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"Do you really need to leave?" The 9 years old Erza sobbed, feeling really sad on how her neighbor and first friend was about to move away.

"I have to," His expression was sad, "My dad said we need to, for his job." The boy said with full of regret. "But I promise we will meet again when we get older!" He promised, which earned a look from Erza.

Crying turned to sobs, sobs turned to whimper, and finally Erza calmed down, "Promise?" She asked as she put out her pinky finger between them.

The boy's expression turned to relief. He pulled his pinky finger towards her and sealed their promise, "I promise."


Beep! Beep!

Erza groaned as she lazily pressed the button of the alarm clock, she struggled to open her eyes and saw the window next to her bed was bright enough to start the day. She fought the urge to sleep again as she used all her strength to fight her laziness and woke up from bed. Erza had not always been a morning person, and she hated that fact.

She brushed her teeth in front of the mirror. Looking at her hair and face in the morning sometimes were just funny enough to make her chuckle to herself. She took a long, warm, and comfortable bath in the bathtub until she thought it was finally time to get up and dry herself with a towel. First, as usual, she would dry her hair with a hairdryer, and then she would wear her Fairy High uniform. Around the time she combed her hair, she would usually hear her mother calling for her breakfast, and so was today.

The morning spring breeze really helped the mood Erza needed. Her beautiful scarlet hair flowed perfectly, following the wind direction. As she exhaled the fresh air, she walked towards the usual road she goes. She looked at her phone, seeing all the mails she didn't check this morning as she walked slowly, enjoying the few of Sakura trees blooming across the road.

Another new semester.

"Erza!" She could hear her blonde best friend's voice from afar, wondering how loud her voice was. She waved her hand towards the blonde, and she could see her waved her hand in response. As she raised her pace of walking, she could see the big smile in her blonde friend's face, "Levy is waiting for you inside. She saved us our seats. We all are in the same class!" Lucy squealed and she cheered happily.

She looked at her excited blonde friend and smiled genuinely, "I see, we're all in the same class this grade. Well, that's good news." Erza stated as she walked through the hallways inside the building with Lucy. This year must be a fortunate one, looking at how the new semester starts. "Which class are we in?"

"2-1." Lucy answered as she looked around the hallways, smiling and humming a few tone along. When she's looking around while smiling a lot, it means she's really happy about something, that's one of many things Erza recognized after a long time with her. They knew each other for quite a while now, and she already knew all the habits and reactions her blonde friend will give under different circumstances. Even the times when she lied. It was exciting to have one year together, but why was she so excited? There must be something more…

"Excited about something?" Erza asked, making Lucy, who seemed to be in her own world, jolted in surprise. She looked at the redhead with questioning eyebrows, asking for an explanation. "You seem to be in your own land there. Something new happened?" Erza asked, and Lucy grinned at her scarlet haired friend, looking at Erza as if she should've asked about it sooner.

"Yup! You remembered the Jellal Fernandes I told you before?" Lucy asked and Erza recalled the name. She heard it before but she seems too forgotten about it by now. Well, the least she remembered about was how Lucy told her about that name frequently before… And that's when it clicked in.

Erza looked at the blonde for a few second, still unsure if her guess was right, "You mean the one that you keep telling me about? On how handsome and popular he is…" She asked and Lucy's smile grew wider. Well, it seems that her guess was right.

"Bingo!" Lucy cheered, "And then, I accidentally saw his name when I was searching for your class! He's in the same class with us! Don't you think it's a really lucky coincidence?!" Lucy asked as she excitedly explained.

Erza blinked a few times, still unsure on what she should answer for that statement. And finally, she decided on the easiest and simplest way to answer, "I-I see…" She answered with a little smile. Erza was actually not into this kind of stuff. Boys talk, romantic relationships, makeup. For her, things like that could wait.

But of course, Erza's friends were always different.

Unlike Erza, Lucy and Levy just loved boy talks and everything about romantic relationship. Sometimes, Erza just needed to give up and let them talk about it with her. They would stop after around an hour of hell, or so Erza would call it.

