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Trust Chapter 2
Giving The Second Advice

Erza stopped her footsteps in front of a familiar shop with an exciting smile. The scents of sweetness were overwhelming even from the outside to smell. She could barely hold any more patience as the bell of the last class rang before, as she excitedly went outside the door and waited for Levy to come after school. She slowly opened the door, seeing how crowded the place is. She froze for a second in the place she stood, as she still couldn't believe what was happening but a tap on her shoulder gave it all.

"I'm so excited, Erza! I've always wanted to try this place too!" The cheerful, sweet voice of the girl was something Erza has heard for quite a long time, so it was familiar enough to her. She turned around to see the petite, blue haired girl with a sweet smile plastered on her face. The redhead smiled back to the girl; looking at how the girl was jumping in excitement, something Erza would've done actually. If only she wasn't in public, she would do something as childish as her petite friend is doing right now, but she kept herself in bay. "They said this place is really delicious and nice, and you've kept talking about this place for a while now!"

Erza gave a little smile at the girl, "I've found an empty seat over there, and maybe we should hurry before the seats are taken." She reminded and the girl stopped her jumping, looking at the redhead with an agreeing look. "By the way," Erza started as they walked towards the seat. "What is Lucy's reason for suddenly couldn't come with us?" Erza asked curiously, as she knew how excited Lucy was to come like Levy does.

Levy started to remember the moment it occurred, as she felt like it was somehow forced against Lucy's will and she kind of felt bad to her. And from the start, it wasn't Lucy who told her to go ahead with Erza but Natsu instead. "Well that's…"


"Hey Natsu, I'm hungry."

"Me too, Luce."

"Remind me why I'm doing this, again?" She hissed as she threw the scarf to Natsu's face, making him yelped in surprise. "It wasn't my fault that you fell in a pool of vomit!" She reminded as she irritatingly glared at the pink haired guy. "I should've gone to the cake shop with Erza and Levy when you dragged me here instead and told me you already told Levy to go ahead with Erza!" She snapped irritatingly as she was particularly also looking forward to go to the famous shop. She still remembered how she squealed along with Levy in delight

"Gray pushed me!" He defended as he shrieked at the glaring girl, "And I don't know how to wash clothes and this scarf is the most precious thing I had, so I don't have any choice but asked for your help!" He reasoned as he hid behind a chair, prepared if Lucy was going to throw any other tantrum to him.

Lucy sighed helplessly, "How in the world you managed to live alone all these times." She muttered quietly, but loud enough for the man to hear. He grinned, "Simple! I've always gone to laundry and never cause my scarf to be dirty all these times!"

"Then just go to the freaking laundry to wash your scarf! Why do you have to call me to your house and turned me into your maid?!"

"But I can't leave the scarf more than 10 hours! I even bring it to school with me!" He reasoned as he defended himself behind the chair when Lucy threw more stuffs to him. "C'mon Lucy, just think of it as my once-in-a-lifetime request!" He said as he grown tired on how she kept throwing stuffs on him.

"This is the third time you asked me to wash your scarf, Dragneel! You better learn your lessons well this time!" She glared as she was ready to let everything out to the guy because he made her couldn't go with Erza and Levy to the shop they've been dying to go to, oh how she was so going to snap at this.

Oh boy, good luck Natsu.


"The chocolate cake is really delicious!" Levy complimented as she took a bite on the cake Erza just had. The two were sharing their choices, trying out here and there as they get the all-you-can-eat coupons. "No wonder this place always sold out the moment we came!" Levy stated with her mouth full of cakes, eating it blissfully as if in heaven.

Erza just brightly nodded as her eyes sees heaven, agreeing with the opinion the petite bookworm gave. She was too busy eating to bother to even say anything. Unlike Levy who kept squealing and talking on and on about how she loved the sweets, Erza was the type that could say anything when she was too excited. That side of her is kind of cute though, in Levy's opinion.

The place is really vintage-like, but not too girly so guys wouldn't feel troubled to come in. There were lots of couples that hang out in here after school, or some groups of high school girls and some families. This is a place where anybody wouldn't feel left out, even if you're alone. Many people were enjoying their times here. There was a free internet service so many people stayed in here only to be all comfy and waste times with their phones or laptops.

The place was more like a café instead of a shop. The tables are arranged in French-style, with comfortable coffee tables and sofas. There was a pillow in each seat, and chatter of people with a background of a relaxing song. The drinks and sweets are suitable for many variations, no wonder this place is really famous. The place is quite wide, so it doesn't look too crowded with many people inside. The arrangement is really amazing and perfect.

But the relaxing place get quieter when there was a sound of slapped face.

