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It was a few days since Tay had woken up and met Audino and Lucario. They were letting Tay stay with them, and Tay was playing in the open space not far from the entrance of the den when there was a glow from inside.

"What's that?" she murmured to herself, childish curiosity taking over as she trotted to the den and went inside. Lucario, who had been watching, followed.

Inside, Audino had been standing up as if to get Lucario. The Egg was glowing brightly, flashing as if to give a signal or message.

"Good, you're here!" Audino sighed in relief. "I was about to get you."

"Tay saw the glowing and went to investigate," Lucario replied gruffly.

"Audino, Lucario, what's going on?" Tay asked, tilting her head to one side.

"The Egg's hatching," Lucario explained simply as he got in front of it.

The Egg glowed again, but this time it shifted shape as it did. It grew to being a bipedal Pokemon that highly resembled Lucaio, but it was much shorter, and was lacking the spikes.

"Hi mom, dad!" the Pokemon, a male by the voice, smiled at Lucario and Audino.

"Hello, Damian," Lucario greeted, naming the newly hatched Pokemon.

"Hi, Damian!" Tay came up to the newborn Pokemon. "Wanna play?"

"Sure!" the Riolu exclaimed. The two of them turned and were about to go out when they heard an explosion. Lucario jolted up.

"Kids, you wait here," Audino instructed. Tay and Damian nodded quickly. Lucario and Audino slowly and silently crept out of the tree hollow that was their home. Tay and Damian waited silently. There were noises, humans talking, and more noises.

Damian looked out. "Mom... Dad..." he whispered. Tay looked at him. There were scuffling sounds and shouts from Lucario and Audino.

At one particularly long and loud scream Damian's head snapped up. "I need to help Mom and Dad!" He started to run out. Tay tried to stop him, but the little Riolu was very stubborn. He dodged Tay's attempts to stop him, and darted out. Tay unwillingly followed.

There were several large, male humans, with huge, battle-scarred Pokemon. Audino and Lucario were both badly hurt, but the humans' gaze was no longer on the downed Pokemon. Instead, Tay found herself the center of the poachers' attention.

"Lookie that!" one of them exclaimed. "Didn't someone in the circuit mention failing to capture a golden Eevee?"

"That they did," one of the others exclaimed. "Imagine what we can get for it!"

Tay heard some of it. She didn't understand all of it, but she understood one thing. She turned to Damian. "Listen, Damian. I think those humans are saying that they're more interested in me than you and your mom and dad."

"What do you mean?" Damian asked, eyes wide.

"Damian, I'm going to run away. Hopefully the humans will go after me, and you can get Lucario and Audino to safety," Tay explained.

"B-but, what about you?" Damian whispered.

"I'll be okay," Tay assured. "'Bye, Damian... We'll see each other again someday, I'm sure of it!" With that, the golden Eevee flicked her tail and raced out, shouting incoherently to get the humans' attention and racing away.

Tears streamed down her face as Tay raced away. She heard the humans shouting to go after her, so she pumped her little legs as fast as she could. Goodbye Lucario, Audino, Damian... I'll never forget you, I promise. Just as I'll never forget Mama and Papa.

Tay ran, and ran, and ran. She ran until she was completely spent, at which point she crawled into a small hole in the tangled roots of a tree to hide and listen for the humans. There was nothing except for the friendly chatter of Pokemon. She struggled to stay awake, wanting to stay on guard in case the poachers came back. However, soon her fatigue got the best of her, and she fell asleep.


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