Lucy stopped her footstep- along with Erza in front of a door with a big letter sign of '2-1' on it. As Lucy opened the door, Erza could see a glimpse of blue, which she certainly sure was her petite best friend. And yes, her guess was right. The little girl waved her hand towards both of them, which Lucy waved back as a response she saw the seat.

As both Erza and Lucy sat on their seats- which are Lucy next to Levy and Erza behind them, they could see a big crowd from the other side, something people wouldn't get a clue about. The popular and so well-known Jellal Fernandes and his pretty and famous girlfriend, Ultear were on the other side.

"Both of them looked so perfect next to each other. From heights, looks, even the popularity. No wonder people called them the perfect couple." Levy sighed, feeling the jealousy. "I also want a boyfriend…" She mumbled under her breath, but loud enough for the two others to hear.

"Aren't you pretty close with Gajeel recently?" Lucy asked, earning a sudden blush from the embarrassed blue haired. "I saw you and him alone after school last time; I thought you were going out with him." Lucy explained.

"That was!" Levy stood up from her seat in reflects, "-because he forced me to help him with his essays and exams!" She explained, still had the tint of pink in her two cheeks. Out of many girls out there, Levy sure was an easy one to get red. A little embarrassment and her cheeks would turn red, even if she laughed too hard.

Levy McGarden could be called as the bookworm. She just loved books and learning new things. She was always top three in her grade. No wonder the stupid Gajeel, who was on the same class with Levy last year, asked for her help before. And now people know the reason he could get through the exams ….

And if people are wondering, who this Gajeel that those three were talking about is? Well, the answer was that he was Levy's classmate last year. He's the delinquent people were afraid of. Skipping classes, ditching school, fighting all the time, worst in the class, and not to mention his scary appearance. And this poor Levy got a death glare when he was asking for her to tutor her.

"But really, Jellal and Ultear both are so lucky… I wish I could have such a perfect life and a perfect lover to top it off." Levy sighed dreamily, making both Erza and Lucy glance at each other and smile in defeat.

Just another ordinary day.

"Is Jellal such a catcher for people talking so much about him and Ultear?" Erza couldn't help it but having this thought and curiosity no matter what.

During their conversation, the bell rang as the sign students should go to their own classes and time to study. There were loads of complains and groan all the places, especially the big crowds, but then everyone went back to their seats and some students went outside the class.

"It's the bell, I have to go. I'll see you on lunch time." Ultear half-whispered to Jellal, giving him a peck on the cheek before made her way outside the class.

Levy, who was observing the two a lot this morning, saw that and sighed. "Lucky them…" She whispered to herself.

As people got back to their seats, I didn't recognize the person in my next seat. Great, she must be from another class or something last year. And she seemed to be one of the people in the big crowds before. How could I know it? Simple.

"Um…" Erza tried to call her, and it worked. The blue haired looked at Erza, smiling a bit, which Erza responded back with a smile. "My name is Erza; we will be next to each other for quite some time, so nice to meet you." She offered my hand, hoping she's friendly enough. Well, Erza wasn't really a friendly type, and she doesn't really like talking to stranger, but this was only an exception since she didn't want to feel awkward the whole day.

The girl smiled, accepting the hand. "Hello Erza-san, Juvia is pleased to meet you." She smiled as she started to shake their hands.

"She's talking in a third person's way? That's unique." Erza thought, which earned a chuckled from the friendly girl. Erza quickly jolted back to reality, blushing a bit. I shouldn't have said it out loud! Damn habit.

"Yes, Juvia get that a lot from people. By the way, Juvia was from 1-3 before, what about Erza-san?" She asked, as I was going to response, the homeroom teacher came just in time. "I'm from 1-1." I answered as the teacher started to write his name on the board.

"My name is Mirajane Strauss, and I will be your homeroom teacher for a year. I hope we can get along well, class. You guys can just call me Mira-sensei in short." She smiled, and the students all cheered in excitement. "If you guys have any problems, feel free to contact me." She smiled. Mirajane Strauss was famous in school for her looks, personality, and her skills at teaching. Despite being a teacher, she is still 21 years old. Too bad she's taken with the principal's grandson who is also a teacher in Fairy High, Laxus Dreyar.

