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When Tay woke up again, she was in an empty room, and back in her cage. She made a tiny noise of confusion.
"Was it a dream? No... I don't hear anything else," she muttered. "Then why...?"
"You're a lot of trouble, little Ora," a voice cut in. Tay was unresponsive at first, before remembering that to the humans Ora was her name. She looked up to see the male human who had bought her, John. Beside him, looking prim and proud, was Cyan, the Eevee that had been bought at the same time as her. "Wandering off like that... that there's a no-no. Because of that you need to get punished, and what better way is there than to have Cyan here administer the punishment?" Cyan smirked as John opened Tay's cage and forced her out. "Cyan, time to let out some stress!" The normal Eevee happily complied, rushing at Tay, leaving a streak of white behind him. Tay tried to dodge, but was clipped in the side anyway. She retaliated with a Bite, but she was too slow as he sent a wave of star-shaped energy at her. She was thrown back.
"Gah..." Tay groaned. "Why do you obey him like that? He's probably bad; after all, all humans are bad!"
"I was there for YEARS little Ora," Cyan growled, rushing at Tay with a Tackle. "I was stuck in that small cage ALL MY FREAKING LIFE until John bought us! I WILL serve him with my life!" Tay was hit by that Tackle.
Tay was beaten horribly from there. She occasionally attempted to fight back, but she tended to attempt to dodge more. Unfortunately, Cyan was usually too fast and hit Tay most of the time, not to mention the fact that Tay couldn't even land a single hit. Eventually Tay was blissfully unconscious.

More and more time passed. Tay lost count of the days she'd been trapped in the human home. She was getting desperate to be outside, but the humans seemed determined to keep her inside.
On top of everything else, she was almost daily beaten by Cyan for some perceived wrong. Her body felt like one giant bruise, and her human owner, the woman, was completely oblivious to it since her long, fluffy fur hid her wounds. Eventually she just sort of left her body to do the 'allowed' things while her mind wandered. That first time, Cyan said he'd lived his whole life in that cage before John bought us. Does that mean that he doesn't know his parents? If so, I pity him. I only barely remember Mama and Papa, but that's better than not knowing them at all.
Mama... Papa... do you still remember me? Are you still looking for me?
She was broken out of her thoughts by Carol, the woman, calling what was to the humans her name. She trotted over to her while thinking, my name is not Ora. My name is Tay. I will not forget the name Mama gave me. She settled in Carol's lap as the woman began brushing Tay, something she did regularly. Tay resumed her thinking as she was brushed. After a while, though, she was startled out of them by a shout of surprise by Carol.
"O-Ora!" she exclaimed, "Y-you're hurt!" Tay didn't say anything as she was picked up, having to force herself to stay limp. Carol continued to go on about taking Ora to the Pokemon Center, whatever that was, when John came over.
"What's the matter?" he asked.
"Do you know if Ora's been outside?" Carol asked.
"I don't think she has," John replied.
"Well, either that or she's been battling inside, because she's hurt!" Carol said, growing frantic. "I'm going to take her to the Pokemon Center."

Tay ignored the rest of the exchange, not noticing anything else until a welcome new scent flowed into her nostrils. Fresh air! I thought I'd never be outside again! Wait, something's... different...
She was no longer in a green area; on the contrary, there was no green at all! It was grey as far as the eye could see. There was something wrong with the air, too; it FELT weird, like it was dirty or something. It smelled horrible, and Tay recoiled from it.
"It's okay, Ora," Carol crooned, snuggling the golden Eevee closer to her chest. "It's big, but it isn't scary." She must've thought I'm scared of being outside, not this stinky air! Tay thought. She scowled at the air and the hard grey of her surroundings, wishing she was back in a forest where there was green everywhere and the air smelled good, as opposed to the smelly, disgusting stuff she was breathing right then. Even if I couldn't be in the forest again, I wish I were away from John and Cyan!
Tay was carried a little while before Carol took her into a building with some sort of structure on top. Inside it was relatively simple, pale yellow walls and a tiled floor. At the other end of the room was a human woman with pink hair and a white hat with another symbol on it. A round pink Pokemon with a pouch holding a single white egg in it was nearby wearing the same hat.
"Welcome to the Pokemon Center!" the pink-haired woman smiled. "How may I help you?"
"I discovered that my Ora's hurt!" Carol exclaimed. "I don't know how, but I think it might've been battling!"
"We'll heal your Eevee up right away," the woman promised, taking Tay from Carol. Tay stiffened. The woman stroked Tay, hoping to calm her down, but it was to no avail as she very thoroughly resisted. "Eevee, it's okay. We're going to help you," the woman tried to soothe; but again, it was useless. "I'll have to make you sleep if you don't relax Eevee," she said very sternly. Eevee growled.
"Alright," the human sighed, maneuvering her arms so Tay was still secured, but was only being held in one hand as she reached for something. "Chansey, Sing."
A Chansey appeared and began to sing sweetly. Tay couldn't focus on the words, though; she got so tired. Her eyes slowly drooped before she fell asleep.

When Tay woke up, she was back at the human place she was forced to call home. She was lying in the bed Carol had bought for her, and covered in a blanket. She recalled the place she'd been in, and the area where Carol had taken her through. Was it a dream? She got out of her bed, shook off the blanket, and went to the closest window, jumping up onto one of the seats installed by each window for her and Cyan. She looked through the window and searched the view for any green at all. None! So it wasn't a dream? She went around the house, looking out of every single window for any greenery at all. Still nothing... she thought as she jumped from the ledge of the final window, back in the room with her bed. She dragged her feet over to it, stumbled in, and closed her eyes. How can a place like this exist? How can anyone stand to live somewhere like this? Mama and Papa'll never think to find me here. The humans won't let me out, and they probably won't let Mama and Papa in. The golden Eevee whimpered as tears slipped out of her eyes.

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