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Two government scientist sat in a lab watching video footage of young people ranging in ages from two to twenty six. All doing different training exercises varying between technical and physical.

"Experiment Alpha Gamma seems to be doing well." One comments and both turn their attention to one of the older youths a young woman of Twenty six. Her dark curls bounced around as she dodged many of the obstacles that were being thrown at her.

"Yes she has the physical ability of a widow, and she could probably give Stark a run for his money in the area of hacking." The other stated as he upped the difficulty of the girls training.

"Any signs of abilities?" The first asked.

The second scientist turned slowly to look at the other.

"How would you know about any possibility of abilities? You don't have that level of clearance."

"Who needs clearance when you align yourself with Tony Stark?" someone from the door snorted.

The second scientist looked closer at the new arrival. A deadpanned shit escaped their mouth before they were knocked unconscious.

"Such a tragedy." The other scientist commented as he shook his head and removed his jacket. To reveal none other than Captain America.

"What the fact that these kids grew up in this facility or that the idiot over their actually thought you were another scientist?"

"Funny Tony, and yes I was referring to the kids." Cap had his hand on his communicator as he listened to their orders. "Agents are on their way to get the kids..." Cap turned to look at Tony, but found that he had moved to the monitors. He was examining Alpha Gamma's information.

"You really think she could out hack me?" he asked with mild surprise as he saw all this girl was capable of, but something on her chart made him pause.

"What is it Tony."

Tony had a shocked smirk on his face. Cap could not decide whether it was a good or bad thing that Tony Stark had been shocked speechless.

"How has Nat come with finding our wayward rage monster?"

"What? I…where did that come from?" Cap asked

"I think I'll help you guys find him."

"I thought you didn't want to force him to come back until he was ready?" Cap followed after Tony as he left the room and headed down to the rooms the children were being kept.

"I think I found something that he would be interested in coming back for." He stopped outside the room labeled Alpha Gamma.

"Stark agents are coming to get the kids."

"Not this one." Tony set about opening the doors. As the door opened the girl in the room started screaming.

"What did you do Stark?" Cap questioned.

The door opened to and the two men found the girl writhing on the ground. Her hands were clawing at her neck. The sight caused Tony to start cursing colorfully as the two men ran to the girl's side.

"A shock collar." Tony growled as he looked for a way to remove it. "Who does this to a child?"

He grew frustrated as everything he tried only seemed to cause the girl more pain. He looked helplessly at Cap as he ran out of options. Cap went to rip the thing off with his bare hands, but the force of the shock sent him flying across the room. He stood up and turned to his com link.

"Thor I need you here now." The screaming had stopped and the girl was helplessly convulsing on the floor.

"What is it you need Captain?"

"Hurry a child down here is being hurt and I can't touch the thing." His frustration was evident enough and only moments later Thor was quickly making his way through the door. He took in the scene and made his way to the girl and removed the collar with little struggle. Broken shuddering breaths could be heard through the room as the men gazed at the trembling girl on the ground.

"Pray tell, who is the child?" Thor asked as Tony carefully inspected the girl.

"Who is she Tony?" Cap mirrored Thor's question.

"Alpha Gamma is the name she would most likely have been called while here." The girl stirred and Tony helped her to sit up.

"This place is a genetics lab. So obviously her parentage would have to be impressive."

"Obviously?" Cap stated Tony's explanation was doing nothing to answer his question.

"Her code name was not very creative in my opinion." Tony stated cryptically.

"Gamma…" Cap sounded astonished as he put it together.

"I'm afraid I do not follow friends." Thor stated.

"Why not ask her. She is very smart after all. I bet she knows exactly who she is."

"Very well, maiden who are you?"

"Alpha Gamma." Her voice was horse. Thor was about to complain that he already knew that much, but the girl cleared her throat. "I never liked that name though, so I gave myself one."

"And what would that be?" it was the Captain who offered the quiet question.

"Lydia." She stated simply.

"Lydia did you give yourself a last name." Tony asked

"Yes and No. I gave it to myself because this place did not, but it should have been mine anyway."

"What would that name be child?" Thor asked gently.

"Banner." She stated and looked up at the men in the room, who gasped at the sight of gamma green eyes.

AN: Hope you enjoyed the start. Sorry it's a little short, but I plan longer chapters. Well… that is if anyone wants me to continue the story. I'm not going to promise any sort of schedule for updates because as soon as I do it becomes a chore to write. Deadlines and all that seriously kill my writing mojo. Anyway, reviews are always welcome. I do enjoy feedback. I don't have a beta, so there will likely be mistake, and I apologies for any that are there. I promise my AN's will not always be this long.

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