Mira clapped her hands, "Calm down students, we will start the absent session." She explained as she opened the book with 'absent' written on it. "Please raise your hand when your name is called. Ayame!"


The first day just went as usual. Days passed and they turned to a week. And it's finally three weeks after our first semester. Erza got close to Juvia also, since they talked a lot on class. And Erza was obviously smart. Not as smart and Levy and Lucy, since both of them loved reading. But Erza could be one of the smart people, and she was comfortable talking to Juvia because they both had a similar taste and way of thinking, also how their studies were not that far from each other. Erza could say she was kind of glad it was Juvia she sat with, instead of someone who would act more awkward. And she was expecting a day familiar as usual.

But today, weirdly, people seemed to be whispering a lot in the morning. Not the usual conversation; it seemed to be so deep. People were gossiping all around the places, and Erza didn't have a good feeling about this. The usual big crowd and the center of attention in the class were not there anymore. What happened?

Erza decided it was nothing with her business so she decided to just shake it off, but then she looked at the depressed looking Levy and the awkward Lucy in their seats, which makes her confused. Okay, today was really weird.

"What's up with you guys? And everyone else, I must add." Erza asked, and the depressed Levy sulked at the corner of her chair. She looked away from both Erza and Lucy and just stared at the wall beside her, sighed, and then decided maybe she should just tell them.

"The big crowds aren't here." She started to explain, "And Ultear also isn't here…" She explained which makes Erza raise an eyebrow of confusion. Okay, now she is curious. Was it really such a big deal?

"And?" Erza asked, wanting to know more. Was that why? That's all? Then why was everyone so depressed? "So everyone is sad because Ultear didn't come on the class like usual?" She asked, confused. Wasn't everyone being too dramatic over it?

Levy snorted, "I think you're getting the wrong point." She said in monotone voice. "You got the right point, but that's not the main one." She explained, and Erza was getting seriously confused. That was, until Levy continues her sentences, "There's a rumor of Ultear and Jellal having a big fight, it's all over the school." She sighed, and both Lucy and Erza kind of got the idea now.


That explained everything.

"Why don't people asked what happened?" Erza asked nonchalantly, as if it's the most obvious thing to do. "I mean, that's natural if people are being curious about it so much, right?"

"That's the main problem." Levy sighed. "Jellal looked like he doesn't want to be bothered at all. He's being gloomy and wanted to be alone, so people who asked get rejected coldly." She explained.

"Well what about the other side?"

"Ultear was acting like usual, so people thought it might be better to ask her too." Levy stated, "But she doesn't want to tell a thing and told people to ask Jellal instead."

Well that's a mystery.

Was it such a big fight?

"Well, that got nothing to do with me. I'll just act like usual." Erza reminded herself.

"Well let's drop the heavy story," Lucy exclaimed, trying to lighten up the atmosphere. "So I've been wanting to tell you guys this, but Natsu just bought a blue cat, weird right?!"








That was also called a rest time for the girls.

Why? Because in here, Fairy High, guys got too excited on sports, which made the girls only had few minutes to play. So the rest of the time, they would make a circle and telling stories or gossiping, maybe a little boy talk. These times, Erza only sat and heard along, but she didn't really pay any attention on them before. That was a little different today.

She was planning to only hear along like usual, wasting a little time until P.E finished. But then, the topic turned from rating the hottest guy in the class until the worst one, into Jellal Fernandes. Yes. That caught a bit of Erza's attention. But that's not really the case; they were choosing candidates to try asking Jellal for what happened. And yes, Erza was one of them, along with Juvia.

Jellal was well known to be kind to people, but as a gentleman he was, he would never be cold against girls. No matter how mad he was, he wouldn't scold a girl or even raised his voice in front of them. That was one of the reasons on why girls are head over heels with him. So maybe if a girl was asking him what was wrong, he would tell a reason of his personality today; or at least he wouldn't treat the person who ask him coldly.