SLAP! The sound of the slap was loud as it silenced the chatter all around the room, making everyone's attention went to the source of sound, including Erza and Levy's. Even though the source of the sound was from the other side of the room, even both Erza and Levy were pretty curious on what was happening. The black orbs of the scarlet haired widened as she saw a tint of purple, long hair. Erza couldn't believe what she saw, her mouth gaped a little as her black orbs couldn't even blink at the sight in front of her. Did she just really seen…?


Juvia was quite disappointed on how she forced herself to decline the offer Erza gave to her back then. Since Lucy couldn't come, Erza asked if she would like to go with her and Levy to the Lumen Histoire. She really wanted to go to the famous Lumen Histoire Sweets Shop; it was a place any girls wouldn't refuse, including her. She sighed in disappointment, if only she didn't get sick the day before, she wouldn't need to stay after school and take the test for yesterday, and she would already being in Lumen Histoire right now.

She has always wanted to go there, but the place is always full and she couldn't get in. Fairy High is quite far away from the place compared to many schools out there, so she needed more time to go there instead of other students. This is also one of the main reasons Erza and Levy couldn't go all these times actually. And in the weekend, the place is always full with a long waiting list. It's pretty hard to get in if you haven't got any coupon or tickets. You get special treatment if you have the special all-you-can-eat-buffet coupon too, so Juvia was pretty much disappointed on how she refused the coupon. It was limited edition and you could only get it if you're fast enough to open your internet in the exact date every month at midnight.

If you get the coupon, you will get 3 pairs. There will be the date given in the coupon, so it only available on a certain date. If you get the coupon, you will be prepared a seat already. Every month in a different day, they would prepare one table for 3 people available for the lucky person who got the coupon. She sighed while holding the books she was holding since earlier tighter.

As she was looking at the floor while she walks, absent-mindedly thinking on what is Erza and her friend doing right now, she accidentally bumped into a warm body, pushed back and all her books being a mess. She quickly stood up as she realized what just happened, "Juvia is sorry!" She bowed as she gave the apology. After the bow, she looked up to find a raven haired man that was blinking to her. He was also pushed back like her, but he was still on the floor. Juvia blushed a bit as she found the guy quite attracting, but focused on the fact she just bumped into the guy. She offered a hand to help him up, "A-Are you alright? Um…"

"Gray." The guy stated which caused her froze as lots of things came out to her head. Grey? What Grey? Anyway, is it Gray or Grey from the start? Color of Grey? Grayson Chance? Fifty shades of- "My name is Gray. Gray Fullbuster." The guys spoke once again, and he gave a little laugh which was confusing. He was still between his fight with the urge to laugh out loud in front of a stranger as he decided to explain, "You tend to talk out loud when you think, don't you? Nice book you had in mind." Juvia blushed at the comment as the guy called 'Gray' accepted her hand, stood up from the ground and helped picking her books as she was still in her statue mode.

"Here you go." He said as he smiled, giving back all the books. "Why are you here so late? Club?" Gray asked and Juvia just shook her head as an answer, "Any test you missed?" Now she nodded in response, earning a smile from the guy. "Same with me then, I've just finished though."

Gosh, she just couldn't get used to that handsome face of his when he smiles!

"Juvia was sick yesterday." She explained and the guy gave her a questioning eyebrow as he just realized at the way she talks. She was used to this kind of reaction; it was nothing she found quite out of ordinary. "Juvia tends to talk in a third person way, she's been like this since she was a kid." She explained which earned a mouth with a shape of 'o' from the guy.

"So… Your name is Juvia?" He asked and the girl just nodded. Even though Juvia was a talkative type of person in front of Erza and many friends of her, she realized some people were annoyed or bothered by her way of talking, so she prevent to talk much in front of someone she didn't know much. "Well, nice to meet you then, Juvia. I've got to go now; my Tabasco-addicted friend is dying because of his girlfriend right now. It was nice talking to you." He said as he walked away, waving his hand while Juvia just stared at his back.

Juvia headed to the girls bathroom not long after that. Without her realizing, she has been red all these times, and she just found out when she was looking at the mirror. She touched her cheeks, with her eyes widened with a sudden realization. She frowned, thinking again if it was such a bad thing that she got sick yesterday and had to stay late in school today.

Well, her answer is a no.


Erza just stood there frozen with Levy, as she saw many people were gossiping at the surprising event that's occurring in the place. She didn't know if it was a coincidence or she was just meant to keep involved with him again, but she's sure as hell speechless right now. She just couldn't get the right thing in mind to say, or to distract her at the moment. Her brain was blank in a second as she saw two familiar faces she always looked at the school.

