HE was always the center of attention, AND the cause of most troubles. He treats everyone as friends, and smile brightly at them with that grin of his that would shame the sun itself. But, one out-of-season transfer student was starting to discover everything behind the mask he puts on. How could he deal with this person? And what is the truth behind that cheerful demeanor he puts on everyday?

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CHAPTER 1: The Transfer Student; A Fateful Encounter

"Here's your student card. Please give it to your homeroom teacher as you enter your class. " A kind smile was presented to the raven as the dark haired woman offered him a small blue card.

Muttering a small 'thanks', he took the card and went for the door, heading outside the principal's office.

He took a glance at the card, taking note of the name of his Home-room teacher and his classroom number.
Hatake Kakashi. Room 206.

Walking down the hallway, his eyes caught on the sign for the guys' toilet and decided to make a detour.

As he turned his heels towards the door though, he was met by a small bump on his chest, flinching in slight pain as his eyes caught a blur of golden hair underneath his nose.

Frowning, he looked down to see who the idiot was, trying to block his Almighty Self when he was just simply going for the toilet.

By doing so, his words lied dead in his throat as pools of cerulean eyes met his dark orbs.

Sasuke observed the blonde looking up at him.

A mop of golden blonde hair against the tan skin was a superb sight. But what caught his attention was the cerulean blue that was currently looking up awkwardly against his deep dark orbs.


That is the only thing Sasuke could ever think at the moment. Then he immediately erased the thought from his head as he hissed inwardly at his own ridiculous idea.

How can a guy be beautiful?

Noticing the glassy orbs of this boy, he assumed that the he teared up out of fear.

Well, anyone would be of course. If you happen to bump into the town's most promising heir of the most high end family status.

Uchiha Sasuke.

The heir to the Sharingan Co. One of the biggest business firm of the country. Owned by the best known businessman of the century, Uchiha Fugaku.

The company runs different business firms ranging from electronics to oil companies.

Being the heir to the said company, Sasuke's name resounds above all names on media, not only because of his status, but also because of his looks and charisma. That's not all that there is to it though.

The youngest Uchiha is also known as someone who is not willing to share any of his private life to the media.

Every time they tried to get their hands on his personal life, he avoids the question politely or just shrugs and flee the area.

This being the case, many girls had their eyes on the mysterious ultimate heir. And the guys consider him as a notorious presence who would probably bury you alive if you ever mess with him.

That's right, he had this kind of reputation.

So why not try and act on it?

Say something to the blonde just to scare him away.

Yeah, scare them away. That's all they've been after all. Scared of my status, but also envious.

About to open his mouth to begin his plan of scaring away the blonde, he was cut off immediately when the blonde suddenly broke something.

Right. He broke a blinding smile at Sasuke.

"Sorry! Sorry! Were you hurt, Sempai?(1)"

During the moment, Sasuke hadn't notice that he stopped breathing. His vision seemed to fail at the sight before him. The words of the blonde fell on deaf ears before Sasuke even realized that the blonde's pink lips moved as he recognize the words he said.


The school bell rung, signalling the start of the first period of that day.

The blonde took notice of it and again, smiled at the taller of the two.

"Uhh, that's the first class. See you around, Sempai!" then the blonde dashed away.

Breaking out of that trance, Sasuke finally turn around and looked at the path the blonde took as he thought in a most un-Uchiha like.

What was that... just now?

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(1) Sempai is a suffix you use when you're addressing upperclassmen.

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