The reason they chose Juvia was simple. Juvia had this famous affection with Jellal's closest friend, Gray Fullbuster. That's why, she and Jellal knew each other and closer than any other girls -as a friend of course- and Jellal would treat her a little nicer, or so the girls hope. Juvia also knew a lot of things about Jellal, which might helped a little on how to talk to Jellal on this situation.

Now the reason they chose Erza who never paid attention on any girl's talks or rumors was simple. She was the bluntest and bravest person in the world, especially girls' world. Erza would tell on what her minds think, and she was straightforward. The way she think was also logical, so it would make sense they would choose her. After all, they had chosen a person only in purpose of asking what was wrong with Jellal, nothing much. So she didn't really need to know so much about him.

"Juvia wouldn't say she is brave enough to talk to Jellal-san right now. Juvia only ever talked with Jellal when Juvia is searching or telling about Gray-sama. The least is when Jellal-san asked Juvia about a gift for girls, which is for Ultear-san." Juvia explained, "Juvia never really talked about anything special with Jellal-san like a close friend do, so she would be lost on what to say in these kinds of situation. Erza-san might be better, since she is blunt." Juvia suggested, which makes Erza widened her eyes.

Wasn't this supposed to be none of my business? There's no way I'm getting involved!

"Please Erza!" Levy whined, knowing Erza would refuse the idea. "All over the school has been depressed today! And some people gossiping and whispering! Wouldn't you want them to cheer up?" Levy asked; with a fake teary eyes. Her hands showed a coupon for all-you-can-eat-cake-buffet and place the coupon directly in front of Erza's face. "Please?"

Erza looked at the place of the café. It's a new place Erza has been ranting about to Levy and Lucy! And that date of the ticket was due today, which of course, made Erza in such a happy mood. She had been aiming to go there for quite a while now, but the coupon has always been sold out the day she wanted to buy one.

"I'm going." Erza stated as she stood up from her seat. She would do anything for cakes, and this was pretty easy for the struggle Erza had been feeling for getting the buffet. "All I need to do is asking what's wrong, isn't it?" She asked and all the girls happily cheered.

Erza looked at the guy's side. The boys had been totally focused on the sports and Jellal was not playing; which was a rare sight. But well, he wouldn't be able to focus on sports looking at how miserable he was right now. His expression didn't show it at all. His eyes that showed that he hadn't been sleeping enough, the aura around him which told everyone to stay away, his way of acting and being alone despite how easygoing he was. This was totally not his day.

Erza walked towards the guy as if it's nothing at all, smiling friendly as she sat next to him. "Hi, my name is Erza. I heard you were weird today, people were talking about it. What's wrong?" She asked and waited for a few seconds. No reply. First try usually fails. Erza thought. "I heard you had a fight with your girlfriend? Is it yesterday?" Erza asked and she could see him flinch, but still no reply. She fought the urge to sigh in frustration, trying to be as nice as she could.

"You know, I won't really tell the girls all the truth, I can make something up if it's really serious. Maybe telling someone all about it might help you relief yourself a bit, right? You've been totally miserable today." She explained, but still no reply. She decided to just sit there, waiting for him to maybe calm down a bit. A company always helped a lot, even in silence with no words.

"I broke up." He answered shortly, which made Erza widened her eyes. "It's not really a secret, I told people already, but they just won't believe me. You can tell the girls if you want to." He explained, and Erza cleared her throat a bit. Okay, she knew they said something happened between him and his girlfriend, but breaking up after 2 years that gone smoothly? Wasn't that a bit too much to believe?

"Was there… Something big that happened yesterday?" Erza tried to ask, but she wasn't sure it was the right thing to ask. This was a sensitive subject to be brought up, so she must talk very carefully. Especially it's just been yesterday when this happened.

Jellal didn't respond for a while, which left Erza no choice but to wait. They just sat in silence for few seconds. "We found out yesterday that her parents decided for her to be married with another guy. Arranged." Jellal spat it bitterly; more than a medicine would taste like in a mouth. Well of course, anyone would be displeased to hear that. Breaking up because of parents is the most troublesome thing that could ever happen in relationship.

