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"Tell me!"

"No, I'm not going to-"

"Just spit it out alread-"

"IM PREGNANT!" She shouted. Her eyes went wide and she slapped a hand over her mouth. I stepped back in shock, my words dying in my throat. Peggy's shoulders slumped, and for the first time since I've known her, she looked uncertain how to proceed. I finally cleared my throat and asked the obvious question,

"Who..?" If it was even possible Peggy looked even more miserable at this. My mind flashed briefly to Sousa, and my stomach did an uncomfortable flip. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breathe, seeming to resign her self to something. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she opened up her eyes and said

"You." My jaw fell open and I stood there like an ape with my arms at my side for a full minute while Peggy watched me process. However all I could get out was,

"But how..?...When...?" Her eyes flashed with hurt, and she curled her arms around her.

"The Christmas party? We got really drunk and, well..." She refused to look me in the eye, instead staring at the floor, while I continued to stare at her, dumbfounded.

"And your sure its...mine?" She nodded, still staring at the floor.

"You're the only one I've..." Suddenly everything started to click into place. The day after the office party, Peggy wasn't embarrassed that they kissed. She was upset because they had done so much more and he didn't remember it. They had made a baby for gosh sakes! A baby-he was going to have a baby. A crying, snotty, little person to take care, someone that he could play catch with and take to school, or call princess and hold close. And Peggy- they would have to get married. He would have to be around her for the rest of his life. He would come home from work, and she'd be there. He'd wake up and see her face sleeping on the pillow next to him every day. They'd grow old and watch their grandkids run around the yard. It sounded-

"Thompson...?" Peggy's worried remark cut through his reverie. He hadn't noticed the big fat grin that had been growing on his face, but for some reason this seemed to unnerve her. He turned to Peggy with a sense of wonder in his eyes.

"We're going to have a baby!" She looked shocked.

"I don't understand-You're happy?" she said her eyebrows creasing in confusion. I laughed loudly.

"Of course I'm happy!" I reached out and hugged her close, picking her up to twirl her around. Peggy was starting to smile, like a huge weight had been taken off her shoulders. "I'm completely ecstatic!" I leaned down to lightly grip her face. "I don't know if now is the time to tell you this, but I am completely, totally, without a doubt, in love with you." I bent down and kissed her softly, before pulling away to look into her eyes and gauge her reaction. Peggy just laughed and threw herself into my arms, kissing me with renewed vigor. That was the only answer I needed.

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