This little one-shot was inspired by the brilliant works of Pencilheadno7, especially his many drawings of quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Depending on you guys, I can turn this into a series of slice of life one shots...or just finish out this in the next chapter.

"Excellent form, Miss Maximoff."

Wanda squeaked from the sudden voice congratulating her ability to conjure an entire image out of her red magic and leaped 180 degrees to see the speaker. The Vision, in all his shiny green and red magnificence, hovered above the ground additionally looking as if he might chuckle at her startled stature. Almost like a cat after falling from a miscalculated jump, Wanda composed her stature and brushed a few disheveled strands of brunette hair behind her ear.

" Y-You startled me..." Wanda claimed, her words coated thickly in her german accent.

The Vision fluidly grinned, like some wise and extremely old man. "It would appear so."

Wanda's lips formed a straight line. "Vell...It vould appear you are staring at me."

"On the contrary, Miss Maximoff, I was admiring your form." The Vision corrected her, his holographic eyes glancing behind her.

"My form?" Wanda repeated in the form of a question and crossed her arms slowly around her ribs.

"Of course."

The young woman turned around halfway, and slightly admired her misty creation. It was sort of a hazy tree, as if scribbled very lightly by a talented ten year old. Wanda smiled in content and looked back at her Artificial Ally. "I suppose it you said, Excellent."

"If only I could create sove lovely designs." He looked as if he remembered something. "And speaking of lovely, I wanted to give you something..."

Wanda's eyes widened ever so slightly when she was presented with a small pink flower, and then had it placed ceremoniously in her hair. "..."

"well?...Is it...Nice?"

" is act-..." Wanda coughed and straightened herself to look more serious. "I mean, it's fine. "

"I would have gotten one for your brother," Vision shrugged fluidly. "But it seems boys his age are not exactly keen on having a flower in their hair."

Wanda stifled a laugh, and nodded. "That's my brother...speaking of that, vhere is Pietro?"

The android shrugged again. "I do not know. The last I saw of Mister Maximoff was him rushing past me with a bouquet of roses in his hand. Although I did notice a few tulips and other-"

"Vait. Say that again?"

"The tulips were sparingly-"

"No...the part about the flowers." Wanda raised an eyebrow.

"Ah,yes. he was carrying a bouquet of roses in his left hand. He was moving far too fast for me to inquire about them, I'm afraid."

Pietro? With Flowers? Wanda hadn't hadn't seen such a thing since the funeral for their parents..."Vhat reason could my brother have for having flowers?"

The Vision said nothing at first, as he seemed briefly distracted. "...You may ask him in the next 2.6 seconds."

2.6 seconds later, Pietro scooted to a halt next to his sister. She noticed a rather happy smile was on his he randomly hugged her? "Good Evening, Sister!"

Wanda frowned and tensed up from the hug. "Not to be a grouch...But vhat is so good about this evening, Pietro?"

"Hmm? just is? Nice veather!" Pietro tried, seemingly noticing Vision was there for the first time. "Am I right?"

The Vision simply deadpanned: "You are soaking wet, Mister Maximoff. That is the result of Thunderstorms."

"It is not--"


The Thunder apparently agreed with the android...of corse it could have been Thor. Pietro frowned at the sound echoing in the base."Okaaaay...maybe it IS."

"So vhat is so good about this evening?" Wanda repeated, now smirking deviously.

"Nothing too special..." Pietro reassured. "I just,eeeeeeh...making conversation, yes?"

His sister obviously wasn't satisfied with the response. "Conversation with who?"


The Vision gave a short laugh, despite Wanda's eyes going wide at the answer. "Ah...I see. That's who the flowers were for."

"Yes yes...That's who." Pietro didn't like the look Wanda gave to him. "Vhat?"

"One veek in America and you're already going after girls?"

"Who said I vas doing anything like that?' Pietro asked, although a fool could tell that he was indeed going after girls. Politely, mind you. "I merely met her after she vas mugged. I returned her purse, and she just vanted to talk with me again."

"Hmmph." Wanda crossed her arm grumpily. "American girls. Always fooling boys."

"Now,Now Vanda...Let's not be racist-"

"The correct term is statism,I believe."

"...let's not be that." He patted her head with a cheesy grin. "You're still the only girl I love the most, sister."

Wanda slapped his hand away and stared suspiciously at him. "Vhatever...and there are two kinds of love, You know. It's all a matter of who's on the second type of love list."


Pietro would have to thank Captain America later for the escape opportunity. "Veeeeell, I think ve talk about this later,hmm? I am as they say, Famished."

Wanda didn't stop him from leaving, but she did continue to suspiciously glare after him. The Vision folded his arms behind his back and followed her line of sight. "You are suspicious..."

"No kidding?" Wanda snorted. "I am suspicious of my brother's"

"Tis common for one with such a motherly demeanor to feel that way."

"I am not motherly!" Scarlet Witch sounded a little more childish than she would have liked.

"Well it certainly seems that way."

"I am not,then. I just vant to make sure...he is not hurt again." Wanda pouted slightly when she remembered the event week ago that had left her brother dead and full of bullets for several days. Not even tearing Ultron's heart out was enough to compensate for that.

"...My apologies, Miss Maximoff." The Vision also frowned. "I seem to have brought about unpleasant memories for you."

"It vas not your fault." Wanda reassured him kindly, her hand resting on his smooth shoulder. "After all, it vas you who brought him back."

The Vision nodded respectfully to her, yet his smile was the result of her hand's landing.

"I just vant to see and...speak vith this person myself." Wanda declared as an evil smile curled her lips. "and make sure my brother vill not be hurt anymore..."