Firstly, Wanda insisted that they travel to Walmart, in order to buy necessary 'party ingredients' for the night. Natasha was of course the one pushing around the cart piled high with items and bean bag chairs, and Wanda was doing the tedious walking around and pointing at random items. For a tough sovokian kid, Natasha thought, she sure could be strange...

"Hey,uh,Wanda?" Natasha created a question from her thinking. "Why DO you like hypnotizing?"

The girl paused her advance and rubbed her chin for a moment.

" is hard to explain. For some reason, I've always been fascinated and excited at the chances I get to bend people to my Vill," Wanda smiled mischeviously, rubbing her delicate hands together. "To dangle them in front of me like little puppets and make them do embarrassing things in public!"

"...You're a creepy chick, yknow that?" Natasha asked quietly, before adding later on. "...and guys dig creepy chicks."

Wanda seemed disgusted by the notion in all honesty. "Ugh. Having a bunch of idiotic men drooling all over me vould be a nightmare. Besides, I don't look good enough. Creepy doesn't help with looks."

"Whaaat?" Natasha gasped in mock alarm. "You don't think you're hot?!"

"Of course I think I'm hot. Vhat person vouldn't?" Wanda shrugged. "I'm just not into guys."

"'re not..."

"Ew, no. I am definitely not kissing another girl!" Wanda shivered at the thought of that being her. "I will always want to kiss a guy! I'm just saying, that currently there are no smart guys that I've run into."

"Too bad I ran into one."

Wanda's face brightened when she saw that it was Haley who had spoken. "HALEY!"

And that's when their slumber party got another member.

"Martinis, my metal mate, Taste like vodka with an olive in it." Tony declared, welding together two pieces of his newest suit. "That's all I can give ya, really."

"Well, there must be someway to taste a Martini!"

"...why do want one so bad, man?" Tony inquired worriedly, thinking there may be a few screws loose with Vision.

The Vision gav the closest possible thing he could give to a shrug. "I'm not's just interesting."

Tony instantly thought of something interesting to do. "Weeeeell..I have an idea! We just gotta build a special tounge and a waterproof stomach, bro!"

His creation frowned deeply, and ran through the possible issues with doing such a thing to him. "But...isn't that dangerous to expirement with? Couldn't that harm me?"

"yes. You could explode." Tony grinned brightly, snapping his helmet into place. "But it would be loads of fun!"

The Vision would have swallowed if he could, but figured when this was over, he'd be able to do just that...

It was 10:37 P.M., as Natasha's watch had said. It was supposed to be starting seven minutes ago, but after SOMEONE decided to take a seven minute shower, the time for starting was set back. The party finally began when Wanda got into her pajamas, followed by Haley getting into pajamas, followed by Natasha reluctantly getting into hers. So yeah, it began around 11:00.

"Okay then!" Wanda grinned as if she was getting an emmy award. "Let us begin this Slumber party, shall ve?"



"Okay...First activity iiiiiiiis..." Wanda quietly scanned the paper she had. "...Guess what?"

"I'm not going to guess." Natasha crossed her arms tightly, wishing she had just spent the night with Bruce. "Just tell me."

"Ah think that's the name of the game." Haley pointed out timidly.

"...oh...How the heck do you play that?" Natasha frowned, sitting cross legged on the foot of Wanda's bed.

"Fell, he play Guess what like...uh...Okay, so let's say you pick up one of the cards..." Wanda revealed a bucket of cards in her hands. "And it says...Vonder Voman or something like that. You would have to silently act out vhat or who you read, and everyone else must guess. The one vith the most points vins! 😀"

Nat didn't look very excited, but Haley enthusiastically clapped her hands. Wanda, pleased by this, motioned for Haley to come up and be the first to do the game. Haley stood in Wanda's place, smiling widely and pulling out a card. She read over it and then got down as far as one could on their hands and knees, before starting to crawl as slowly as possible. Natasha's left eyebrow rose as high as it could go when Haley stuck out her tounge a few times.

"...a dying, castrated man?"

The other two young ladies stared at her in the most incredulous way possible, and Natasha began to see that was definitely going to be a looong night for her.

"Ah was being a monitor lizard!"

The redhead rolled her eyes. "Since when does a monitor lizard move like that?"

"I'm not a paleontologist!" Haley exclaimed, standing quickly to her feet to avoid pain on her knees.

"Herpetologist you mean."

Wanda waved her hands. "Look, vhy don't ve try something else for now? Natasha is not exactly good at partying."

"No kiddin'?"

Natasha sent a glare at Haley, and she reflected it. Panicking, the Scarlet Witch turned on the T.V. "okay! Let's watch the marathon!"

"Of what?" Natasha tore her gaze from Haley.

"Mako Mermaids."

"MAKO MERMAIDS?!" Haley had a smile so large the joker would have been jealous. "That's my favorite show!"

"It sounds girly. Even for you too." Natasha grimly frowned at the screen. She could see What looked like a live action american show with British actors. "And cheesy."

"Vell, its not!" Wanda told her, clicking the play button. "Thor said it vas great!"

"Thor thinks everything is great."

Wanda rolled her eyes and stood up from the floor. The Nightmare-before-christmas-pajama clad girl stopped her walking in the doorway to tell them: "I'll be back with snacks and drinks! Don't strangle each other vhile I'm gone."

"Why don't you just order pizza?" Nat wondered aloud.

"You can do that?"

"You've never ordered pizza, hon?" Haley got up and followed Wanda's footsteps to her location. "Come on, Ah'll show you how! We'll order some pepperoni, although Ah'll a cheese lover on my Pa's side."

Natasha was left alone, and decided there would be nothing better to do than try and enjoy this...Mako Mermaids.