"So you decided you should just give up and let her go?" This was it; the last question. After this, Erza could just get her buffet and let him do whatever he wanted. Or so she wanted to believe.

"What can I do? Her dad was the one that do this; I'm in no place to complain about it." Jellal sighed, feeling totally wasted. He couldn't do anything. And Erza knew that feeling. So well, that she hated to remember it again. Not even Lucy and Levy had ever known a clue about her when she was nine.

Erza stood from her seat, "Don't. You can't just give up like that, she's going to leave you, you know."

"Do you really need to leave?" The 9 years old Erza sobbed, feeling really sad on how her neighbor and first friend was about to move away.

"She had to." Jellal looked away from the fierce looks Erza gave. "Her dad said it's for her sake."

"I have to," His expression was sad, "My dad said we need to, for his job." The boy said with full of regret. "But I promise we will meet again when we get older!" He promised, which earned a look from Erza.

"Well, do you think she will be better off without you? You've been just fine all these years, and with one thing, you're going to leave her? Are you really fine with that?" Erza asked, making sure. There was no reply from the blue haired, which showed that he was definitely not fine.

Crying turned to sobs, sobs turned to whimper, and finally Erza calmed down, "Promise?" She asked as she put out her pinky finger between them.

"She promised me we will at least keep in contact. And we will get out of this somehow, she is trying." Jellal reasoned, assuring Erza; or rather, he was reminding himself. He needed to, so his head could still keep its cool.

The boy's expression turned to relief. He pulled his pinky finger to and sealed their promise, "I promise."

Erza looked at the blue haired blankly, she remembered a familiar time, and she still remembered how she also innocently believed in a silly children promise. But no, she didn't want anyone to feel the betrayal feeling she felt. Anyone. "You can't just make her handle everything. Help her, don't give up. You also need to do something, so at least you won't be regretting it later on." She explained as she smiled at the guy, she looked at the surprised look Jellal gave; but she wouldn't want it any other way.

The frown in Jellal's face has disappeared, "Thanks, I'll talk it to Ultear later on." He smiled genuinely, "I guess I better exercise now that my head is cool, Erza… Was it? I'll remember you." He said as he walked quickly towards the court From afar, Erza could see the guys were all shocked to see the old Jellal was back, and so were the girls. But Erza didn't really care about all of it.

Jellal was totally feeling better. All the others were telling him to give up, telling him to find another girl, or wait until she finished handling everything. But Erza was different. She told him to also helped Ultear, not letting her do all the works. She was encouraging him. And he couldn't find any better answer than that. He never needed any cheer up, he needed an encouragement. And he was glad Erza could give him one.

"What happened?"

"Jellal is back! So, what happened?"

"Does it have anything to do with Ultear?"

Erza smiled at all the questions thrown at her at the same time. It was to be expected. "Yeah, Jellal said they had some problems, but he said he was glad to letting it all out and will try his best so both of them can get back together again." She explained; earning a lot of sigh of relief and the girls all are getting into better mood.

As they were talking about a lot of fun things, Erza was not hearing about it at all. The least she can do was stare and smile emptily as she dug her memories into the deepest. The one she hid in the bottom of her memories. She rarely opened her mind, but talking with Jellal reminded her too much about it.

"Sorry, I need to go to the toilet." Erza smiled as she stood up from her seat and wipe the dust of the court on her shorts with both of her hands. She washed her face with clean water from the water sink, looking at herself in the mirror. Of all time, it must be when I'm together with lots of people in school… She cursed as she sighed and rested herself in her heart content alone in the bathroom. No one was there. It's a perfect silence for her to cool her head down.

"Promise?" 9 years old Erza asked as she put out her pinky finger between them.

The boy's expression turned to relief, looking how Erza stopped crying. He pulled his pinky finger towards her and sealed their promise, "I promise."

Erza sighed as she stared at the wall absent-mindedly. "It's been 7 years…"

He never contacted her after half a year of moving away. Maybe he already found a new life somewhere else.

And Erza just couldn't help but to wonder how much she missed her very first friend.

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