"I can't believe you!" The purple haired girl shouted; her eyes were watery from forcing herself to not let the tears out. Her voice had a little crack, her eyebrows knitted together, her whole body was trembling, her cheeks were a little red and she looked like she's going to burst anytime now. "You're a jerk!" She shouted as she walked -or for more accurately– ran towards the outside door, leaving the titled 'jerk' alone with all the uncomfortable and awkward stares.

Levy quickly chased the girl in reflects. Erza knew her friend's behavior, and when seeing the popular girl in the school to look so heartbroken must be her last straw. Levy has always looked up to the girl, even though she never said it out loud. She's also a kind-hearted girl who easily moved by the novels and sad stories. Looking how Ultear was in a mess must have moved her somehow. She wasn't the type to leave someone alone in this situation.

So now, all that's left is the guy. Oh great, she always needed to get the last option, didn't she?

Now Levy wasn't here, and as much as Erza tried to avoid the fact that the guy was heartbroken, part of her just needed to comfort the guy. No, she didn't want to let him hinder her like last time, but she also couldn't leave someone alone when she already experienced something similar. She sighed as she cursed on how similar she is with the guy, went to the table that was quite far away from hers. She looked at the blue haired guy that went back to his seat with a red mark in his left cheek and avoiding the eye contact she's going to make with the guy. "I wouldn't have thought anybody would be here at the exact same time with me, especially you."

What a coincidence, me too. Erza thought annoyingly but she just sat in the seat in front of the guy, waiting for him to cool down a bit. After a comfortable silence for about 2 minutes, Erza decided it was about time. "Care to explain?" She asked as she knew the guy was still avoiding an eye contact. She gave a little sigh for only her to hear, "She's crying, Jellal. I thought you told me you would try to work it out." He stayed silent, and Erza just hated the fact she might be ignored. "You asked to break up, didn't you?" Erza eyed her to see any reaction from the guy.

Jellal flinched at the statement, which means Erza's calculation was correct. But she knew if she asked the reason now, he might not answer. Might just give the guy some rest. She was beyond pissed off right now. She really wanted to stay out of this, but Jellal just couldn't let her stay out. It was as if her hunch was telling her it would disturb her whole life if she just ignored the guy.

As Jellal looked like he calmed down a little, he started to open his mouth. "She said her parents let her to be with me for a while. But she needed to get married when she graduated college." He explained it quite calm, looking at how hard he clenched his fists. Erza realized this, but she decided to keep it for herself. "But her parents said if she broke up with me, they might consider calling off her engagement."

Erza looked at him calmly. She hid it quite well, although her mind was full of emotions right now. "The way she was crying and slapped you must be a fact she wanted you to stay, not breaking up. She doesn't seem quite pleased." Erza stated calmly, although she couldn't look eye to eye with the guy anymore. "Maybe you should treasure your time and maybe if fate really was on you and her, you two would get together. I experienced-" She bit her tongue slightly, trying not to say any unnecessary thing. I experienced the thing Ultear did, and that was the worst feeling ever.

Jellal looked at her confusedly, "Why are you helping me? I don't think the girls from our school forced it to you like last time."

Oh. So he realized she wasn't doing it at will last time after all. She took a deep breath, "Listen," She started. "Sometimes in life, there were some things you just couldn't help but being bothered if you didn't do something. Just like- I mean, I would help you if I could. That's all." She explained as she tense up when she realized she almost slipped out. Just like how I didn't want you and Ultear to end up like me and him. She almost let it out; she almost told him the most hated thing she didn't want to remember anymore. Why she almost said all the things she hated in front of him? She never experienced this on Levy and Lucy. She always hid it well.

Jellal eyed her with a twinge of curiosity, but he decided to stay silent. They're not close, so of course there were some things she didn't want to tell him. So he decided to shrug it off. "I don't know. I know the place she will run to in time like these but-"

"Then go." Erza cut quickly, "Go to her. I'm sure you will regret it in your whole life if you don't." She explained and Jellal looked at her. He wanted to reject, but his hunch was telling him she knew exactly what she was saying, and it would really happen if he don't chase her now. He nodded, stood up from his chair, and went to explain and go through it with Ultear.

As Jellal ran past through the scarlet haired girl, he didn't forgot to whisper the word,

"Thank you, Erza."

Erza hid it as the guy passed through her, but she was smiling a little. "You really remembered it?" She thought as she gave a quiet chuckle to herself.

Jellal smiled to the scarlet haired girl, "Erza Scarlet, huh? I will remember you, thanks for talking with me." He said as he walked towards the court, back to the way he was before.

Erza hummed as she went to the cake section again. Now that she had finished convincing Jellal, she do deserve some strawberry cheesecake to reward herself from her hardwork.

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