. There was no doubt about it now as the rest of her family could see, their daughter Phoebe had lost it, and if they couldn't do anything to stop her this night may cost them more then just the life of their son.

"Phoebe stop! This isn't right!" The voice of her sister Nora made Phoebe turn her head just as a group of triad members all dressed in black now surrounded her all aimed with weapons right at her chest.

"This isn't what superheroes do Phoebe!" Billy cried out now standing beside Nora as they both cautiously approached their big sister.

"Superheroes save people and put the bad guys in jail." Came the tiny voice of her youngest sister Chloe who had just now showed up beside a now rehumanized Dr. Colosso, who seemed all but pleased t not be stuck as a rabbit anymore.

"Chloe, What have you done?!" Hank cried out upon seeing his archenemy. "Dr. Colosso is evil! He'll destroy us all just like Dark Mayhem!"

Chloe shook her head. "Nuh-uh daddy, Colosso says he can help Max."

Phoebe's eyes watered at the mention of her twin's name and felt her knees starting to buckle from underneath her as she looked at Max's lifeless body.

The color was all but now starting to drain from his face, and she knew it was all over. "It's too late." She said her voice starting to break as she fought to hold in her emotions. "Max is dead, there's no way to save him."

"That's what you think Phoebe." Colosso replied with a soft smile. "Where there's a will there's always a way."

And with that being said, Colosso started making his way to his fallen friend, but a huge blast of power nearly forced him back as everytone all turned to see Dark Mayhem now standing in front of Max's body.

"No one's getting their hands on this boy but me." He said aloud as he turned to the Triad members surrounding Phoebe.

"What do you mean?" Hank asked his eyes flashing angrily. "It's over, Max is gone. I lost my son because of you!" Phoebe had never seen her dad so angry before, he was furious so was her mother as she watched bursts of purple lightning shooting up into the air.

Then Phoebe watched as Sarah bent down beside Max's body, and a fury of anger welled up within her. "Get away from him you twitch!" She shouted as she blew a stream of ice at her but before the ice could touch her, Sarah had vanished along with Max's body.

"Noo!" Phoebe shouted in both frustration and dispair. Falling to her knees with her mind spinning she knew that it was all over. She didn't have it within her to keep going anymore. Not without Max.

Nora softly walked over to Phoebe and place a hand on her shoulder. "It'll be okay." She said reassuring. "We'll figure something out." Phoebe smiled at her little sister's words, but the smile soon faded fast the moment she realised the Triad stil had their weapons aimed at her.

"Looks like the Thunderman's won't be a problem for us anymore." Dark Mayhem said turning to the Triad. "Lock them all up for now, while I see to it that Max's powers will all be mine. It's not like he'll be needing them anymore anyway."

With that the evil villain let out an evil chuckle. A surge of anger welled up within Phoebe once again, but before she could act out on her emotions, she could feel her eyesight starting to grow dim.

She looked around at the other members of her family and could see them all falling down one by one like dominos. "Soon the power of the eclipse will be mine!" Dark Mayhem declared which was the last thing Phoebe heard as the darkness overpowered her and she passed out not knowing what was to come of her and her family next. Was this really the end? Would she be able to find Max and revive him?

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